"We will oppose the carbon tax in opposition, and repeal it in government"

PM in waiting

Tony Abbott’s fighting talk in his Budget reply. Those few words should be all the Australian public needs to hear to vote out this illegitimate government at the next election. Gillard had no mandate for a carbon tax, expressly ruled it out on the eve of the 2010 election, and cynically backflipped to appease the Greens in February. If it hadn’t been for those hopeless, grovelling, sycophantic, lily-livered, pathetic excuses for MPs, Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott, we would never be in this right royal mess.

Here are some key (climate-related) extracts from his reply:

Then there’s the carbon tax that the Prime Minister said would never happen that will just make cost of living pressures so much worse.

A $26 a tonne carbon tax would add 25 per cent more to electricity bills and 6.5 cents a litre more to fuel bills that are already skyrocketing – and that’s before it starts automatically increasing by at least four per cent every single year.

A $26 a tonne carbon tax means 16 coal mines closed, 23,000 mining jobs lost, and 45,000 jobs lost in industries like steel, aluminium, cement, glass, chemicals and motor cars. The Prime Minister talks about compensation but there’s no compensation for people who have lost their jobs.

So let me make this crystal clear: the Coalition will oppose the carbon tax in opposition and repeal it in government. The Coalition will oppose the mining tax in opposition and repeal it in government.

The Prime Minister can leave the carbon tax out of the budget but she can’t hide the damage it will do to struggling families’ cost of living, the havoc it will wreak on jobs in manufacturing industry exposed to cut-throat competition, and the fact that it will make no real difference to the environment in the absence of comparable action overseas.

The Prime Minister can’t hide the truth: that this is a tax for which she has no mandate. In fact, she has a mandate not to introduce it. The declaration, “there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”, will haunt this government every day until it faces up to this betrayal.

Does anyone think that the Prime Minister would now be in the Lodge had she admitted truthfully, six days out from last year’s election that, yes, “there will be a carbon tax under a government I lead”? This is the cancer that’s eroding the Prime Minister’s standing and sapping the government’s authority.

As things stand, we have a parliament that can’t make decisions people respect, a Prime Minister who looks like she’s not up to the job and a minority government that’s increasingly seen as an experiment that’s failed. If Australia goes on like this for another two and a half years, what is currently a great country with a lousy government could slide into a morass of indecision and paralysis.

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  1. The Loaded Dog says:

    Well said Tony Abbott.

    Fighting words when fighting words are needed.

  2. Very impressive performance, and the irony of it is more people probably watched than would normally bother, because Gillard, Swan and Wong have been running a non stop advertisement for it in the last 2 days!
    To get an early election, we need the polls to tumble for Labor (they’ve gotten stuck lately). then surely one Labor MP will pull the plug?

  3. I’m a Canadian, and we face the same whackos in our country. Luckily, after 4 elections in 7 years, Canadians finally figured it out and elected a conservative majority govt.

    Keep up the good fight! Paying more taxes and weakening your economy will not cool the earth…

  4. It’s Sickening to watch the decete from these wackos!
    I hate to say this but Canada’s west coast has huge reserves of coal,oil and natural gas and every other mineral and ore type mining. They would jump at the chance to supply China or any other market, anything they need.
    Is the Australian Government so stupid it doesn’t know what international competition is? or is it so ideology driven that it will drink the arsenic laced Kool Aid and destroy Australia’s wealth base irrespective of the cost?
    To the hateful labor party that seems more important than peoples livelihood or the economy?
    Good luck Australia and don’t let false promises of rebates divide and concur your electorate it always cost more for everyone!

  5. Now we have the Liberals on record; ‘NO CARBON Dioxide Tax’. We must stand firm and hold them to this promise in the future. Australians should put Gillard’s quote and Abbott’s promise quote in a picture frame and hang it on the wall. We must not forget what has been promised. The Un and IMF = the fortune 100 Globalists & Trilaleral Commission must not get control of Australia through carbon tax. They already control the USA and the EU. Research this for yourself. Land of the free is dead in the USA. Europeans are governed by directives from NON Elected EU Members. Australia must remain FREE.

  6. Sharon Oates says:

    It really amuses me how they are wanting a carbon tax soooo worried about the environment BUT here i am in Brisbane and every developer in every housing estate around me bulldozers every tree down, we are in koala country and they wipe out every tree standing to put in new estates. The other ridiculous thing here in Queensland is there is no road worthy test needed for cars when they are re- registered, soooo you can drive round in a filthy old car spewing toxins and the government doesn’t care. It just shows this tax has nothing to do with the environment and just another excuse for a tax.

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