Shock: "It's all worse than we thought!" sez Commission

Alarmism in graphical form

What a surprise. Just exactly as expected, given the Climate Commission doesn’t have a single sceptical viewpoint represented, and right on cue for Julia Gillard to say, “see we told you so, we need to take action on climate”, despite the fact that nothing Australia does alone will make any difference whatsoever.

Parroting the IPCC line all the way, and blaming the media (natch), the Climate Commission  is simply a cheer squad for climate alarmism, and that’s exactly the result they have delivered. The Sydney Moonbat Herald virtually wets itself this morning:

THE evidence for global warming is now ”exceptionally strong and beyond doubt” and actions this decade will determine the impact of climate change for the rest of the century, according to the first big report produced by Australia’s Climate Commission.

The report, to be presented to federal parliamentarians today, is designed to cut through the noise of political debate about the government’s carbon tax and find common ground.

It catalogues the latest [alarmist] research on the impact of climate change on Australia, updating the most recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, including reduced rainfall, recorded sea level rises and increasing temperatures.
Climate science was ”being attacked in the media by many with no credentials in the field”, the report said.

”The questioning of the IPCC, the ‘climategate’ incident based on hacked emails in the UK and attempts to intimidate climate scientists have added to the confusion in the public about the veracity of climate science. [See? Climategate and fudging data was just a storm in a teacup – move along, nothing to see here – Ed]

”By contrast to the noisy, confusing ‘debate’ in the media, within the climate research community our understanding of the climate system continues to advance strongly.” (source)

Words are useless to describe the hysteria. Coming at the same time as new research in Nature shows that it is the oceans that have far more of an effect on the climate than the composition of the atmosphere. And then there’s the non-existent sea level rises:

SYDNEY will be the Australian capital most vulnerable to extreme flooding events, the Climate Commission says.

While the likelihood of damaging floods, storm surges and king tides will increase around the coast, Sydney can expect to see ”extreme events” once a month by 2100, the commission’s report The Critical Decade says.

”While a sea-level rise of 0.5 metre … may not seem like a matter for much concern, such modest levels of sea-level rise can lead to unexpectedly large increases in the frequency of extreme high sea-level events,” it said. (source)

Sea level has been rising at 3mm per year since the year dot, with no sign of acceleration. Yet the Climate Commission manages to spin this into a scare story.

Isn’t it funny how the decade we are living in right now just happens to be the “critical decade” and we must act now. Planet has been here for four and a half billion years, but we have to save it in the next ten…


  1. Laurie Williams says:

    Sickening propaganda from this biased joke of a commission, given that the planet is now heading into a worse episode of its current ice age.


  2. I just want to know one thing: who is doing the audits? This is one of two things that must (but doesn’t look like it is) be driven home to the government. The other of course is the cost/benefit analysis of the “carbon” tax. Where is it?

    The government must be put on record publicly with these questions, and often.

  3. froggy uk says:

    Its funny you should mention those impartial gods the IPCC,

    So no conflict of interest there then by the looks of it!.

  4. Very very interesting there is great animosity between Flannery & Stefen!
    I ask everybody to watch the SKY Channel press conference and see the body language at play between the two.

    Flannery initially hands the Q&A’s to Stefen because he is the author. He then languishes in the backgoround but “Ye Old Impatient Tim” wants back in and then Flannery says to Stepfen: “Can I step in and answer that question agan?” Stefen’s disgust is obvious as he “looks daggers” at Flannery. This continues for quite a while after.

  5. Toscamaster says:

    When people are embroiled in corruption they cannot see when they perpetuate that corruption.
    Will Steffen has been intimately involved in IPCC corruption of climate science for a long time. He actually thinks it is legitimate to do as his political masters ask of him thereby perpetuating the corruption that was kicked off by Maurice Strong in 1972. IPCC Reports for Policy Makers take precedence over scientific documentation; this is corruption writ large.
    Steffen was a prime participant in a Deliberative Forum at ANU in May 2010 that trained him and some 25 or so others in how to pull the wool over the eyes of the public on Climate Science. This was the predecessor to the Climate Commission.
    Steffen fervently believes that there is not a jot of credibility left in scientific discussions that do not comply with his own and the IPCC version of climate science. He said as much to a public forum in Geelong.
    It is not surprising that Flannery becomes tetchy when Steffen is answering questions. Given enough rope the day will come that Steffen is so outlandish that even compliant media will arc back and tear apart his unfounded statements. When that happens Flannery knows that he will wear the consequences of Steffen’s indiscretions.
    Members of media only need to insist that Steffen, Flannery and associated charlatans back up fear mongering statements with real world evidence – not BIBO computer modelling results.
    And solid investigative journalism into that Deliberative Forum will reveal that The Climate Commission is an absolute set-up.

    • That is absolutely facsinating and everything you say would fit perfectly with my perception of Stefen which is incredible as I have not studied him at all. As for Flannery I really just see him as a “motormouthed bighead” after being named Australian of the year.

  6. Bob in Castlemaine says:


    “The evidence for global warming is now exceptionally strong and beyond doubt”

    Well if that’s the case why don’t the alarmists publish the “evidence”. And by evidence I don’t mean the fanciful projections of computer models, shown time and time again to project nothing more than preferred narrative of their proponents.

    Should we seriously consider trashing the Australian lifestyle and economy on the basis of this kind of unsubstantiated garbage?

  7. The Loaded Dog says:

    Ha ha ha. The false prophets of the Church of Climatology (Australian division) release their book of Revelation.

    And it shall come to pass saith Tann Flimery..

  8. The Copenhagen accord? Someone actually read that thing?

    Be still my aching sides – with just the right amount of taxation, we can adjust the global thermostat to within 2 degrees!

    Not even Jules Verne could have come up with something as far-fetched as this. Yet the media report it with (mostly) a straight face.

    You can’t blame Steffen and Flannery – they are deep in the hole and doubling down to salvage their reputation.

  9. Confusious says:

    Sweet Mother of Jesus! These spring tides they show for Kalgoorlie are frightening!

  10. Confusious says:

    Just remember that camel is a horse designed by a committee. In case of Garnautick and Fluffer it will be a dead camel…………….paid for over and over by Australian taxpayers!

  11. How dare these clowns in Government try to convince us that climate change is real when they have not done their own research on both sides of the argument. Alarmism like this is beyond belief. We urge ALL Australians to do their own study and to not blindly follow the leader on this debate. The science is NOT settled and the debate is NOT over.
    Get out Gillard.

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