Gillard descends to personal attacks on Abbott

Before the makeover…

What can she do? Nothing she says makes any difference. The people just won’t listen. Tony Abbott is flying high in the polls and Julia Gillard is sinking into the depths, so she pulls out the lowest trick of all – personal abuse, plain and simple. We should be pleased, as it shows the level of desperation that exists in the Gillard camp. It doesn’t reflect on Abbott though, it reflects on Gillard, so please, keep it up!

FACING her greatest political challenge, Julia Gillard played the man yesterday, accusing Opposition Leader Tony Abbott of behaving like the political love child of Sarah Palin and Donald Trump.

The PM made her personal crack to at the ALP state conference at Monash University yesterday, telling the delegates Mr Abbott was running a hysterical campaign against the carbon tax. [Well, Gillard should know all about hysterical campaigns. She’s run enough of them – Ed]

“Tony Abbott has said of himself that he is John Howard and Bronwyn Bishop’s political love child,” she said. [Yes, if you hadn’t noticed, it’s OK to make jokes about yourself – Ed]

“Heaven knows that’s bad enough, but the truth is he is acting more like the love child of Sarah Palin and Donald Trump.”

Mr Abbott did not respond to the jibe yesterday. [Perfectly proper to rise above such childish petulance – Ed]

An opinion poll yesterday showed Labor’s primary vote had crashed below 30 per cent in Queensland. (source)

Of course, it appealed to the great unwashed of Victorian Labor, but everyone else thought it was embarrassingly immature.

Desperate times call for truly desperate measures.


  1. You write (here):
    “This bunch of leftard lemmings is similarly so used to being pandered to by a lefty media, like ABC and Fairfax, that when Chris Uhlmann asks some difficult questions, it’s branded, Pavlov’s dog fashion, as a ‘lurch to the right’. Ding ding. No it isn’t Simon Sheikh, you halfwit.”
    Calling Simon Sheikh a halfwit isn’t “personal abuse, plain and simple”?

    • There’s a subtle difference which may have escaped you, namely that I write a small climate blog, and Julia Gillard is the Prime Minister of Australia.

  2. Baldrick says:

    It’s not surprising Juliar has sunk to the depths of personal attacks. When you’re losing the argument, attack the speaker, not the ideas – that way you divert attention from the real issues. It’s the oldest trick in the book when you can’t argue the point on facts.

  3. OT, but you may all wish to spread this vital information further.

    My view?

    There are many left-leaning citizens who’ve been taken in by the alarmists.. and in particular, by “Mr Integrity / Mr Stand-By-My-Beliefs”, Malcolm Turnbull. He’s been very persuasive.

    So, if we can widely expose the real, complete truth about Mr Turnbull’s role in pioneering the push for emissions trading in Australia, it will be a huge shock to many.

    IMO, bringing down Turnbull’s credibility could well be the key trigger for at last beginning to undermine the “faith” of many in this mega-scam.

  4. Times like this reminds me of why I love free speech. Alarmists have done more damage to their own movement with their own words and ideas than anything we skeptics could have dreamed. I’m seeing it here too in Canada. They’re scared. Plain and simple. And getting more desperate by the day.

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