Garnaut tells the truth about a carbon price

The truth will out

Just one line from his latest report is enough:

“Australian households will ultimately bear the full cost of a carbon price.” (source)

So it isn’t the big polluters, is it Julia and Greg?

Lies, lies and more lies from our deceitful government. When will it ever end?


  1. Well, one of either the government or their advisor is lying.. or omitting certain truths.. Either way, in this case such actions are irresponsible.

  2. Baldrick says:

    Well finally the truth, ALL Australian households will bear the cost of a carbon dioxide tax. A tax that is designed to rid the world of 0.00009% of all man-made co2 in the atmosphere and ultimately rid you of your hard earned dollars. Good one Julia and Bob … now tell the truth that a 0.00009% reduction will do nothing for the worlds climate and the reason for the tax is purely politics.

    • Using backward logic.

      With the value of $28 per tonne of manmade carbon dioxide as an example; and Julia/Bob’s insistence of a 0.00009% Reduction.

      (0.00009% x World Manmade CO2(tonnes)) x $28/tonne

      Wouldn’t it be cheaper for Australia just to sack all of the climate change committee, advisers, so on and so on, and just hand over the value of the proposed reduction to what ever greedy world organisation that is demanding it for third world mandatory intervention for insistence on western civilisation way of life/ ie they want a piece of action in their natural resources and mineral wealth..

      At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what price you put on CO2, it will do absolutely nothing for the environment.

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