Labor's twisted logic on "go it alone" carbon tax


Australia’s plan to put a price on carbon [dioxide] and reduce emissions by 5% by 2020 will remove 160 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

But last year alone, global emissions rose by 1.6  BILLION tonnes, which is TEN TIMES Australia’s total reduction over the next 8 years, or EIGHTY TIMES Australia’s planned reduction in a single year.

But, according to Labor’s logic, Australia’s carbon tax will “tackle climate change” and is “in the national interest.”

Julia, Greg, Penny: please explain.

Climate Madness.

(h/t Bolta)


  1. If the science is settled on climate change, then why does the CSIRO use taxpayer dollars to fund it? I thought the science is settled, so there is nothing left to discover. Duh!

  2. Andy G55 says:

    Also we need to consider the effect of the tax in a world-wide context.

    I strongly suspect that the due to relocation of high power usage industries to overseas, that the NETT effect of the carbon tax would be a slight INCREASE in world-wide CO2 output.

  3. The Loaded Dog says:

    “Julia, Greg, Penny: please explain.”

    The world is moving on carbon pricing and it’s the “right thing to do” for our kiddies.

    You’re just a denier Simon….get with the program!

  4. Don’t forget Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull in this. They are also mouthing off about cutting emissions in the face of this global inaction.

    I think it’s high time for a coalition rethink on climate policy. Something along the lines of – no more solar rebates, no more wind rebates, granting of permission for 5 new coal plants in the next 10 years. Closure of dirtiest coal power stations. No nuclear plants in the next 10 years. No new policy initiatives until a binding global agreement has been agreed. Overall policy objectives are a secure and affordable power supply for householders and industry, and no unilateral action without global compliance. No carbon pricing for 10 years, changeable only if all states agree to abandon policy.

  5. Patrick says:

    you forgot Gillard’s other slogan

    because ‘it is the right thing to do’

  6. Hi Australia.
    Your in good company with the green insanity. Ontario (the largest powerhouse economic engine of Canada) The Liberals (Socialist) have just signed a $7 billion wind-power deal to be paid for through electricity rates with Samsung but the Premiere (a hated and highly unpopular man) announced he will not allow any details of the deal to be disclosed to the taxpayers. However a leaked document has disclosed kilowatt rate increase of as much as 80% to cover this part of the deal.
    Who the hell do these people think they are, they are reckless and drunk on power!
    Do not trust Green or socialist to protect any economy or the long suffering taxpayers anywhere in the world.

  7. Richard N says:

    Get ready for more global alarmism today from the all knowing great one (Professor Garnaut).

  8. I’m surprised they even came up with those numbers.

    OK, so now they should be able to give us some figures on how much effect it will have on the climate, and what benefits (or losses) that will bring us, including net job gains/losses, economic growth/shrink, etc.

    Hahaha.. I crack me up.

  9. I think this also bears repeating:

    It’s not about whether or not we do something; it’s about how much difference it will make (including no discernable difference), and at what cost (including lives) to us.

  10. gyptis444 says:

    For those who want the precise figures on the effect of emissions reductions see

    Click to access hoskins.pdf

  11. gyptis444 says:

    The net argument we’ll hear from Gillard’s Gang is “unless we become exemplary World Citizens and reduce our emissions China et al will never reduce their emissions”. Guess what? No matter what we do China will quite rightly pursue decent living standards for their people regardless of what emissions are involved. They are building Gigawatt capacity, coal-fired power stations at the rate of one per week and WE are shipping huge amounts of coal to China to the tune of A$55 billions annually! Granted, China is increasing the proportion of ‘clean energy’ by also building nuclear power stations. Gillard has ruled out nuclear power for Australia so where is our ‘clean energy’ going to come from? Renewables are not capable of meeting the scale of our energy needs and are simply not economically viable in that context.”

  12. Baldrick says:

    This is how ludicrous the whole carbon dioxide debate is getting …. these figures are supported by the UN’s IPCC:
    *CO2 makes up 0.04% of the atmosphere
    *97% is natural – 3% is man-made
    *Of that 3% Australia contributes 1.5% or 0.0045% of total carbon dioxide emissions

    So our Government wants to introduce a carbon dioxide tax on all Australians so that we can make a cut of 0.00009% of world CO2 emissions by 2020. Join the dots on that for yourself!

  13. Confusious says:

    If you want to get some background info on the mental status of the people living off our taxes, check this link to the CEO of CSIRO.
    Clearly KRudd’s & Garnaut’s appointee most likely nominated by Flim Flam.

    Also of interest, on the same page, there is “Carbon Cate” shown for all to see.
    The poor thing, must have so much money in the bank that she has to devise causes for herself to feel better and to teach the plebs out there her heart warming matra.

  14. “putting hopes of holding global warming to safe levels all but out of reach”

    Great, then why bother?

  15. Graham Richards says:

    This tax has nothing to do with carbon dioxide, carbon, cow manure or any other organic or inorganic matter.
    It’s all to do with control and the redistribution of poverty [or wealth, depending on which side of the world you live on].
    The Soviets ran the Soviet Union’s economy based on full ownership [confiscated] of the labour & resources of the country. We know how that ended.
    The labourites want to control us & the economy by ramping the supply of energy up & down at will to control the whole country. We know how THAT will end.
    Stop this madness now. No government, socialist or conservative should ever have that sort of power.

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