Majority oppose carbon [dioxide] tax

Resounding "no"

Despite all the hype and media spin of yesterday’s “rent-a-bunch-of-Lefty-lemmings” demonstrations in favour of a carbon dioxide tax, the majority of Australians are firmly against it. Furthermore, they believe that Julia Gillard has no mandate for such a tax and should call an election. And they believe it will do nothing for the environment. Funny that, it’s what we’ve been saying on this site since it was announced in February:

AUSTRALIANS are demanding Julia Gillard call a fresh election, saying she has no mandate for a carbon tax.

With less than a third of all voters now claiming to support the tax, the federal government is facing a nationwide backlash if it proceeds.

An exclusive Galaxy poll commissioned by The Daily Telegraph has revealed 73 per cent of people claim they will end up worse off under the tax. Just 7 per cent believe they could end up better off in some way.

More fatal for the Prime Minister, however, was the overwhelming support for an election to be called on the issue – confirming widespread anger over her broken election promise not to introduce a carbon tax.

A total of 64 per cent said they wanted a fresh election. Only 24 per cent believed the PM had a mandate.

And in a growing sentiment that the tax would not help solve the climate change problem, 75 per cent believed it would have only a minor impact on the environment – or no impact at all.

The devastating poll results, showing total opposition now at 58 per cent, confirm the government has so far failed to make an effective case for its tax.

They also reflect Liberal Party internal polling showing support for Tony Abbott’s campaign to force the government to an early election, despite analysis showing the Coalition’s alternative direct action plan would be even more costly. (source)

When the crunch comes, Australians are thankfully far too sensible to have the wool pulled over their eyes. Those at the pro-tax rallies yesterday are the deluded ones, out of touch with reality and the wishes of the vast majority of the population.


  1. Baldrick says:

    Julia Gillards current poll results are now exactly the same as Kevin Rudd’s, when she deposed him as the Prime Minister. At that time she said that the then federal Labor government had lost its way … so what’s changed now? Nothing … the current Labor government has indeed lost its way with voters and is facing annihilation at the next federal election, unless it turns around now and admits it’s made a mistake with the carbon dioxide tax – which is extremely unlikely. There other option is to call an election now – which is also extremely unlikely. Either way, Julia Gillard has done immeasurable damage to the federal Labor party, much the same as Kristine Keneally and co. did for NSW Labor.

    • Graham Richards says:

      This government really does have a good record of achievement, being the first to totally screw up every single policy it has tried to introduce. Just for fun sit down and list the disasters. Maybe you could give family members prizes for the longest list of non starter / failed policies.
      What a wonderful record of firsts they have!!!!!

  2. Toscamaster says:

    Even of those who cast their vote on The Greens website 80 percent are against a tax on carbon (sic).
    Those who stick their head in the sand deserve to have their backsides kicked hard and without warning at the next election.

  3. Baldrick says:

    Bugger JuLIAR …. there’s a new political force to be reckoned with …..
    Vote Katter!!!

  4. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    With the Australian people locked in battle against the passage of the illegitimate Gillard/Brown Government’s carbon dioxide tax, another landmark battle for the survival of western democracy passed largely unmarked.
    Today of course marks the 67th anniversary of D-Day in Europe. We should ponder that sacrifice and resolve to fight tooth and nail against those who would steal democracy from us.

  5. The quiet majority have spoken.

  6. The unsurprising thing is that green groups dont expect negative results on their own polls. Everyone that green supporters speak to agrees with their view, (ie other greens) so they get a skewed vision of what Australians want and think that their views are what the majority want.
    Every poll taken recently overwhelmingly have rejected this tax.
    The alarmists have pointed to only 500 people polled, but the Nine MSN poll of yesterday where over 100,000 people have voted and the results over the day have been between 77% and 82% want an election to decide the issue.

  7. Laughing at Liberals says:


    This poll was a complete sham, run by the Murdoch press to get a pre-determined outcome. The question on whether she should call an election was one of the dirtiest kinds of push poll questions and Galaxy should be held in contempt for lowering their standards to the level of the Liberal Party and morons like Bolt et al.

    I will be laughing even harder in 2 years time when the Carbon Price is in place and all you Libs are running around trying to explain why the sky hasn’t fallen.

    But keep on squealing you bunch of chicken littles…

    • Now I’ve heard it all. A climate alarmist calling the realists chicken littles. Go and laugh someplace else.

  8. Laughing at Liberals says:

    Come on moderators, what’s the matter, too gutless to publish a post when someone makes fun of you? Like I said, chicken littles

    • We don’t publish ignorant rants by trolls. P.S. When you write something that adds to the debate, it will be published. But from what you’ve written so far, that’s very unlikely.


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