Carbon Cate buys beachfront property… in Vanuatu

Buying beachfront property?

Now if you were really concerned about climate change, as she clearly is, having badgered us all to pay more tax for no reason, why would you buy a beachfront property on an island that all the alarmists agree is one of the first in line to be swamped by the alleged sea level rises resulting from, er, climate change? And why stop at Vanuatu, go the whole hog and buy something on Tuvalu?

The movie star-turned-ecowarrior is believed to have recently bought a plot of land in Vanuatu, one of the countries hardest hit by global warming.

Rising sea levels caused the evacuation of a village in the Pacific island nation in 2005, the first time climate change was known to have displaced an entire community. [Just for the record, climate change had nothing to do with it – sea levels have been rising at the same rate for centuries – Ed]

Blanchett is thought to have bought a waterfront property near the luxury area of Havannah Harbour during a visit last year.

However, it may not be paradise for long. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says sea levels could rise by as much as 59cm by 2100 in Vanuatu, which would obliterate much of beachfront property. (source)

But Carbon Cate isn’t bovvered, clearly. She can just go to one of her numerous other properties around the world when that one falls into the sea.

Unfortunately, Cate is just the latest in a long line of eco-celebrities who lecture the little people on how they should behave, and then go and do precisely the opposite. Like Al Gore. Yawn. Next.


  1. What “evacuation”? 100 people moved inland, and it had nothing to do with rising sea levels:

    Unless of course, the sea levels were rising in their head, since they weren’t in reality.

  2. She’s probably got an offshore account or two there. Buying a property there is a good cover for visiting and not trying to raise the alarm to you funneling money through the tax free accounts.

    Here’s an article on the Pacific Islands growing:

  3. “Rising sea levels caused the evacuation of a village in the Pacific island nation in 2005, the first time climate change was known to have displaced an entire community.”
    There I was thinking it was a volcano in 2005 that made them move. Now thanks to Celebrities Im much wiser.

  4. Simon C says:

    Let’s not forget our Climate Change Minister, Greg Combet, lives in a beachfront house. He’s obviously not too concerned about rising sea levels either. It’s funny how the media is strangely silent on this. Incidentally, this house is not in his actual electorate. To quote Mark Latham, he obviously can’t stand the smell of Labor voters.

  5. Baldrick says:

    Pacific islands, by there very nature, are formed by volcanic activity and so rise and fall as part of the earths natural process. This is not a new phenomena but has been happening for millions, if not billions of years. The process of shifting islands and continents has absolutely nothing to be with climate change or global warming and the introduction of a carbon (dioxide) tax will have absolutely no effect on continental shift or rising and falling land masses in the ocean. No wonder Carbon Cate is not worried, which is in direct contravention of those she is supporting. Strange!!!
    For a perspective on human carbon dioxide in the atmosphere see this:

  6. So the media is driving the attacks on celebrities instead of the hypocritical politicians or actually looking at the science.
    This Cate Blanchett issue is a bit of red herring with a bit of tall poppy thrown in. I would prefer that the media covered the results online polls of the Greens own websites that had an 80% rejection of a carbon tax.
    Or, they could have better covered the disgraceful union leader at the rally the other day who claimed that the floods & bushfires were caused by “climate change” with no data backup or qualifiying statements. But they wont as its only the people who disagree with the Govt that can be labelled “scaremongers”.

    • Fair comment, and I agree, but I think she needs to be called for her hypocrisy, especially when she adds her celebrity to a misleading advertisement for taking action on climate change. Apart from that, the story made me laugh…!

      • I understand the hypocrisy, and I did get a laugh as well, but I guess its just wishful thinking to expect the MSM to actually look at the issues a bit deeper… I find better comments from journalists overseas via the web than I do in Aust., which given the current climate (pardon the pun) is very dissapointing

  7. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    Carbon Cate buys beachfront property… in Vanuatu. Yep… just following in the footsteps of her climate guru, Kevin Rudd, who not too long ago bought his beach front property!

    She probably has discovered the latest data that sea level is dropping through the floor. Europe’s Envisat satellite has been collecting data since 2004, and now shows that sea level is the lowest it has been since they started collecting data. Since the start of the year, sea level has dropped almost 10 mm.

  8. SOYLENT GREEN says:

    Yeah, Simon. Tuvalu would have been the way to go. All the hipsters are doing it. Vanuatu is sooooo five minutes ago.
    She could have gotten free pub at the next underwater summit…well she still can with that new airport their building, which will apparently not sink when everything else does.

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