Lemon, Lime and Bitter

On the anniversary of his final squeeze into the gin and tonic of history, the Liberals resurrect Kevin O’Lemon in preparation for a possible return of Rudd:

The Government had “lost its way”, Ms Gillard said. Well, twelve months on it is clearer than ever that this Labor Government is just a bunch of lemons – and it is Australian families who are left with the bitter taste.


And Rudd is causing problems wherever he goes:

KEVIN Rudd has enraged cabinet colleagues with a media blitz on the anniversary of his knifing, prompting demands for the Prime Minister’s office to gag him.

As Julia Gillard declared her leadership “very secure” and dismissed “silly questions” about her plunging polling, senior ministers were despondent, lashing Mr Rudd as “dysfunctional”.

Almost 12 months after Ms Gillard brutally cut short Mr Rudd’s prime ministership, the pair yesterday engaged in a bizarre dual in the nation’s newspapers and airwaves.

The one-upmanship was played out against a backdrop of a devastating Nielsen poll that has the government at record low levels, and revealed twice as many voters want Mr Rudd as PM than Ms Gillard.

Ms Gillard also did a range of media events yesterday – a photo opportunity at a solar plant in Newcastle and a major solar deal with the Queensland government – before delivering a speech to Labor faithful in Brisbane.

Mr Rudd received a rock-star welcome at the Queensland ALP conference and conducted several interviews urging colleagues to get behind the PM, ignoring Ms Gillard’s barbs about his leadership in the Saturday papers.

He also issued a mea culpa over his time as PM, saying that he should have had a better mix of experience and “greybeards” in his office.

The turmoil dragged on as independent Rob Oakeshott warned the Labor Party not to move on Ms Gillard, declaring it could prompt him to pull the pin on the government.

“From my perspective if the Labor Party organisation wants to mess with Julia Gillard, the Labor Party organisation is messing with people such as myself,” Mr Oakeshott told The Sunday Telegraph. (source)

Oh dear, it’s all going horribly wrong.

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  1. Baldrick says:

    Poor Rob Oakeshott doesn’t want Labor to mess with Julia. How about the mess he’s already created by going against his own conservative electorate and siding with Labor. Pull the pin on the Government, please … and let’s have a new election!

  2. Oakeshott surprises me again – whilst he comes from a conservative electorate he now sees himself as “keeper of the labor PMof the day”. I would have thought he was going to have enough trouble getting re-elected as it was. Now he is rubbing salt into the wounds tof all of the conservative leaning independent voters by inventing for himself a new role as a labor leader protector, protecting her from the leadership quests of the power hungry labor party factions

  3. kev’s got every right to whinge & those dirty backstabbers could at least have the courtesy to hear him out ,,,, when is snake lady going to call the early election ?

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