Fellow Earthians: Greens' bizarre psyche revealed

Bunch of nut-jobs

We’ve always suspected that the Greens were a bunch of nut-jobs, since anyone who puts the environment above care for the human condition must have serious psychological issues.

But recently, their twisted and disturbed way of thinking was confirmed and laid bare by Greens leader Bob Brown, in a recent speech, which begins thus (and this is no joke – the link to the Greens website is here):

Fellow Earthians,

Never before has the Universe unfolded such a flower as our collective human intelligence, so far as we know.

Nor has such a one-and-only brilliance in the Universe stood at the brink of extinction, so far as we know.

We people of the Earth exist because our potential was there in the Big Bang, 13.7 billion years ago, as the Universe exploded into being.

So far, it seems like we are the lone thinkers in this vast, expanding Universe.

Exclude yourself from the “thinkers” by the way, Bob. He ponders why other civilisations haven’t contacted us. His conclusion: because they have all “extincted themselves”. He doesn’t consider the miriad other possibilities, for example, that even at the speed of light, information from the other side of the universe may take billions of years to reach us, or that electromagnetic signals from such vast distances (unless stellar in origin) are too weak to reach us.

Or that the time we are currently living in isn’t particularly special on a universal scale, so why out of 4.5 billion years since the beginning of the Solar System, the alien signals choose Bob Brown’s lifetime (0.0000014% of that timeframe) as the exact time to arrive.

No, clearly alien life forms have evolved, built SUVs and sent their home planets into climate death spirals – talk about a blinkered, geocentric view of the universe! For all the talk of the wonders of the universe, Bob’s comprehension of it extends no further than the here and now.

And for those of you who still believe that “climate change alarmism as a means to global government” is a conspiracy theory dreamed up by filthy deniers:

We need a strategy. We need action based on the reality that this is our own responsibility – everyone’s responsibility.

So democracy – ensuring that everyone is involved in deciding Earth’s future – is the key to success.  

For comprehensive Earth action, an all-of-the-Earth representative democracy is required. That is, a global parliament.

The concept of world democracy goes back centuries, but since 2007, there has been a new movement towards an elected, representative assembly at the United Nations, in parallel with the unelected, appointed, General Assembly. This elected assembly would have none of the General Assembly’s powers but would be an important step along the way to a future, popularly elected and agreeably empowered global assembly.

We Earthians can develop rosier prospects. We have been to the Moon. We have landed eyes and ears on Mars. We are discovering planets hundreds of light years close which are ripe for life. We are on a journey to endless wonder in the Cosmos and to realising our own remarkable potential. 

To give this vision security, we must get our own planet in order.

Anyone who continues to plug the conspiracy line – just look above. Brown doesn’t consider exactly the mechanics of how this would all work, but that’s irrelevant to Brown, who seems happy to abandon our own self-determination and hand over power to some remote global parliament. And if that’s still not clear enough for you:

So let us resolve that there should be established for the prevalence and happiness of humankind a representative assembly a global parliament for the people of the Earth based on the principle of one person one vote one value; and to enable this outcome that it should be a bicameral parliament with its house of review having equal representation elected from every nationAn Earth parliament for all. But what would be its commission? Here are four goals:

Economy. Equality. Ecology. Eternity.

Sorry, not global government but “earth parliament”. Away with the fairies, Bob.

And finally, if you think this was just Brown off on a frolic of his own, Christine Milne defends the speech in The Australian today, calling it “very inspiring”. Says it all, really.

Bob Brown: xenophobic and economically illiterate


Tell us something we didn’t already know. Sinclair Davidson in The Australian spells out the consequences of Brown’s brainlessness, which he exposed at the National Press Club yesterday:

Economic illiterates make several mistakes in their analysis. Because of his anti-foreign bias, Brown overlooks the benefits of interaction with foreigners. Unfortunately, he is not alone in exhibiting “capital xenophobia”.

Australia has long had to borrow money from the rest of the world to finance our economic prosperity. The local economy has grown and foreign investors got their money back. This arrangement has benefited everybody; Australian savings are simply too small to finance our economic growth and standard of living. Foreigners invest in those economies with good prospects and low levels of sovereign risk.

Australia has a good reputation as an investment destination. But Brown is placing that hard-earned reputation at risk. Suggestions by a major political party, in a formal partnership with government and holding the balance of power in the Senate, that foreign investment can be taxed with impunity, or even shut down, raises perceptions of sovereign risk. What’s worse, he is not alone. The ill-fated resource super-profits tax also raised serious concerns about sovereign risk.

Remarkably, Brown admits that Australia gets “jobs, export income, royalties and company tax” from mining. But that is not enough; he wants it all. He seems to object to foreigners, in return for their loans and investments, getting “profits, dividends, [and] capital appreciation”. There is also a bit of double counting going on; dividends and capital appreciation amount to profits. Or perhaps Brown doesn’t know that.

Economic illiterates believe that with some tweaking the world can be made a better place. In Brown’s case the existence of a carbon tax and the demise of the coal industry would make the world a much better place. Yet he has given little thought to how that world would be powered. It’s all very well talking about “renewables”, but which renewables and how much would they cost?

As the Productivity Commission recently flagged, renewables are expensive; wind power costs $150-$214 a megawatt hour, solar costs $400-$473 a megawatt hour. By contrast, coal-fired electricity costs less than $100 a megawatt hour.

A coal-free Australia would be a lot more expensive, with lower standards of living.

Brown quoted the UN statistic that for every year of delay on climate change $1 trillion of costs will be incurred. What he hasn’t explained is how undermining the Australian economy would reduce that cost and why Australians should bear that cost when the UN hasn’t managed to convince its members to act in concert on climate change.

The biggest problem Brown faces is that you can’t intervene in the economy on the scale he desires without a massive reduction in our economic wellbeing. The problem Australia faces is that Brown doesn’t understand that point.

Read it here.



Australia, June 2011: Green Hell

Ruining Australia

I would never have believed it possible. The country that I adopted as my own just eight short years ago has transformed from a healthy, vibrant, prosperous and flourishing society, to a bitter, divided, backward, frustrated mess run by the Greens. They hold the balance of power with two dishwater-weak independents in the House of Representatives, and soon they hold the balance of power in the Senate.

And between them, they are ruining this country, step by step, day by day.

Listen with incredulity to Bob Brown (lovingly reported by the ever impartial ABC, naturally):

Greens leader Bob Brown has guaranteed carbon price legislation will not be repealed despite promises from Opposition Leader Tony Abbott that he would “oppose it in opposition and rescind it in government”.

Senator Brown predicts an agreement on a climate legislation is only about two weeks away – but says it is not going to be a “green outcome”.

The Greens will have the balance of power in the Senate from Friday and Senator Brown says his party will not support any rescission motion – even if the Coalition is in government.

“I can give you a rolled gold guarantee that when and if this package, after all this work on behalf of the Australian people passes our parliament, we will be giving it every guarantee for the future,” Senator Brown told the National Press Club.

“Of course we won’t be supporting a rescission motion by Tony Abbott. This is, of course, central to the Greens.

“While ever we are drawing breath in the Senate we will defend the outcome – unless it can be improved.” (source)

The Greens register barely 10 percent of the vote, and yet here they are, determining the future of our country. Brown isn’t particularly knowledgeable about the Constitution clearly (neither are the ABC, who rush to print his insane ramblings without any critical thought) since there is the Double Dissolution procedure if the Senate fails to pass legislation from the lower house (section 57 of the Constitution). And it is a basic tenet of parliamentary supremacy that no parliament can bind its successors – or had you forgotten that in your mad rush to dictatorial power?

So Bob, just to make this quite clear: no one (except the ABC and Fairfax) gives a flying f*ck what you think. After the next election you will be relegated to the irrelevance that you and your despicable party really are.

Idiotic Comment of the Day: Bob Brown


Bob Brown and the Greens in general make so many idiotic comments, on an hourly basis, that they would win this award every single time. But this one stands out as being the most idiotic in a long, long time. From Insiders yesterday (I’ve made it bigger so nobody misses it):

“You know the coal industry has to be replaced by renewables.”

(source) Note that Barrie Cassidy didn’t even pick Brown up about that extraordinary statement…

And reaction has been quick:

Senator Joyce said he was fascinated to know how Senator Brown proposed to keep the national economy running without revenue from coal exports.

”We need the money to pay for hospitals, roads, schools, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme so pensioners can get discounted medicine, and social security,” Senator Joyce said.

”Bob obviously has a magical new way to do it and I am fascinated to know how it works.

”What Bob says is a total and utter fantasy, that some angel will descend from heaven and make everything better. Remember Bob, after you’ve got rid of coal you’ve also got rid of cheap power so there will be no manufacturing industry we will have diddly squat, we will be white beggars of the south Pacific.”

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said he believed the carbon tax would destroy the coal industry.

”It will destroy the steel industry, the cement industry, the aluminium industry, the motor industry it will be, over time, the death of heavy manufacturing in Australia,” he said. (source)

Lemon, Lime and Bitter

On the anniversary of his final squeeze into the gin and tonic of history, the Liberals resurrect Kevin O’Lemon in preparation for a possible return of Rudd:

The Government had “lost its way”, Ms Gillard said. Well, twelve months on it is clearer than ever that this Labor Government is just a bunch of lemons – and it is Australian families who are left with the bitter taste.


And Rudd is causing problems wherever he goes:

KEVIN Rudd has enraged cabinet colleagues with a media blitz on the anniversary of his knifing, prompting demands for the Prime Minister’s office to gag him.

As Julia Gillard declared her leadership “very secure” and dismissed “silly questions” about her plunging polling, senior ministers were despondent, lashing Mr Rudd as “dysfunctional”.

Almost 12 months after Ms Gillard brutally cut short Mr Rudd’s prime ministership, the pair yesterday engaged in a bizarre dual in the nation’s newspapers and airwaves.

The one-upmanship was played out against a backdrop of a devastating Nielsen poll that has the government at record low levels, and revealed twice as many voters want Mr Rudd as PM than Ms Gillard.

Ms Gillard also did a range of media events yesterday – a photo opportunity at a solar plant in Newcastle and a major solar deal with the Queensland government – before delivering a speech to Labor faithful in Brisbane.

Mr Rudd received a rock-star welcome at the Queensland ALP conference and conducted several interviews urging colleagues to get behind the PM, ignoring Ms Gillard’s barbs about his leadership in the Saturday papers.

He also issued a mea culpa over his time as PM, saying that he should have had a better mix of experience and “greybeards” in his office.

The turmoil dragged on as independent Rob Oakeshott warned the Labor Party not to move on Ms Gillard, declaring it could prompt him to pull the pin on the government.

“From my perspective if the Labor Party organisation wants to mess with Julia Gillard, the Labor Party organisation is messing with people such as myself,” Mr Oakeshott told The Sunday Telegraph. (source)

Oh dear, it’s all going horribly wrong.

More here.

From the archives: the 1996 Parliament House Riot

What is it with the Left and violence? Listening the Gillard, Combet, Brown and their ilk over the past day or so, you would think that the carbon tax protesters, mainly honest, hardworking Australians angry at the contempt shown to them by the Labor government, were a bunch of dangerous, radical extremists. And that is precisely what you are supposed to think. The Labor/Green smear machine works very well, with the help of the compliant ABC and Fairfax, spreading innuendo and bile to discredit anyone who dares criticise a Labor policy. But again, people have very short memories.

The 1996 Parliament House riot was flagged by a commenter, and a little research shows that the union thugs were a far uglier bunch than anything the carbon tax protesters could compete with (from Wikipedia) – and just look whose name crops up:

The Australian Council of Trade Unions called the “cavalcade to Canberra” rally to protest against the industrial relations reform agenda of the LiberalNational Coalition Howard Government. The protest began with senior Australian Trade Union officials including ACTU President Jennie George and Assistant Secretary Greg Combet, as well as senior members of the Australian Labor Party.The initially peaceful protest deteriorated into violent action when a new group or demonstrators arrived in the early afternoon and attacked the entrance to Parliament. Around 90 personnel were injured —including lacerations, sprains, and head and eye injuries. Damage to the forecourt and foyer of Parliament was initially estimated at $75,000 and the Parliamentary shop was looted. Nine rioters were arrested and charged with a variety of offences. (source)

Read also the graphic description of the violence:

[T]his group refused to accept police direction, forced a breach in police lines and ran towards the main front entrance of Parliament House. Unfortunately, it was apparent that some of these demonstrators were affected by alcohol. This group was supported by participants from the more general demonstration who were incited to join those involved in riotous conduct by a speaker from the official platform.

Police formed a protective line along the perimeter of the Great Verandah which was subsequently forced back to the main doors. The police line was withdrawn from this area due to the level of violence being experienced by officers and was redeployed to an area inside the front doors in support of parliamentary security personnel. This deployment stabilised the situation for a short period. However, demonstrators using increasing force broke through the first line of doors.

Once inside this area, demonstrators used weapons, including a large hammer, a wheel brace, a steel trolley and a stanchion torn from the external doors to break open the internal doors. Simultaneously, a second group of demonstrators used other weapons to break into the Parliament House shop, but were held at the internal doors. The shop was ransacked by demonstrators and major damage was caused by persons who subsequently occupied the area. After some two hours, the demonstrators were finally repelled from Parliament House and driven back onto the forecourt area and, shortly afterwards, they dispersed.

In addition to the events which took place at the front entrance to the building, incidents also occurred on the Members Terrace, the roof of the Great Verandah and the Queens Terrace. There were 197 Australian Federal Police on duty at the start of the demonstration, in addition to the Australian Protective Service officers and parliamentary security personnel. A further 60 Australian Federal Police reinforcements were called out under established contingency plans.

Michael Smith of 2UE has footage of the news reports, which I have uploaded to YouTube for a wider audience. Just look at the disgraceful scenes shown here, and compare with the politeness and respect (barring a few inappropriate placards) on show at the Carbon Tax rally (and we also get to see Combet and Bob Brown plying their trade):


Just one word from this: hypocrisy.

ACM Comment: Australia is run by the Greens

Prior to the last Federal election, Julia Gillard said:

“There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead.”

Just to remind yourselves, here it is on YouTube:

Let’s also remind ourselves what Wayne Swan said on the subject:

HARTCHER: Mr Swan, Julia Gillard has committed the Labor Party to applying a price to carbon, so it is not a question of if, but when.  Can you tell us exactly when Labor will apply a price to carbon?

TREASURER: Well, certainly what we rejected is this hysterical allegation that somehow we are moving towards a carbon tax from the Liberals in their advertising.  We reject that. (source)

Both of those statements are unequivocal. However, at the nauseating photo shoot soon after last August’s election, when Julia Gillard and Bob Brown signed their grubby deal, it was clear who would really be leading the government. And so technically, Julia didn’t tell a lie when she announced her carbon tax this week. She doesn’t lead the government. She has sacrificed all her power to the Greens, and by doing so, must submit to their extremist, anti-human, Marxist environmental agenda that puts the nonsensical notion of “saving the planet” above everything, and more especially, everyone.

The Greens don’t care that you won’t be able to pay your electricity bill. Use less. The Greens don’t care if you can’t heat your home in winter. Wear more jumpers. The Greens don’t care if you can’t afford to drive your kids to school. Walk or take the bus, you evil planet-destroying capitalist. The Greens don’t care that you can’t afford to feed your family. Tough – knit your own yogurt instead.

And now we have the ultimate pointless environmental gesture, a carbon tax for an economy that generates less than 1.5% of global carbon dioxide emissions. What effect will a carbon tax have on climate? None whatsoever. What effect will a carbon tax have on the economy? Too many to list. It will raise the price of everything. Cost: substantial, benefit: zero. But who cares about cost/benefit analyses when we’re “saving the planet”? We have to appease the Greens to stay in power, thinks Julia, so we’d better do whatever they say, because staying in power is more important than doing the right thing for Australia.

Then, of course, there is the ludicrous suggestion that other countries will somehow “follow Australia’s lead”. Yeah, right! Anyone who believes that China and India will look to plucky little Australia and suddenly abandon all their plans for economic growth and start self-flagellating like us is pathologically delusional.

So Australia is the only country on earth where the Greens are in charge, thanks to two idiotic independent MPs, Tony Windsor and “giggling imbecile” Rob Oakeshott, who turned their backs on the wishes of their electorates by cynically siding with the Labor/Green alliance back in August.

If Ju-liar had an ounce of dignity or respect for the Australian electorate, she would call an election on Monday and let the people decide whether they support her volte-face or not. But she won’t. She’s too arrogant, desperately clinging on to power by sucking up to the Greens rather than standing by her principles – that’s assuming she has some, of course, which I very much doubt.

The only glimmer of hope is that the actions of the last 48 hours will so incense the Australian public that the forthcoming tidal wave of public outrage will finish Gillard and her disgraceful government once and for all, just like the ETS finished Rudd.

So make your voices heard. Write to your MPs. Turn out for protest marches. Show the government that it cannot simply steam-roller the Australian people. Let’s get this pointless and inequitable tax consigned to the dustbin of history.

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