Zombie science: the Hockey Stick lives!

No matter how many times it’s killed off, it keeps coming back from the dead. Now it’s Mann-made sea level rise, to go with Mann-made temperature rise:

Return of “The Stick”

See Watts Up With That? for the full press release.


  1. Must be all that viagra. I wonder, will Mann call a physician if his hockey-stick stays erect for more than 4 hours?

  2. The Loaded Dog says:

    It’s “Return of the Living Dead” – and the question is – how do we get it back into the ground?

  3. But wait! The Hockey stick lies, according to NASA-GISS the temperature has plateau-ed for the last decade, whereas Hadley-CRUT shows it has declined in the same period – see http://tiny.cc/you3r

  4. Confusious says:

    According to the latest, that mean today’s reports. The US oceanographic institute ESTIMATES raise of 0.3mm but are actually not sure as apparently the continents still continue to raise due to isostatic adjustment following the end of the last Ice Age some 12,000 years ago! Actually there is a very good chance of sea level decline according to that report as the rising continents generate more volume in the oceans.
    I suspect that such wisdom and solid facts will be far too much to understand for the Bogan Queen and her Court of Charlatans led by Garnaut and entertained by Court Jester & Jet Setter Flannery with their newest kid on the warm block, hot world pin-up girl Anna Maria [snip]… yet another Climate “expert”.

  5. See what a leading German Meteorologist says about Mann’s findings:

    Michael Mann’s Sea Level Story Is “A Quack”

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