Breaking: pissweak Fielding scuttles plebiscite call

A right stunt

Steve Fielding – never has so much hope been placed on someone so incapable of delivering. The lamentable Senator voted Abbott’s plebiscite down, calling it a “political stunt” – I guess you of all people should know one when you see one (see right).

I remember back in the day, when Fielding actually had some sceptical gumption (see here for an example from 2009). Happy to challenge the science, he actually went to the US to discuss it. But now he can’t even bring himself to give the people a vote on a policy that will not only do bugger all for the climate, but about which the Prime Minister LIED before the election.

What a total waste of space. At least he’ll be gone by the end of the week, off to the land of political obscurity, never to be seen or heard of again.

Read it here.


  1. I think you’re being harsh. Fielding prevented the ETS from happening back when it was threatening to be a real policy. He did this by educating himself and stood up to bullying from the government. Yes, he could have voted with the plebiscite but that wouldn’t necessarily have changed things, and it didn’t need to get to the voting stage in order to have a political impact. It’s unlikely that Gillard or Brown will use the line ‘Australians want us to price carbon’ anymore, and the plebiscite issue can be thanked fro that.

    I think Steve Fielding should be respected for the good job overall he has done as a Senator representing a minority party.

  2. Mark from Sydney's North says:

    Nailed it !! Bye bye Senator and thanks for nothing….

  3. Baldrick says:

    Senator Fielding makes a deal with the government …

    • Apparently, Baldrick, Fielding was asked on 2GB yesterday if the Goverment had promised him a cushy job. Watch this space, eh?

      In fact, the thick may be plotter. Further to observations by brc here, Fielding’s current stand bears little resemblance to his solid opposition to the Government and its (and Turnbull’s) ETS in 2009.

  4. rukidding says:

    Do we really want a plebiscite.From what I read a vote in a plebiscite is only voluntary.Knowing how Getup can get 40000 people to watch a fly crawl up a wall.Do we want them shoving down our throat that 70% voted for a carbon tax at a plebiscite.

  5. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    $80 million for a public vote is a hell of a lot cheaper than the billions of dollars a carbon tax will cost the economy.

    What a pity our politicians can’t do simple arithmetic.

    Heck, even in Britain, David Cameron is now finally seeing the light:

  6. I always thought there was something a bit wrong with Family First.

    Then again, I could just as easily write:
    “I always thought there was something a bit wrong with *Insert political party name here*.”

  7. Mad Dog says:

    I think it’s time that everyone faced the reality with regards to the Gillard Governments CO2 Tax. For a start Gillard and Co are refusing to put their Alarmist facts and theories up for scrutiny by the skeptics or anyone else for that matter and that tells me that they have something to hide. The government wants to scare the crap out of everyone with all the hype and hence they are only telling us what they want us to know. ie: keep us in the dark, like mushrooms, and you know what they feed mushrooms. Now, the Scientists who Gillard and Co call Skeptics have their opinions, facts and theories available for anyone and everyone to scrutinize.
    With regards to Mr Fielding IMHO I think he has missed a golden opportunity to support the plebiscite. Although I disagree with his decision he is entitled to his opinion and reasoning. However,should the whole CO2 thing go pear shaped he will have to wear the consequences of his decision.

    • the facts are constantly up for scrutiny…you just illustrate your ignorance in the scientific process by claiming they arent… the science community debate via scientific journals,its the way it has been done since science was invented,…so, if any one wants to join the debate do a science degree…then a masters…then a doctorate…then some field research, then when you have proven you have what it takes, some people of consequence might read one of the papers you have written…no one else…NO ONE…is entitled a place in the debate…its like wanting to skate in the winter olympics after doing one weekend at the local ice rink…i dont understand why people of moderate intelligence dont get that, and why they listen to Alan Jones.Monckton, Plimer as if they have any clue whatsoever

      • a good high school science education is all i need to see how much of a scam all this really is

  8. i’d say someone got in early & greased his palm 😉

  9. When every science institute in the world (other than Irans which is probably where Mad Dog comes from) says that anthropological climate change is real and well upon us and when the IAEA recently comes out and says that the 2 degree increase is now a reality and can’t be changed then perhaps instead of just burying your collective boofy heads in the sand you should do someting. Listening to ill informed people in the denier camp who just love to see themselves on TV is entirely the wrong way to go. You don’t need to panic but you do need to contribute towards getting something done.

    The ozone hole was detected back in the eighties and chloroflurocarbons were banned primarily from fridges etc. (Other steps were also taken of course) As a result the ozone has almost completely recovered. Had this not been done you would sunburn in minutes and there would be multiple other effects.
    So rather than listening to those who are illinformed look into the truth.

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