Monckton oversteps the mark

Not a good look

I have to confess that I have mixed feelings about Lord Monckton as an advocate for the sceptics cause. On the one hand, he has built up a loyal following and his presentations are always entertaining.

But on the other, he comes across as rather eccentric (and this is in no way a criticism, merely an observation, and it is the unfortunate reality that eccentricity can subtract from credibility), a little out of touch perhaps (every PowerPoint slide features an aristocratic portcullis, both unnecessary and alienating), and, of more concern, some of his claims are sitting targets for alarmists.

We had an exchange of emails back in January regarding the baseline year for claims that temperatures had fallen (see here) which ACM viewed as unhelpful. Read the correspondence and form your own view.

But I think my mind has been made up after this latest episode. The climate debate has become even more vicious and personal in recent days and weeks. Only yesterday I posted about Jill Singer’s suggestion that sceptics should gas themselves with carbon monoxide. Richard Glover wrote recently that “deniers” should be tattooed.

And now, sadly, Monckton has confirmed Godwin’s Law and joined in:

PROFESSOR Ross Garnaut has been labelled an eco-fascist by climate-change sceptic Lord Christopher Monckton in a speech in the US.

The Scottish peer, who is scheduled to speak at the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies conference in Perth next week, said Prof Garnaut, the government’s chief climate-change adviser, held fascist views.

Footage of Lord Monckton aired on the Seven Network showed him variously describing Prof Ross Garnaut as having “a fascist point of view”, as someone who expected people to “accept authority without question”.

“Heil Hitler, on we go,” said Lord Monckton in discussing Prof Garnaut, as a quote was displayed beside a swastika. (source)

Now, I agree in principle with the sentiment of all this, but invoking Nazi symbols and references is uncalled for.

The last thing we should be doing is abandoning our standards of conduct towards those with whom we disagree. Let the alarmists call us names and try to silence us, but at the same time, we must try our very best to maintain dignity and rise above the petty schoolyard bullying of the alarmist camp. As Anthony Watts correctly states, this doesn’t help.


  1. Godwin’s law refers to the almost certain probability that any internet discussion will, at some point, feature an inappropriate comparison to Hitler, Nazis or fascism. Godwin’s law does not refer to a public speech wherein a person of undoubted authoritarian bent (such as the arrogant Ross Garnaut) is legitimately compared with other totalitarians. Godwin’s law does not refer to a comment (such as this) which mentions fascists in proper context.
    I defend Lord Monckton’s right to make comparisons, even odious ones, and I defend his right to refer to the contemptible Garnaut with appropriate invective, even if it upset people.

    Quite rare are the times

    when you may think what you like
and speak as you think—

    so Tacitus said,

    and I, for one, will attempt
to maintain that link

    between thought, speech and
the right of free expression
lest all freedoms shrink.

    • If you people know all the damages the Alarmist are doing; the Nzies can only dream about. I find Lord Monkton as ignorant about GLOBAL warming; but him insulting Ross Garnaut is dignifying him. Regading Lord’s prediction of warming by 0,5degree in 100y is just as wrong as Alarmist’s 5-6degrees. Q: if you people believe in the laws of phisics: does the air /atmosphere expend when warms up, for any reason? 2: do you know that: where the atmosphere expends up, is minus -90degrees? A: expension is instant – takes 3,5 seconds to intercept extra apropriate coldnes to equalize – that extra coldness falls somewhere west (because of the fast sppining of the planet) 3: if for any reason all or part of the atmosphere cools – as in lunar eclipse – atmosphere shrinks for few seconde = intercepts less coldness untill equalizes. Part of the atmosphere can get warmer or colder, and always does – otherwise. the winds would stop. The whole atmosphere cannot get warmer or colder for more than few minutes. That’s what the laws of phisics say; that’s what Mitich formula says: EH=AE=ECI (Extra Heat=Atmosphere Expends =Extra Coldness Intercepts) When sceptical person states that 98 or 5BC was warmer = it’s same as our Lord Monkton’s predictions = they all have lots of thin air for harvesting from. Logon our website and get real scientific proofs. See the Alarmist rection whe you point real proofs (any climtologist would like to become honest, you can learn how the big ice age was created and why it finished; and lots of other corect science. Learn the real damages the Alarmist are doing to the climate and humanity, carbon tax is only for laundering tax $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  2. Richard Seale says:

    Please give Lord Monkton the opportunity to moderate his ill-considered associated images and epithets used in his admonishment of the eco-fascist Professor Ross Garnaut. The use of the “fascist” label is appropriate however in observing: “as someone who expected people to “accept authority without question” and this behaviour is documented in Professor Garnaut’s publications. Lord Monkton was incorrect to use a particular political party’s images and emblems in an unfortunate and incorrect manner.
    Godwin’s Law place in history is solidly reinforced. Pity.

  3. Frankly, his comments have left a bitter taste in my mouth. I expect this sort of nonsense from the new-left, but this takes the “debate” to an absolutely new low.

    We ought to confine ourselves to rational scientific arguments. The whole “he’s a socialist” or “he’s a fabian” argument is tired beyond belief. I don’t align myself with the hard right or left. Frankly, sometimes state-based solutions are the answer to a given problem, regardless of left/right politics. Are our arguments this weak that we have to resort to name calling?

    I really have to wonder what Monckton’s goal is. I doubt that courting this sort of controversy is going to help the skeptics cause, and that alone makes me doubt the sincerity of his argument. Is he a plant to discredit skeptics?

    As far as his tour is concerned, he can keep it. I’m glad I hadn’t bought tickets yet…

    • Yes, replying to myself.

      Having calmed down a bit, and having seen Monckton’s response to the whole issue, I see the whole episode in another light.

      I’m once again interested in seeing him on tour (I always liked his well-reasoned arguments) … But I wonder, what sort of response will he receive in Australia?

      When Anthony Watts toured, I was half expecting a crowd of “delightful” greenies to greet him at the venue I attended. But there was nary a protest. I’m guessing there are different plans for Mr. Monkton!

      Do I need to suit up to protect myself? 🙂

  4. Have to agree Simon. I try my level best to not resort to childish name calling or labelling as the pro-AGW theorists has done. When the pro-AGW crowd does this, to me it shows a sign of weakness as they know their entire argument does not stand up to scrutiny. I feel that the sceptical side of the debate doesnt need to resport to such tactics. I feel that the truth of the matter is on our side and time will prove this. To be honest Im really dissapointed by this and will harm others that are associated with his upcoming tour.

  5. Couldn’t agree more.

  6. David Cooke says:

    Yes, the use of a Nazi flag is a corny cliche, and Lord Monckton should have known better. But after all he has done to expose the lies about global warming, we can surely allow him the occasional mistake.

    It’s hardly an exaggeration to call Garnaut a fascist. Fascism is the alliance in government of business interests and the military: almost every modern state is to some degree fascist, whether they call themselves democratic, socialist or anything else. Garnaut advocates using the power of the state – which means, ultimately, armed force – to enforce changes that the people are not going to make willingly. He does this to protect the interests of investors in the ‘sustainable energy’ scams.

  7. I agree. While he didn’t call Garnaut a fascist in the same way Julia Gillard didn’t call Christopher Pyne a mincing poodle, it does no good to bring down the debate to the level the catastrophists have lowered themselves to. I personally like to think the sceptical side has the high moral ground on this issue and Monckton has surrended this on a couple of occasions. Never mind the wording – just one look on a gleeful Tony Jones on lateline last night was all you needed to know. They have leapt on this as a positively delightful development, all the while ignoring the rantings of Glover and Singer which were as distasteful. And that’s without going into the 10:10 films.

    The only good to come out of this is to be able to highlight hypocrisy whenever a rabid warmies tries on the ‘Nazi’ line. This hopefully will be the end of these comparisons on all sides.

    For the record, saying someone has fascist views is not the same as calling them a Nazi. If he had done this without the hitler and swastika, it would probably have gone unnoticed. You just don’t use Nazi refernces in public talks, regardless of your subject matter.

  8. Here I have to disagree with you entirely, Lord Monckton’s presentation was a clear and appropriate analogy to the situation as it currently stands.

  9. This is not a debate over some nice cup of tea. This a one sided assault on our way of life, our daily income and our freedom of speech and the Govenment think that they hold all of the cards. They control the media and what we are allowed to see and hear.
    So please forgive Lord Monckton if he uses the odd nasty phrase or two but he got your attention.

  10. I am in most cases in agreement with you. BUT in Australia today you see the Radical leftist lying Labor government doing everything they can to undermine Australian democracy with demigod propaganda.
    Promoting and encouraging Editorial threats of tattooing or gassing Skeptics, then pretending it was a joke, just like the 10.10 ultra-Violante blow up the sceptics video – This is exactly what happened in Hitler’s socialist Germany and Stalin’s Communist USSR. Lord Monkton was simply showing the similarities. I fear many of your commentator’s are not looking at the context of his comparison.
    Ross Garnet is an viscous, abusive, arrogant SOB who has a nasty habit of the worst kind of put downs, much like a lot of the present Labour government, who treat people with derision and scorn who dare to oppose them.


    It seems to be poorly understood that Hitler was an extreme Socialist and like all Socialist they want everybody else to bear the pain, they will simply oversee it and be rewarded for their foresight!

    “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.” –Adolf Hitler

    (Speech of May 1, 1927. Quoted by Toland, 1976, p. 306)

  11. I am a staunch defender of free speech, and as such Lord Monckton can say what he likes. However, as Lord Monckton is such a well-known advocate for climate scepticism, I believe it is wholly inappropriate to use Nazi comparisons.

    This is precisely the kind of behaviour we condemn in the alarmists, so it is hypocritical to then say it is acceptable from a sceptic. It is a simple case of double standards.

    • Personally, I dont have a problem with what Monckton has said, but by using this analogy in one of his presentations, it is a case of preaching to the choir.
      The important issue is how the mainstream media reports.
      The general public would be unaware of the actual beliefs of the Nazi party outside of the wholesale murder of Jews, and thats what the majority would associate the swastika with.
      The mainstream media in this country has been embarrasing in its reporting of this whole issue. There should have been public denouncing of the recent extreme language of supporters of AGW, but the silence is defeaning.
      However, the MSM will see this as a chance to radicalize sceptics community and you can bet they will go to town on the use of the swastika.

      • Simon, you are defender of freedom of speach – if you talk, others to listen. My grandma always said: you have one mouth but two ears = to listen twice as much if you want to learn. The Alarmists go to Antarctic and Arctic to concoct lies, their friends to use. You are scared to read 99pages on my website; solid proofs. instead of just criticazing the Alarmist – I have our own proofs – that can stop the misleading propaganda. unfortunatly for some of you guys the debate is just a sport. Remember: lots of people are suffering. If you do read what is on my website; you will learn the real damagess that the Alarmists are doing to the climate. Not the Skeptics, but the Alarmist. Obviously you don’t have stomach for real proofs. As I said to the proofreader of Plimer’s book here in the deep north: I know what you know, but you don’t know what I know = therefore I have unfair advantage on you. Napoleon said: succesfful general is the one who knows what the enemy knows. I am your friend and we want same outcome; but the advice is: constantly criticasing the Alarmists is interpreted on the street as: only behind a good horse is lots of dust. English is not my first or second language; you are better articulate in English – analize all the proofs I have on my website and present it to the world. As I said in my book: ”if I cannot proof what the Alarmists promote, now; beyond any reasonable doubt; I will eat my book in front of TV cameras. Active Skeptics are using most of the Alarmist misleading data as facts, then they are trying to proove them wrong… see if the Alarmist can ignore the proofs and facts from me. Anybody arguing against my proofs is arguing against the laws of phisics. Anybody scared of 99pages of real proofs – should give up climate and start to wright poetry, 2 liners. Simon, you have a chalenge.

        • Stefan, I have given you ample opportunity to promote your work here – you have your own blog as well for that purpose. I will read your material when I get around to it. But please be so kind as to understand that comments must be relevant to the discussion. Thanks.

  12. Baldrick says:

    “There is not, now, much value in arguing about the science of climate change. Even if it’s wrong, enough people now believe it that it may as well be right.” – The Age, September 2009

    “What good fortune for governments that the people do not think.” – Adolf Hitler

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      All good dictators know people can’t be trusted to think for themselves…

  13. Ms Singer has made these comments after the Monckton analogy.
    Monckton was not helpful but I do believe it has been off the back of the disgusting abuse and discrimination he receives and to my knowledge does not complain about.
    The media “alarmists” such as Ms Singer, Tony Jones (Lateline), Peter Lewis (Essential Media) and Paul Howes who are so hypocritical that it beggars believe. They all have no qualms to slander and denegrate ANYBODY who has doubts about Global Warming.I know and have witnessed first hand two disgusting personal abuse scenarios directed at Monckton’s facial appearance. I sent written complaints to the media organisation in both cases and request replies as to was this condoned by their station.
    Alas, nothing resulted to what I thought was discrimatory.
    It follows that the highlighting of abuse on the ABC has failed to address it is occurring both ways!

  14. Andy G55 says:

    I wish he had used a green background, instead of red.

  15. While Garnaut can be considered in some parts to have fascist tendancies, Monckton’s nazi jibes are seriously uncalled for. Let the warmists sledge us, compare us to holocaust deniers all they want. They just dig themselves a deeper hole. We must resist the urge for this debate to descend any further into a needless tit for tat.

  16. Christopher Monckton has apologised for his over the top statement. His apology will be printed in the Sun-Herald on Sunday. I have written my opinion here

    As I say in that article, why haven’t Glover, Singer and Farrelly apologised

    He will be touring Eastern Australia soon – everyone should book and see for themselves For dates and tickets

  17. Everyone always gets a bit touchy when Nazis get a mention. Perhaps he should have gone for Mussolini instead – but where’s the powerful image there? A train running on time? A lynch mob? It is unfortunate that a regime with such a masterpiece of marketing/branding is responsible for some of the most atrocious acts anyone could imagine.

    Anyway, as far as I see it, 99.9% of powerpoint presentations are, in themselves, verging on crimes against humanity, one can only hope that Lord Moncktons was not one of these, and was, at least, entertaining.

    It’s also a pity that the media, and now, Tony Abbott, has focussed on this image, rather than the actual argument, but then, we all know which side of the fence the media sits in this debate.

  18. My post on this matter from WUWT.-

    I am upset with Monckton using images such as the Nazi swastika or the phrase “heil Hitler” in his attack on Ross Garnaut, and I certainly hope he eliminates this from his Australian tour. Monckton cannot help the sceptic cause like this.

    That said, Ross Garnaut is a venal and mendacious individual who deserves the unrelenting scorn of millions of Australians for the rest of his sorry existence. Garnaut knowingly lied to the Australian people in support of a carbon dioxide tax that the government has no mandate for. He has accepted significant amounts of tax payers money to lie. He has advocated an unelected committee to control a tax that the citizens are not allowed to have a vote on, so that the citizens have no defence against his lies.

    I do not approve of Monckton’s use of Nazi imagery in his attack on Garnaut. However If Monckton was to refer to Garnaut as undemocratic, fascist, venal, greedy, mendacious, unethical, amoral, scientifically illiterate, arrogant, elitist, egotistical and stupid, I would have no problem with that.

  19. Was it the policy of the National Socialist Party to keep repeating “the Big Lie”?

    Do Garnaut and the warmists do the same?

    Why then is it taboo to compare their policies? Don’t mention the war?

  20. bryan harris says:

    I find it rather odd to attack someone on the same side for using the tactics the alarmists have always used – perspnal attacks and the like….. Sometimes its the only way to get through to these people – its the only thing they understand given that rational discussion does not work.

    So, yes, by all means let us be rational and scientific, but don’t dissasociate from people like Monckton who have raised the game for us all, and demonstrated to a much wider audience the fallacies of those that would entomb us in their own perverted aberrations.

    Without Monckton raising the issues on the global stage, “being noticed”, we’d all be nothing but tiny voices lost in the wilderness, while the arlarmists would be running away with their agenda.

    Now is not the time to attack our friends – save the criticism for those that are really the enemy.

  21. You’re spot on about not stooping to the level of some in the warmist camp. Someone should strongly suggest to Lord Monckton that he tone down his rhetoric lest he lose more supporters than he gains. I am as passionate as the next in opposition to what Garnaut, Flannery, Combet, Brown, Milne and Gillard are doing and I am incredulous that they seem to ignore the obvious economic impact in forging ahead with the carbon emissions tax but there is no room for personal attacks. They have become more common and we have to remember that a democracy should foster opposing viewpoints, not suppress them or turn them into personal attacks.

    Thanks for your work…there are many of us out here and more than Government would like to admit to.

  22. Richard n says:

    Garnaut does demand that people follow the warmist myth and meekly swollow labors carbon tax without question. He is without doubt an egotistical dictator who has ridiculously politicized his public service appointment’. It may have been tactical error to rollout the swazstica image but I have no problems with Lord Monctons fascist label on Garnaut and to anyone else who demands we accept this BS and a carbon tax ruled out by Gillard. Days before the last election.if that is not an assault on the democratic process,what is?p

  23. “The climate debate has become even more vicious and personal in recent days and weeks.”

    It’s very sad it’s gotten to this point! However, I would say it’s mainly because the alarmists/warmists are frustrated they cannot come up with reasoned responses to skeptical questions/criticisms, and so it has mainly degenerated into personal (and sometimes vicious) attacks. In Monckton’s case, I think you’re right that his eccentricity is his main weakness, and is unfortunately weakening us as well in the eyes of the public.

  24. May we all refrain from calling each other “fascists” and “nazis” for the next few weeks, at least! Perhaps this is all just the inevitable fulfillment of Godwin’s Law:'s_law

  25. Monckton’s qualified apology:

    “Let me begin with an unreserved apology. In a recent lecture, I should not have described the opinions of Professor Ross Garnaut, the Australian Government’s climate economist, as “fascist”. I apologize humbly. Will there be similar apologies from those who have called us “climate deniers” or “denialists”, or who say we should be tattooed with our opinions, or imprisoned, or barred from Australia, or tried for “high crimes against humanity”?”

  26. The first thing to know about Christopher Monckton is that he is not a Lord at all…never was or never has been a member of the house of Lords and has no right to use the title…nor is there such a thing as an honorary of non-voting member as he claims, hes a fraud , a riverboat gambler making a motza out of gullible AGW peanuts who pay top $$$ to see a non scientist spruik on a subject.

    • Personally Duncan, i dont care if he isnt a Lord or whatever, he is very knowledgeable, eloquent and has won many debates on the AGW issue against alarmists.

      Which is probably the reason why no-one from the Climate comission or the Australian Govt has enough guts to front up & debate him, they know he will blow holes in their policy and discredit the Govt even further. Bit of a shame that Greg Combet and other labor stooges use Parlimentary privilege to sledge opponents but not openly debate the issues at hand……..oh wait, the science is settled, I forgot.

      • no one will debate him because hes not a client scientist, theres a Symposium on Endovascular Cardiology happening in Sydney next weekend, its not an open floor, you actually have to know be qualified in vascular surgery to attend…if he wants to join the debate theirs nothing stopping him…he can start with a Bachelor of Science ( 3 years) go on to a Msters, Then a PHD (7-10 years) in one of the 15-17 fields related to climate science ,then conduct some research ( another 10-20 years) to become an associate professor, then he might be given some space in the debate ..what dont you get about that…hes a journalist who lies about his peerage and has no qualifications in the area at may as well be lisening to Mosse Mossop (RIP) on the subject

        • Al Gore = not a scientist, yet no one has any issue with him being a spokesperson for AGW. Maybe Monckton & he should debate!

        • Anyway, we all know the issue isnt about the actual science.Monckton must have participated in the public debate at some stage, hence my link to the Oxford debate.Fair enough he isnt a climate scientist, but neither are most of the science team the Govt has put together to spruik a tax and convince Australians that we need a new tax. I would be very happy for him to debate Flannery or Garnaut.

    • duncan – you are expressing something that you probably have heard third hand. Lord Christopher Monckton IS the third Viscount Monckton of Brenchley – dunniecan, it is an hereditary title. So he is a Lord and he has perfect right to use the title.

      Check your facts before you spread bulltish around!

      As to him being a member of the House of Lords, well that is debatable.

      • no he is 3rd viscount etc etc, but not a lord…he can only use the title Lord if is he is a member of the house of lords, a viscount is not a lord by definition… he isnt and never has been a Lord…hes a fraud , proven by the fact that the house of Lords have requested on 3 occaisions that he refrain from using the title and by confirming that there is no such thing as an honorary or non voting” lord….i think you better do your homework

  27. Richard N says:

    If Lord Moncton sees fit to withdraw and apologise for the fascist tag on Garnaut then I will to. I do stand by my description of him as dictatorial and egotistical. Did everyone note how Turnbull raced in with a full blown name calling attack on Lord Moncton last night. It was nothing but a veiled attack on Abbott who met with Moncton last year.Turnbull is just biding his time to topple Abbott and you can bet the first thing he will do is to stick us with a price on carbon. Someone should seek an assurance from him before the next election that he will not introduce a carbon tax or ETS without first seeking a mandate from the electorate.

  28. heres a pretty thorough 5 part debunking of everything that comes out of Mr moncktons mouth. Plenty more where this came from if anyone is interested…but im guessing not

  29. Nick Folkes says:

    Garnaut is a little Hitler and deserves all the verbal abuse he receives. Garnaut is ‘unrepresentative swill’, a total liar and a closet Communist.

    Simon has chosen to take a swipe at Monckton for his recent comments on Garnaut. I’m glad Monckton is making a stand against the eco-fascists. We need more courageous men like Monckton. I believe Simon’s judgment is poor and not warranted.

    It seems it is ok for the left to pass commnets like, “gas the climate deniers”. We are fighting a psychological battle on all fronts and stratas. The left dwell in the gutter so taking the moral high ground and announcing that sceptics won’t return the abuse is immature.

    We need to understand the importance of ridiculing and demonising the climate bed-wetters. They are evil fabricators who seek nothing than less than to destroy our economy. When someone threatens my way of life I will come out fighting which includes the occassion verbal abuse reciprocated at the enemy.

  30. Simon C says:

    Simon, for the first time ever I find myself in disagreement with you. (So much for the recent accusation that ACM is an “echo chamber”). The fact of the matter is that the AGW nutters ARE carrying on like a bunch of Nazi/Communist/”Insert Your Own Totalitarian Ideolgoues here” thugs – there’s the ruthless opression of dissent, the vilification of a class of people (ie sceptics), the complete lack of openess & transparency, the lack of democracy (“there will be no carbon tax under my government blah blah blah”), not to mention the recent rantings by Glover & Singer, which you did acknowledge, that we should be tattooed & gassed. If this behaviour is not nazi-istic I would love to know what is. Another AGW believer, James Valentine, recently used his column in The Australian to tell a sceptic that if they believed carbon dioxide was harmless then they should tie a bag of it over their head and see how that worked for them. Tying a bag over someone’s head reminds me of a scene from the film “The Killing Fields”. Perhaps then Monckton should have compared the AGW crowd to Pol Pot and his merry band of ground zero loonies ? This would actually have been more apt as ground zero is what the Australian economy will be reduced to when Gillard/Garnaut/the IPCC/UN finally get their way.

  31. Bryan Harris says:

    Nick is spot on – totally agree.

    If it wasn’t for Monckton, our side wouldn’t even be getting the aggressive alarmists rattled, as they now are… the more the alarmists come up with abuse and remedies like “gas the deniers” the more we know the attacks against them are being effective – the more they go insane, the more we know we are starting to win.

    I agree we shouldn’t make a habit of sinking to their level, but it is the only debate they really understand, and if it makes a point, then we should occassionally speak to these people in their own language.

    More power to Monckton I say.

  32. While Monckton has recognised that his comments were unsuitable for the discourse on a personal level, and has apologised accordingly, one cannot escape the truth.
    These well meaning Greenies will never see it in themselves, and someone needs to hold a mirror up to them now and again.
    Wrapped up in their righteous & idealistic bubble, most of them just haven’t the perspective or experience to recognise such character traits .

  33. Lord Monckton apologises, yet the warmest still get away with name-calling ie, referring to him as “climate change denier” in the very article discussing his apology. (see the murdoch media)
    I do not see Jill Singer apologising, and her comments had the same connotations… mind you I haven’t looked, maybe she has?

    Talk about double standards…I am so thoroughly sick of the media and their bias, I really think I should just avoid looking at the news, but it is hard to do, much like an impending car crash, you know it will probably end badly, but you cant take your eyes off it…

    • I share exactly the same concerns about Monckton as you do, for what it’s worth – and also I thought PotHoler’s videos were very interesting. However, that’s not an answer to the many peer-reviewed papers that challenge the consensus which are simply ignored by the IPCC…

  34. Simon, Lord Monkton is not perfect; but should Garnaut be treated with respect. People go to jail for stiling $1000. Because of Garnaut &Co, billions of tax $$$$$ are laundered to warmist propaganda. Crime souldn’t pay. It’s time to stop with Garnaut’s ”Carbon footprint” and start preparing for ”Carbon Fingerprinting” the beneficiories from the misleading propaganda. Garnaut & Co know that they are lieng, but they are continuing, because the Sceptics are arguing against each other. Monkton is not a climatologist = he is not a bird and cannot lay an egg; but he can smell when the egg is rotten. Ross is rotten to his bohne marow. Trust me, water changes climate, not CO2. Extra heat in the planet’s atmosphere is not acumulative. Puting the phony GLOBAL warming and constant climate change in the same sentance by Garnaut is for rip-of and totalitarian controll. I would like, you Simon and all people wisiting this blog to know the end result of damaging the ice by ice crusher ships on the polar caps. 2: turning the coal into ash when still in the ground – for badmouting CO2. 3: modefying the methane producing bacteria into bacteria that will inhibit methane. it’s on my website – then Lord Monkton will start to look as a real night in shinig armour. Keep on the good job Simon


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