Daily Bayonet GW Hoax Weekly Roundup

Skewering the clueless

As always, a great read!


  1. A check via the Internet conclusively proved that the best one can expect from Wind farms is something a bit less than 25% of the amount of electricity planned for. This is based on information from all around the world, so there is not any bias involved in this conclusion – a Wind Farm costs far, far more than it is ever going to be worth.
    Now, can someone please do a similar check on solar power.

  2. Confusious says:

    Not if you build the windfarm inside a Labor Party Congress hall……
    With heat exchangers for the hot air produced and methane capture from all that bull….. you will be able to close down ten coal fired powerstations!
    Same applies to any gaggle of Greens….. in that case there is also additional benefit from the opportunity to harnes frictional energy………………….

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