Australia, June 2011: Green Hell

Ruining Australia

I would never have believed it possible. The country that I adopted as my own just eight short years ago has transformed from a healthy, vibrant, prosperous and flourishing society, to a bitter, divided, backward, frustrated mess run by the Greens. They hold the balance of power with two dishwater-weak independents in the House of Representatives, and soon they hold the balance of power in the Senate.

And between them, they are ruining this country, step by step, day by day.

Listen with incredulity to Bob Brown (lovingly reported by the ever impartial ABC, naturally):

Greens leader Bob Brown has guaranteed carbon price legislation will not be repealed despite promises from Opposition Leader Tony Abbott that he would “oppose it in opposition and rescind it in government”.

Senator Brown predicts an agreement on a climate legislation is only about two weeks away – but says it is not going to be a “green outcome”.

The Greens will have the balance of power in the Senate from Friday and Senator Brown says his party will not support any rescission motion – even if the Coalition is in government.

“I can give you a rolled gold guarantee that when and if this package, after all this work on behalf of the Australian people passes our parliament, we will be giving it every guarantee for the future,” Senator Brown told the National Press Club.

“Of course we won’t be supporting a rescission motion by Tony Abbott. This is, of course, central to the Greens.

“While ever we are drawing breath in the Senate we will defend the outcome – unless it can be improved.” (source)

The Greens register barely 10 percent of the vote, and yet here they are, determining the future of our country. Brown isn’t particularly knowledgeable about the Constitution clearly (neither are the ABC, who rush to print his insane ramblings without any critical thought) since there is the Double Dissolution procedure if the Senate fails to pass legislation from the lower house (section 57 of the Constitution). And it is a basic tenet of parliamentary supremacy that no parliament can bind its successors – or had you forgotten that in your mad rush to dictatorial power?

So Bob, just to make this quite clear: no one (except the ABC and Fairfax) gives a flying f*ck what you think. After the next election you will be relegated to the irrelevance that you and your despicable party really are.


  1. rukidding says:

    For all those people who warned us about Agenda 21 and were roundly criticised for it.
    Thank you Billy-Bob for confirming one world government is well and truly on the agenda.
    Australia you have been warned

  2. Baldrick says:

    Well I suppose there is one positive to come out of all this. The Greens will ultimately have their 15 minutes of fame and then after the next election be rescinded to political oblivion for the foreseeable future.
    Australians take note: please be more careful in future voting. A vote for the Greens is not a protest vote – it’s a vote for Communist ideology.

  3. Michael Cejnar says:

    I share your frustration.
    But has Brown thought this through? I suspect Abbott will go to election asking for a mandate to rescind the Carbon Tax. If/when he wins, he will be hoping for Brown to do just that – and defy the electorate so he can get a Double Dissolution with a moral justification, rather than having to struggle with Greens senators for 3 full years.

    • Thats about the best we can hope for…..I had been wondering about the triggers for a double dissolution, if a bill is rejected twice by the Senate, is that enough for the PM to call an election? If its that simple, its probably a given that will happen & then goodbye loons.

  4. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    Bob Brown and his fellow Greens simply don’t understand that the reason Australia has become so successful and wealthy is because of the mining and other energy hungry industries, and cheap fossil fuel energy. But when politicians like Brown start talking policies, which effectively would deindustrialize Australia, it is putting insane political environmental dogma ahead of peoples’ future well being and quality of life.

    Australia became wealthy and healthy because of cheap energy. But now these green fools want to destroy what has been achieved over the last few decades through blood, sweat and tears. And all for what… to bring about the “Green Dream’?

    There is nothing nice about being poor. There is absolutely nothing romantic about living a peasant life. If Brown’s policies ever succeeded, that’s what we can expect.

    Seriously, these insane politicians must be stopped… before its too late!

    How the hell has it all come to this since November 2007, when the country seemed in safe hands and in great economic shape… only to see Australians then hand everything over to Labor, and see a nightmare unfold under the Rudd government that lost its way, and the Gillard government that seems lost in a desert of incompetence and hitching its future on Bob Brown?

  5. Brown Town
    (A tentative attempt at transcription)

    If ya wanna get nude and chain yourself to a tree
    You can always go
    T’ Brown Town.
    If ya hate coal infernos and those Murdoch journos [BoltA insert]
    You can always go
    T’ Brown Town.
    Get a log cabin in Tassie – even learn to be a hippie –
    Make a deal with Labor, be Prime Minister of this countree,
    How can ya lose?
    The lights are much duller there [Korea night shot insert].
    You can forget electricity, forget all yer cares ‘n go
    Brown Town.
    Keep it organic in
    Brown Town
    (No Ray Hadley, for sure!)
    Brown Town
    Everything’s greener for yoooooooooooo.
    Yeah, ya can even live in a cave
    Or maybe waste some more money, grow yer armpit hair,
    keep it unemployed. You know, don’t shower for a while.
    Just chill out. Relax.

  6. Nigel McDougall says:

    I think it’s time to say our prayers. Our once-great country is a lost cause, so maybe St Jude will come to our aid. He is patron saint of lost causes, so let’s adopt him as patron saint of Australia.

    The only hope for Australia is that the independents realize that they backed a dud horse and admit their mistake. Perhaps their instinct for survival will overcome whatever grievance they had with the party they ratted on. They will certainly get turfed out at the next election if they don’t repent for their sins.

  7. If the coalition win the next federal election on the back of campaign against a carbon tax, the Greens will be viewed even more poorly if they reject the recindment of the carbon tax.
    They will be sowing the seeds of their own destruction as they will be going against a democratic result that is likely to show that a majority either done want a carbon tax or dont believe the science or the spin.
    Ideology over democracy……..that will ensure that the next time the Senate is voted on the Greens will be smashed.
    I think a lot of people will be regretting selecting the Greens in the senate, most probably did so thinking they would perform a role similar to the Democrats, and that myth was dispelled as soon as the carbon tax promise was broken.
    Its amazing how the whole country has transformed from an economically strong, politically stable place to a complete mess in the space of 3-4 years.
    Never again should we let these loons control the future of our country.

    • Heard Senator Abetz on the radio this morning.
      He said that he has never seen or heard so many people desperately wanting an election, when the general feeling is usually “not another election”.
      Labour has turned apathy into action by their general inablilty to govern and their subservient pandering to independants and the greens.

  8. Don’t worry, they’ve only got two years left. Then we can dump them and dissolve both houses. Australia is waking up. They’ve got no where to go.

  9. justmeint says:

    The latest catch cry is ‘Double Dissolution’
    and make it happen now!
    I would be all for another election right now if I could see a clear leader with backbone and integrity. Once upon a time – in a Galaxy Far Far Away – nope that’s the wrong introduction, so sorry – let me try again. Once upon a time (yes this is still a fairy story) I really believed the Liberal’s might be the right party for Australia, considering the damage the Labor Party has and is and will be doing for the foreseeable future.

    Then I grew up! You see it matters not which party is in power currently, they all have the exact same agenda, albeit under different posh names. There is the Carbon Tax, the Emissions Trading Scheme and the Direct Action Plan.


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