Julia quotes "the science"


And gets it spectacularly wrong. Hypocrisy Alert as Julia Gillard launches a scare campaign, and then accuses the Opposition of, er, a scare campaign:

JULIA Gillard has invoked a doomsday-like scenario of metre-high sea level rises and a 2000km southward shift of Australia’s climactic [the dumb journo means “climatic” – Ed] zones as she battles an opposition scare campaign over her proposed carbon tax.

Setting the scene for a week of intense debate on the government’s carbon tax – which is yet to be fully detailed – the Prime Minister today returned to scientific arguments for putting a price on carbon.

The move came as Opposition Leader Tony Abbott renewed his now hopeless call for a plebiscite on Labor’s carbon tax, but changed tack by saying he would accept a popular vote if it backed the measure.

Ms Gillard warned of threats to infrastructure, failures of urban drainage and sewerage systems, blackouts, transport disruption and private property damage as temperature rose by between 2.2 and 5 degrees by 2070.

“Now this is a huge change,”  said Ms Gillard, as she again accused Mr Abbott of mounting a scare campaign over prices under a carbon tax.

Where on earth does Gillard get 5 degrees by 2070? That’s total fiction. In fact it supposes a rate of warming of over 2 degrees per century MORE than the absolute WORST estimate of the IPCC (which is 6.4 degrees between 2000 and 2100):

IPCC AR4 WG1 Summary for Policymakers

And a 2000km shift in climatic zones? This is pure, unadulterated nonsense. A metre rise in sea levels? Again, the worst IPCC estimate is 59cm, and with sea levels currently rising by about 3mm per year, it’s probably more like 25cm. More exaggeration and spin.

Keep it up, Julia, your credibility is sinking faster than a Pacific island. Desperation has taken over, and invoking alarmist, hysterical claims like these is like tying a hundredweight of lead shot to your ankle.

This debate (if it could ever be called that) has descended into total and utter farce. At least Abbott’s scare campaign on the carbon dioxide tax is based on some kind of possible future reality, but this is just lies, pure and simple.

Read it here.


  1. Alarmists like Gillard either don’t realise the irony in calling someone out for a “scare campaign” whilst mounting their own in the same breath, or once again take the general population for being extremely stupid. Either way, the ultimate irony of course being that those politicians look even more stupid.

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      warmists/leftists do not and can not comprehend the meaning of the term hypocrisy.

  2. We don’t have time for false claims in this debate Julia. Perhaps she could explain the lack of warming this decade which clearly discredit the models she is basing her claims on.

  3. The Loaded Dog says:

    To the majority of Australians Julia Gillard is nothing but a deceitful liar. So, as far as I’m concerned she should keep telling them about these catastrophic events as predicted by “the science” of CAGW.

    Soon enough the public will become aware of the continued lies..

  4. rukidding says:

    Maybe if the sea level is going to rise by a metre maybe after Julia is finished with the set top box roll out she could provide us all with a boat.:-)

  5. woohooo, does that mean that Sydney is in the climax zone now? how exciting

  6. Baldrick says:

    Let’s not forget Australia’s total contribution to carbon dioxide emissions released into the atmosphere is 0.04%. Even if we went to a 100% carbon dioxide neutral economy, which would effectively make us a third world country, we would make no impact on global temperatures whatsoever.
    The last person to leave Australia, please remember to blow out the candle before you close the door!

  7. I wonder if this one will get dismissed on mainstream TV or papers? The errors are pretty hard to ignore. It’s not 2005 – you can’t just say there’s going to be massive sea level rises any more. People are onto that scam.

    Besides, the obvious question is : by how many millimeters will a carbon dioxide tax reduce the sea level rise?

  8. John of Cloverdale WA says:

    The sky is falling!

  9. Wish people'd see sense says:

    I think it’s the New Zealand Burea of Meterology has a report on the internet that shows sea levels have not risen at all in the last 50 years

    (despite increased co2 emmissions within that 50 years)

    And people, Julia isn’t a lair…she said no carbon tax under a government I lead, when clearly she doesn’t lead at all, this is a government run by Bob Brown

    Not to diminish people claims that Julia is an idiot…that is in fact indisputable

  10. Baldrick says:

    Whilst Julia and Bob are all smiles over their carbon dioxide tax scam, millions of people, including children are being ravaged by drought in Africa:

    Millions of dollars are given each year to the United Nations Climate Fund and wasted on useless ‘climate action’ initiatives whilst children in Africa are starving to death. These global warming alarmists have a lot to answer for. Instead of being provided with rice they’ll receive a compact fluorescent light globe to help combat climate change – trouble is they have no power.
    Save the planet – kill the humans!

    • But wait, they’ll blame the drought on climate change, and they can sleep soundly again. See, they’re trying to help you!

  11. Russell Good says:

    Whilst the speech is outside in the street, they are sneaking in the back door. It’s all a charade to keep the sheeple distracted whilst theyre ransacking your house, and the opposition load the getaway van. Who would Juliar choose to have cocktails with. You or Tony Abbott?

  12. Graham Richards says:


    Nothings changed!!

  13. fred nerk says:

    http://carboncapitalist.com/chicago-climate-exchange-set-to-close-what-went-wrong/ What price Carbon Ju-liar 5cents a tonne you stupid ?

  14. justmeint says:

    What debate… there was none is none and never will be a debate. The Green / Labor government is following the rules as laid out by the United Nations IPCC. Julia got her scare tactics facts wrong… Oops….. however all she has done is to prove once more she does not know what she is talking about… science? what science? Prime Minister, which Prime Minister?

  15. Andrew McRae says:

    Am currently watching the Senate live broadcast.
    Very much wanting to punch the screen in rage.
    Wongbot is responding to a carbon tax question right now, and in stark contrast to this article in the Australian, she said “Unlike those opposite, we will not be running a scare campaign”.

    Haha, oh, wait, that’s not funny.

  16. Richardn says:

    How utterly ridiculous this whole farce has become. What the he’ll does this warmist clown think reducing Australia’s measly CO2 output will do even if you bought the AGW fairy tale lock stock and barrel. Logic has been superseded by soothsaying and fear mongering and our fearless leader has been passed the crystal ball and she ain’t afraid to use it!

  17. gyptis444 says:

    Australian political history will record the carbon tax as the most irrational act of the worst, most incompetent and dishonest government in living memory.

    Yes, they will try to bribe us with “generous compensation” but I have confidence in the commonsense of Australians who will not forgive the lies, the inflation, the increased cost of living, the loss of jobs and the increased unemployment that this new tax will cause.

    We need a referendum, or failing that an election so that these traitors can be sacked. Ultimately we need a Royal Commission to untangle the machinations behind ‘climate science consensus’.

  18. “JULIA Gillard has invoked a doomsday-like scenario of metre-high sea level rises and a 2000km southward shift of Australia’s climactic zones. . . .”
    Perhaps Juliar means “climacteric”.
    Is she hiding something? 😉

  19. Neil Fisher says:

    Don’t forget “No government I lead will introduce a carbon tax” every time you hear “The price of petrol will not increase because of the carbon tax”. Fool me once, shame on you – fool me twice, shame on me.

  20. John Haydon says:

    If carbon is so clearly a cause of global climate change why cannot any proponent explain the way it causes the problem.
    I am surprised at the ongoing display of steam as pollution (it is actually an equally potent green house gas – but nobody discusses that), while we all know that plants grow best in green houses which all have enhanced CO2 levels.
    If there is climate change (and this is probable as it has been occurring throughout the past) then the pragmatic path is adaptation when there is evidence of the need to do so – which is not yet.

  21. Col Dee says:

    In the good word of our Divine Creator [snip – enough. No creationist nonsense here please]

  22. Trevor Judge says:

    I do get the feeling that the funds raised by the Carbon Tax are are simply to be used as a bribe at election time – under the guise of a ‘green’ initiative. This dishonest government will have millions to give away.


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