Petrol exemption in doubt – already

Sorry, don't believe you

No-one listens to Julia Gillard anymore. Whatever she says, her words are meaningless.

“There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead.”

And soon we will have a carbon [dioxide] tax. Just a few days ago she announced that petrol would be permanently exempted from the tax. Did we believe her? No, because we cannot trust a word she says. And as expected, doubts are being raised about that claim:

Greens Deputy Christine Milne and independent MP Tony Windsor say it is impossible for the Government to promise a carbon price will never be imposed on fuel.

The two MPs, both members of the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee which agreed to exclude fuel for motorists from the tax, both say governments and circumstances change in politics.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard said yesterday that fuel for private motorists, tradespeople and small business would not attract the tax and the exclusion would be permanent.

Senator Milne said the 17 per cent of Australia’s greenhouse emissions that come from transport must be “dealt with”.

“In politics you never say never, ever, ever – look what happened to John Howard with never a GST,” Senator Milne told reporters at Parliament House. [When will they stop digging a hole with the GST analogy? Howard took that decision to an election – Ed]

“We are going to have to get people to move off oil, electrify the transport fleet, invest in public transport – all of those things are not going to happen without policy frameworks and price drivers.”

The exemption is seen as a win for independents Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott, who argued country people do not have alternative transport available so would be stuck paying the tax – estimated to be six cents a litre on a $25 a tonne carbon price.

But Mr Windsor told AM nothing is certain in politics and that includes the future of the tax.

“A future government might want nuclear energy as well so you can’t rule out anything. Anything can happen in politics,” he said.

But Climate Change Minister Greg Combet insisted the exclusion is permanent.

“We’ve excluded petrol from the carbon price arrangements and the Prime Minister has made it clear that it’s excluded for the future as well,” Mr Combet told AM. (source)

Sorry, Greg, Julia and the rest of you. WE DON’T BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU SAY ANYMORE.

Trust lost is not easily regained. And the Greens will make sure motorists suffer. They are just one of a long list of groups of ordinary Australians that the Greens hate. Actually, let’s not beat around the bush, they hate all of humanity.


  1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that they hold to their word on this one. What they’ll do instead will be to impose major tolls on roads, parking restrictions, car insurance, registrations, etc, so that while their won’t be a direct tax on fuel, they’ll still get their 30 pieces of silver and make the motorists suffer.

    Also remember that the manufacturers, distributors and retailers will still be copping increased costs through power and the like which will be passed on. No direct tax on fuel does NOT mean that fuel prices won’t increase.

  2. Baldrick says:

    You’d have to be a fool to believe this mob when they say petrol will be exempt. The problem is the Australian people just don’t believe JuLIAR anymore, no matter what she says and once you’ve lost the trust of the voters, your days are numbered.

  3. I just can’t wait for the field day Abbott is going to have over these comments from the independents. I suspect his words will match yours very closely.

  4. They back track on that one and nothing will save them. They will feel the wrath of the people.

  5. Your Australian politicians are even less able than our Canadian politicians. This is no small achievement. Congratulations! I guess!

    Here we just throw away the money on wind and solar plants — ruining farmland and neighborhoods.

  6. This was spun as a $2 billion windfall for voters. If that is true, then Tony Abbott will deliver an $11 billion windfall for voters by ditching the tax altogether.

    Madness to say that fuels won’t be taxed. Almost as mad as the Greens insistence that electric vehicles will replace the existing fleet. With no coal fired power stations, and no petrol cars, there will be an awful lot of people sitting at home waiting for the wind to blow and sun to shine so they can drive to work, and they better hope their work doesn’t involve more than 100 km a day of driving.

    Electric vehicles will always be a small niche in the overall transport mix. Even if diesel were phased out, large transport vehicles would run on LNG, of which there looks to be no shortage.

  7. rukidding says:

    Maybe the MSM could ask Ms Milne what year she expects to see the electric B double hit the road.The best we can get so far is 100 K out of something the size of a shoe box.
    How many ton of batteries would you need to operate a road train.20 ton ?

  8. I love the way that Gillard is trying to make mileage out of one area that the tax will effect. Its classic comedy stuff.
    If she thinks attacking Abbott about fuel not being included is going to win her points she is sadly mistaken.
    The fact is it is the whole tax issue where she has no credibility.
    Hypocrisy again, what a surprise.

  9. Been traveling since 16, can’t say that I know much, but one thing I know is that you don’t have to trust anyone, but you have to trust yourself, and you can’t lose faith. Now we all love this nation, so do you trust Australia? If you do, there is hope! I believe in Australia, and all of us!

  10. justmeint says:

    Think they might consider imposing a driving distance type tax? kind of pay as you go! Every car in Australia to have a meter installed like a taxi! then a quaterly road useage tax will be imposed. A true user pays system. It should encourage us all to use public transport – but hang on a minute there is virtually no public transport in Tasmania…. better import those useless camels from the Alice.

    An honest politician is an oxymoron…… mighht just as well reverse everything they say as soon as it leaves their facial orifice… they say YES they mean no and vica versa.

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