Fenbeagle on Gillard, Bolt and ACM

Fenbeagle is a truly wonderful political cartoonist from the UK, who has been exposing the lunacy of climate policies and wind power (and particularly those of Energy and Climate Change secretary Chris Huhne) in a series of unique and highly amusing cartoons. Today he has turned his attention to Australia:

Gillard v Bolt

Fen also grabs a quote from ACM (blush):

Fame at last!

See the whole thing here, and add Fenbeagle to your bookmarks.


  1. justmeint says:

    absolutely brilliant…. YEP more please

  2. andyscrase says:

    I really did like “Emperor Minging” (Herman von Rompuy) with his palace, but you have to be a rapid Eurosceptic to really appreciate that.

  3. Could that necklace be from the Strangler Fig Tree?

  4. Mr. Beagle, the picture with the bears and wind turbines together is worth more than 10 000 words. I’m asking for your permission, to let me paste it on my blog. P.s: come down under, we need optimistic Sceptics. Get out of the Pomgolian blizards! England will become hospitable for pollar bears soon. The naked Emperor doesn’t need clots in tropical OZ. Leacky boats go south on monday, thrsdays and any other day. In Cyclone season not recomended. Thanks to Simon for introducing me to your blog.

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