Gary Johns dumps on the Greens


If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas, so the saying goes. Which is exactly what will happen to Labor in their cosy agreement with the Greens. Former Labor MP Gary Johns launches a stinging attack on Labor’s alliance party, ridiculing their claim that they would eventually usurp Labor:

The Greens, by contrast, will never defend humanity against nature. Brown regards humans as tellurians, inhabitants of the earth, along with plants and animals. The Greens care little for our most important gift, our intelligence, or for our most important human achievements, such as our families and our nations. On these grounds, the Greens can never be a mainstream party.

Picture Brown’s address to (his recently mooted) United Nations of all People. “Tellurians of the world unite!” He gets no further because a Chinese guard drags him off stage as a dangerous environmentalist and gay activist.

Bob, in the parliament of the world, China has the numbers.

The Greens will consume the good upbringing that family brings, the immense wealth, health and comfort that human ingenuity brings, and the political stability that nation states bring, but they will never defend them.

They may support wind, wave and solar technologies, but when tough decisions have to be made about more people and the energy and resources they will require, the Greens always duck for cover and wish there were fewer people.

Brown rails that Australia’s uranium may “turn up as deadly radioactive materials in Japanese fish and lettuce” and that “80,000 people have been evacuated from [Brown’s demented construct] the Fukushima-Australia uranium contamination zone”. He seems to forget that 10,000 people were killed by nature, none so far by the human-created radioactivity.

The Greens are always against war, but some wars are necessary. When push comes to shove the Greens will never defend democracy against fascism or communism, Islamism, or indeed a resource-hungry foe. They will never make the required investment in defence. Theirs is an undergraduate debate about “guns or butter”.

The Greens delight in the threat of global warming. They delight in stopping the genius of capitalist economic development in the service of humanity. In the face of environmental threats they retreat and hope they can turn off the machine.

Labor toys with population policy, it toys with gay marriage, it toys with euthanasia and it toys with animal rights. But if, at the margin, there is a choice to be made between people and nature, it will, if it knows what is good for it, remain wedded to a human conception of history.

If it wanders down an anti-humanist path in search of green votes it risks its major-party status. Be wary, comrades: environment in the service of humanity, yes; the rest of the Greens’ anti-humanist agenda, never. (source)



  1. Lew Skannen says:

    Guns or butter? Even that is a major dilemma for the greens. Butter coming from exploited cows and all…

  2. Of course the greens won’t defend Australia from communism. That would result in civil war within the party.

  3. Baldrick says:

    One only needs to look at the economy of California, the 8th largest economy in the world, to see what vision Bob Brown has for Australia. The problems facing that basket-case economy are well documented and made immeasurably worse with the introduction of ‘green’ policies like the Global Warming Solutions Act. California has an anti-business climate that drives business elsewhere and it has an array of some of the highest tax rates and electricity costs in the US.

    The Australian Greens want to increase Australian taxes too – just like the Californian greens. Here are some of the new taxes the Australian Greens want:
    – increase the company tax rate to 33 per cent
    -.a new personal income tax bracket of 50 per cent
    – bring back death duties through what they call an estate tax
    – a Tobin tax on foreign currency transactions – even though such a step will increase the cost of finance and flow on to mortgage interest rates, small business loans and industry borrowings
    – tax family trusts as companies
    – road congestion taxes
    – the reduction or elimination of personal and business tax concessions, such as the fringe benefits tax
    – increased tariffs on imported four-wheel-drive vehicles
    – a higher resource rent tax (mining tax)
    – and of course their favourite, a ‘pollution’ (carbon dioxide) tax

    Is it any wonder why the Greens are called anti-people, anti-business and anti-economic growth.

    • Heaven knows where Baldrick gets his economic in depth opinions from.
      Probably from fox news–seeing that organisation also has great difficulties in describing reality when the IRS enquires–where they
      [murdochs] might pay tax.

      The public record is pretty clear with California–‘AAA ratings existed throughout all sectors until Reaganomics’.

      source–Arnold Schwartznegger–(re-election California Governor)

      So if baldrick and gary johns want to tell you about ‘ the genius of capitalist economic development (in the service of humanity) then could we include that the majority of American voters would far prefer their tax money back.

      You profit from the services of the state then you can contribute; not change the law and evade detection.

      Reagonomics for the uniniated is ‘creative accounting’–or criminal fraud if you prefer the fox variant.

      Enron is perhaps the best known–assets simply didnt exist–but as many discovered– share trading and commissions do.

      John Howard and the Telstra 2 float pulled the same stunt–when they sold you loan debts as prospectus assets.

      Far less know is the Californian Savings and Loan Bank ‘scandal’–when the directors declared ‘they did not know where a trillion dollars of funds had gone’.

      Not a single depositor was re-imbursed.

      These directors then of all things became US Treasury officials under Reagan’s presidency.

      Australian corporates pay less than 8%–CIA handbook , IRS investigation Lowry and Murdoch April 2011.

      • Baldrick says:

        mcpherson robert, California’s current credit rating is ‘A-/Negative’ and there is no other state in America that has a WORSE credit rating than California. Read it for yourself:
        … and no, I don’t want my tax money back, but I will protest the point if I have to pay a carbon dioxide tax that will do nothing for the environment and kill or economy. Nough said!

        • Baldricks comments are without logic.

          To repeat –Reagonomics looted California’s economy.
          [like it or lump it–its fully recorded].

          Perhaps he might be more keen on discovering why the Global warming Solutions Act was required.

          California receives all of Japan’s industrial pollution
          about five to seven days fter its generation..
          Perhasp baldrick will take it upon himself to tell business and home-owners that the crap that eats their homes and buildings, and makes the water exhorbitantly expensive to make ‘fit for human consumption’ isnt really happening–because the media told him so.

          I wonder if he really thinks industries only emit carbon too–
          seeing the population wouldnt know according to his sources?

  4. What’s all this nosense regarding the Green’s defending us from communism ? Go have a look at the aims of the Fabian Society (of which PM Julia Gillard is a long-time senior member) and then take a second look. The current ALP operates as a socialist movement, and the current socialist just follows the Fabians and one can’t get any closer than the name change, to being a communist !

    • jesus geoffrey–what cave do you dwell in.

      communism is maintained by an army–socialism is that privilege doesnt create Work Choices.

      a fair divide if youve ever worked…

  5. Hi, I am from Melbourne.
    I read this essay in the Oz today. It was basically just a stringing together of the usual right-wing cliches re the state of the world altogether in 2011.
    [snip – irrelevant]

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