Abbott: ad campaign is "taxpayer-funded propaganda"

More spin

Labor uses taxpayer funds to push a policy that isn’t even enacted into law. The guidelines for government advertising state:

“governments may legitimately use public funds for information programs or education campaigns to explain government policies, programs or services and to inform members of the public of their obligations, rights and entitlements” (source – thanks to Baldrick)

But this is neither information nor education of a policy, it’s party-political propaganda intended to mislead the public, as Tony Abbott commented today:

Touring the marginal western Sydney seat of Lindsay, Mr Abbott described the ads as taxpayer-funded propaganda that did not tell the full truth.

“If the Labor Party wants to advertise, the Labor Party should find the money and the Labor Party should spend the money,” he said in the western Sydney suburb of Penrith.

“Taxpayers should not be ripped off to fund political propaganda.” (source)

As I posted earlier, the one thing that won’t even be mentioned in Labor’s adverts for “climate action” is the climate.


  1. Harry Buttle says:

    $25 mil of our money to try to convince us to support a tax that we are going to get regardless of if we support it or not.

    That is a party political, not an information campaign.

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      This is TYPICAL of Gillard and her arrogant government treating us with utter contempt.

  2. I have seen one of these ads. It is not informative at all. It is purely emotive. Information campaign, I think not.

  3. Baldrick says:

    More lies Julia?

    JULIA GILLARD (2007): It seems every week there’s a new advertisement, a new piece of propaganda for taxpayers to fund.

    JULIA GILLARD (2007): I’m always worried when the government takes taxpayers’ money and uses it for its own politics, to try and save its political hide.

    “There will be no political advertising under the Government I lead”.

  4. Rick Bradford says:

    It’s illegal — someone should sue the government.

    • Sling Blade says:

      Exactly so- the government can only spend taxpayer money on policies already in effect- therefore these ads are illegal.

  5. Sensible says:
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