Quote [Lie] of the Day: Julia Gillard


Explaining why she formed an alliance with the Greens after the election in 2010:

Ms Gillard said she could have become Prime Minister by forming a deal with conservative independents Tony Crook and Bob Katter, but she chose to ally with the Greens and accept their demand for carbon pricing because she believed it was right.

“In the 17 days (after the 2010 election) I had discussions with a lot of people – with the Greens, with (Rob) Oakeshott, (Tony) Windsor, (Bob) Katter, even some discussions with (WA National Tony) Crook. I thought it was always going to be possible for us to structure arrangements so that we would get support in this parliament,” she said. (source)

So despite the fact that Gillard:

  1. had promised the electorate just days before that there would be “no carbon tax under the government I lead”, knowing full well that government with the Greens would mean bowing to their demand for urgent climate action (as revealed by Adam Bandt yesterday);
  2. had opposed Kevin Rudd’s introduction of the ETS in 2009;
  3. could have formed government with Bob Katter and Tony Crook (allegedly); and
  4. is on record as having described the Greens as “extreme” and “not a party of government”,

she chose to ignore all of those points and, er, form a government with the Greens – “because it was right”???

So, Julia, are you lying now or were you lying then? Lies, lies and yet more lies. It never ends.


  1. let’s face it , she’s lost ALL credibility
    ( not that she ever had any after her low stick the knife in kev’s back trick )

  2. Sling Blade says:

    Are you sure she’s not a Democrat?

  3. Toscamaster says:

    Next thing you know she’ll be offering blocks of land at Alice Springs to all comers at bargain prices.
    She’ll guarantee that everyone who takes up her offer will have a 360 degree sea view.
    The only proviso is that you must “believe” in man-made temperature rise.

  4. Baldrick says:

    What is it with the words “Gillard” and terms like “support slumps” – “record low” – “popularity plummeting” – “most unpopular” – “broken promise” – “approval dwindling”, they seem to go hand-in-hand.

    Perhaps we can coin a new phrase in Australia –
    “That guy’s a Gillard”
    “I was sold a Gillard on that deal”
    “If you don’t study hard enough you’ll grow up being a Gillard”.

  5. Excellent B!

  6. Trevor Otjen says:

    “I want my tax dollar back”. If they are going to try and brainwash me with bias adds on climate change, then I want my money back. Give me adds on Direct Democracy like Switzerland and we would be able to phone/internet vote on this stupid carbon tax. We are well informed on the Carbon Dioxide myth via the internet. We are not stupid. We are the Beta test for the world. Yet, it matters not that we have clearly told the government we do not want this tax; but, they care NOT what we think. We need to change the way we allow poiticians to govern. We Need Direct Democracy

  7. The Loaded Dog says:

    So despite the fact that Gillard:…

    Nice. Four points of cross examination that completely discredit this utterly hopeless LIAR. She is completely unbelievable and has been totally discredited. Every time she opens her mouth she digs herself further and further into the sh*t. Only a FOOL would believe anything she says.

  8. Im so proud of Tony Abbott holding the line. Its no wonder that he is saying no to a lot of the Govt plans, they realise that they are really plans of the Greens
    I cant get over that Gillard has sold her soul to get one seat in the house of reps so a minority party can get their hands on the levers of power.

    12% does not represent enough support to make sweeping changes to our economy for no difference to the climate. But as we are all realising, its no longer about that, its about their social engineering agenda, and always has been.

    Sooner this is all turfed out the better.

    Im going to hear Monckton tomorrow night, should be even more interesting given the events of the past few days.

  9. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    Julia Gillard is supposedly a lawyer by profession. It therefore puzzles me how this woman, therefor, could have committed such a gross error of judgement by “going green” and adopting a carbon tax, which, at the time, she had only just recently rejected days before the election.

    Since then, she has attempted to lie about her carbon tax lie… she has spun a number of stories about the carbon tax… she has given too much spin.

    The reality is that Gillard has insulted the Australian people… there is no doubt about it. And, consequently, must go!

  10. Actually, Julia has just had backbone (maybe you wouldn’t understand) and guts to do what’s right. Not to run from the truth screaming nonsense.

    • LOL Rob. You crack me up.

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      You’re a Doctor right?

      tee hee….

    • So Dr, you cant see from the evidence presented that she has sold her soul to keep power. Its akin to the coalition inviting One Nation to have a free hit to allow the coalition to hold onto power.

      Could you seriously imagine the reaction of the left if that ever came to pass.

      If they think that the reaction at the moment is hysterical, that pale into insginificance if the boot was on the other foot.

    • Sling Blade says:

      No, she spouts nonsense in an calm tone of voice.

  11. Graham Richards says:

    The repeated SNAFU is fast approaching FUBAR status.


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