Gillard government's "carbon-track mind"

The wrong way…

The Gillard government’s obsession with pricing carbon is not only bad for Australia because of the damage it will do to our economy for no benefit whatsoever, but also because it is such an all-encompassing distraction from the myriad other problems with which the government should rightly be dealing.

Let’s just think of a few other disasters-in-waiting that would benefit from a bit of focus:

  • NBN – forgotten
  • boats – forgotten
  • health and education – forgotten
  • infrastructure – forgotten
  • possible second GFC – forgotten
  • interest rates – forgotten
  • [in fact, insert any other area of government responsibility you like here] – forgotten

Gillard and her government have a “carbon-track mind” – in their crusade to lead the world and impose a crippling carbon price on a naturally emissions-intensive economy, they have slipped into a quasi-religious trance and are suffering from acute tunnel vision which prevents them from seeing anything beyond this one dangerous path.

For the government to let a single policy area, no matter how important it believes it to be, dominate the agenda to the detriment of everything else is irresponsible and incompetent.

This government has not only lost the support of the people, it has completely lost its way.


  1. what about the environment – I do want to see it protected, but not at the expense of human life….. which is quite possible if those who loose jobs, homes, livlihoods etc … sink into depression, as is possible and predictable, mass suicides… rates will climb and the Government should be held responsible. Put them on warning now WE WILL sue you! YOU WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE.

    Meanwhile look at the trees, they are in the news once again:

    Because plants absorb CO2 as part of their metabolism, the greater the forest, the more CO2 is removed, and the impact of global climate change is decreased.

  2. Graham B says:

    Certainly the government has “lost its way”.

    I wonder how long it will be before we have a new labor leader saying exactly that and they are “now listening to the people” and are rethinking their imposition of the Carbon Dioxide Tax in the light of the worsening world economy. Hey, that sounds really plausable!

    In recent appearances I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more disheartened Greg Combet peddling his toxic tax as required by his leader.

  3. Richard N says:

    You can drop stopping the boats from that list Simon. Bob Brown is working hard to stop those boats. (The ones carrying our coal to China that is.)

    • The Greens also want to stop the ‘other’ boats, dont worry about that. They just wont come out and say it as they know it will not play well in the media and also to the bleeding heart, inner city greens & labour left supporters.

  4. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    And don’t forget the mining tax on the ‘super profits’ of coal and iron ore! That is also going to be a mother of all battles for the Gillard government!

    Have you noticed how the policies of the Labor government always seem to have a negative effect on Australia… as though we have all done something wrong, and the government must punish us in some way?

    The Rudd government lost its way after three years. So what is Gillard’s excuse for losing her way in just one year?

    • Rick Bradford says:

      Leftists policies always cause damage, because they are based on emotion rather than reason (and nearly always from negative emotions like rage and envy).

      Thus the carbon tax is ‘punishing polluters’ (the successful companies who are targets of their rage) and redistributing the wealth to the less successful. It’s the politics of destruction, which is what the Left is best at.

      It’s a very unhealthy way to make policy.

  5. Baldrick says:

    Just what has Julia done successfully in the 12 months she has become Prime Minister:

    – Lied to the electorate on the carbon tax – YES
    – Made a deal with the devil (The Greens) – YES
    – Made policy on the run … East Timor/Malaysian solution – YES
    – Crippled our live cattle export to Indonesia – YES
    – Gave us another tax – ‘flood levy’ because the kitty was empty – YES
    – Wants to tax further our only economy saving industry by introducing a Mining Tax – YES
    – Wants to make our industries uncompetitive with a carbon tax – YES
    – Wants to implement massive economic reform with no mandate – YES

    … I feel sick already!

  6. Joe Public says:

    GFC2 should be top of your list.


    Julia would be on a sure winner if she taxed her and her followers Crap!

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