Arrogant Combet to plough on with carbon tax

Contempt for the electorate

Poor Greg. He’s got no choice of course. Blackmailed by the Greens into taking urgent action on climate change (thanks Adam Bandt for that bit of intelligence), Labor has the unenviable choice of either:

(a) abandoning the most unpopular tax in Australian history quickly, losing the Greens’ support in parliament, thereby precipitating an early election… which they will inevitably lose; or,

(b) forcing through the most unpopular tax in Australian history, and then having to survive until the next election… which they will, er, inevitably lose.

They’ve plumped for the second option and you have to admit Combet is playing the part well, with plenty of huff, puff and bluster and swagger (none of which he probably believes himself), and in the process managing to alienate even more of the electorate – if that were possible – with his play-acted arrogance and conceit:

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet has lashed out over criticisms at how long it’s taking the public to warm to the carbon tax.

It’s two weeks since the federal government released the long-awaited details of its carbon price, and the polls are still indicating a lukewarm response. [“Lukewarm”? More like freezing your nuts off – Ed]

Asked if the government will be forced to rework the tax or consider alternatives if support doesn’t pick up, Mr Combet gave an exasperated response.

“Give us a break will you, God, this is such rubbish,” he told Network Ten on Sunday. [Does he mean the tax or the question? – Ed]

“The detail (of the carbon price) has been out for two weeks. There has been months of deceitful, misrepresentative campaigning by (Opposition Leader) Tony Abbott, supported by some others.” [Which is of course nothing compared to the deceitful, misrepresentative campaigning by the Government on the carbon tax – see the Eight Lies – Ed]

He insisted the government won’t waver on its plan to price carbon at $23 a tonne starting July 1, 2012.

“The government is going to stick to its guns here.

“We will continue to explain this to people, in particular that the price impacts are modest.”

As always, they think that the public is plain stupid, and just by explaining it more they will learn to love the tax. But they won’t. You can’t polish a turd. And the carbon tax is a turd alright…


  1. If Combet didn’t go around calling people deniers, I might actually feel sorry for him. It is plainly obvious that he doesn’t like the task he has been assigned and as a former union boss, he’s going to end up costing some workers their jobs.That can’t go down too well with him.

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      If your theory is correct he doesn’t give a STUFF about the workers and he’s sold them out, which makes him a disgrace…

  2. yes this coward, gutless slug, carbon combet and bill shorten both union heros would have to be the greatest SCABS of all time. these parasites are never, ever to be trusted and I also include that filthy scumbag paul howes and all the other shit in there amongst it. anybody seen shorten’s mother in law gg ms bryce…

    • So tell us what you really think Ryan. If you are a union member you would be pretty pissed off by now. Who ever heard of a union leader cheering the loss of jobs?

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      Absolutely Ryan. Nail on the head. See my comment above to Climate Nonconformist. These mongrels are total sellouts. In fact SCABS is the correct Union terminology as you say.

  3. The latest Newspoll, according to this morning’s Australian, shows support increasing for the carbon tax. This is a worry. Perhaps these people (Combet Shorten etc) know something about the Australian psyche that most of us don’t – People, apparantly will accept any lie, any distortion, like a bunch of sheep, if its repeated often enough .

  4. Baldrick says:

    Interested how Combet and Gillard have been left holding the carbon tax baby, fronting the media. To where has Chairman Brown, the smiling assassin and his trusty side-kick Milne disappeared?

    Perhaps their low profile has something to do with trying to gain support for the tax and not increase voter backlash.

    • To where has Chairman Brown, the smiling assassin and his trusty side-kick Milne disappeared?

      Perhaps their low profile has something to do with trying to gain support for the tax and not increase voter backlash.

      SO lets poke Brown and his cronies hard enough so that they will have to come out from under their rocks and spit and the public. Brown hates to be attacked…. he fights with all claws out…..

  5. Combet will end up making himself incredibily unpopular by being the spokesperson for the labor party on this issue.
    Tony Abbotts relatively low approval ratings show that if ministers can be hard & tough then that can dog them later in their political career.
    A lot of workers will remember Combet being front & centre at the MUA protests back in 98 and the workchoices issues a few years back. Now, he is going to throw all that goodwill away on a pipedream to support a dysfunctional PM.

  6. gyptis444 says:

    How does Combet explain this?

    Click to access paper_540.pdf

    Spread the word! WE now have sea-level-gate.

  7. Chris Doyle says:

    Why doesn’t “The Online Estimator” allow for families who do not get Gov’t Assistance. We have a mortgage, 2 dependants pay school fees, feed & clothe them, have bills to pay BUT do not get Gov’t assistance.
    Therefore, why do we have to pay for carbon tax??

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