Few voters taken in by carbon tax bribe

Slightly less bad

It appears that a few Australians have fallen for the carbon tax propaganda over the last couple of weeks, lifting support for Labor by a couple of points. I guess that was inevitable: a small number of wavering voters were waiting for soothing words from the Government, and they got them. This isn’t the massive bounce Labor needs to get back into contention, that’s for sure:

VOTERS have warmed slightly to the carbon tax after two weeks of Julia Gillard wearing out her shoe leather selling the plan’s compensation package across Australia.

Support for the carbon tax rose six percentage points to 36 per cent, after sitting at 30 per cent for almost three months, according to the latest Newspoll survey.

The Newspoll, conducted last weekend exclusively for The Australian, found opposition to the carbon tax fell from 59 per cent to 53 per cent amid a government advertising campaign.

This is the first major poll since the $15 billion package was announced that has shown any improvement for the Gillard government.

Voters still overwhelmingly oppose the tax, but a shift in sentiment among men and young people, who were previously the least impressed with it, has offered some hope to the besieged Prime Minister.

Labor’s electoral support and attitudes to Ms Gillard have lifted slightly from historically low levels in the past two weeks, but there is no real statistical improvement overall. Dissatisfaction with the Prime Minister’s performance remains unchanged at a record high. (source)

And now the unions are forming an unlikely alliance with big business in opposing the tax:

ONE of the nation’s biggest trade unions has turned on the Gillard government, savaging Workplace Relations Minister Chris Evans as incompetent and unworthy of his office.

Days after strident criticism of the government by business leaders, Transport Workers Union national secretary Tony Sheldon yesterday likened Senator Evans to a corpse, accusing him of failing to implement Labor policy and endangering the lives of truck drivers.

The condemnation, rejected by Senator Evans, came as a trio of senior ministers dismissed a claim by Suncorp chairman-elect Ziggy Switkowski that there was ” a whiff of illegitimacy” about the government.

While the government has anticipated attacks from businesses affected by the [carbon dioxide] tax, it was blind sided by Mr Sheldon’s assault, based on the fact the impost — which he on Friday called a “death tax” — will apply to the heavy transport industry from 2014.

Mr Sheldon, whose 90,000- member union represents truck drivers, wants the government to prevent trucking companies from passing the cost impact to drivers and owner-drivers. The TWU argues that passing on the costs to drivers will lift stress and drive up accident and fatality rates on roads, not just for truck drivers, but also for all motorists. (source)


  1. The Loaded Dog says:

    I guess that was inevitable: a small number of wavering voters were waiting for soothing words from the Government..

    A small group of gullibles that are stupid enough to take a proven liar and her government at it’s word and have fallen for the pinko propaganda ads.

    Lets see how the poll goes after the Australian Trade and Industry Alliance ads have done some more informing.

  2. fred nerk says:

    A big THANKYOU to the media whores and Presstitutes for helping in the destruction of Australia with a pack of lies promoted by political hacks and whores.CO2 is life CHEERS

    • Julia Howe says:

      Dear Mr Nerk,

      I believe you are taking this a little too personally. May I suggest that you “stay calm and carry on”. As is usual in life, good and right usually wins over bad and wrong. Slagging off those just as interested in the lives of their family and environment but have a different method, is not exactly doing the “good and right” thing. You may quote me on this one.

      In addition, using such language takess you and the argument down to a level we dont deal with, so perhaps a little education on your part in regard to engaging with people, and the whole sordid, criminal situation in general, would be apropos.



    Well the best thing about this carbon tax issue is that we now know the journo’s who have openly prostituted and pinned their true colours to Julia’s carbon tax tree. Once upon a time journos actually reported both sides of a debate and left it to the reader to draw their own conclusion. Unlike this page the reader must first decide which side of the fence the journo is presenting as critical information is always missing, like the tax churn’s negligible effect on global emissions.

  4. the ill-informed few that have fallen for gillard’s fraudulent carbon tax propaganda over the last couple of weeks, are merely the same ones who stupidly voted for this ‘crap’, gillard/labor/green/independent government who are like a hanging carcass swinging in the breeze, they are history

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      who are like a hanging carcass swinging in the breeze, they are history

      The stench of this hanging carcass is becoming unbearable.

      PLEASE, can someone bury it already…

  5. Baldrick says:

    The polls would surely be disappointing for the Labor Party machine.

    Even with the full $15,000,000,000 carbon dioxide tax package announced, with bribes of compensation, they’ve only managed a six point increase in support for the tax – what a fiasco!

  6. I was peeved today with PUNCH who have decided to have a week away from the crabon tax debate…… oops perhaps that typo is very descriptive 🙂 however my point folks is that I believe we need to keep at this – in ya face anti carbon dioxide taxation….. old addage ‘give em an inch and they will take a mile’…… applies with this. Do not want people being swayed

  7. Of course a few people would take in and believe what they read in so much of our media, where PM Julia Gillardf is actually lauded for her plan to “award” many of us with some “compensation” for the financial hurt we will suffer when this tax comes in.
    But the really tiny increase in her support is certainly nothing like the increase she both hoped for and expected. But she won’t take the message, and despite her hatred of John Howard. she has not got anything like the guts he showed, when he took the GST to a election. She won’t do the same for this useless Tax, despite all her urging, promise-making and the rest of it.

  8. gyptis444 says:

    (1) Gillard is a liar and has no credibility so
    (2) whatever assurances are offered cannot be taken at face value
    (3) the devil is in the detail – Gillard will extend the grasp of the carbon tax through Regulations enforced by bureaucrats
    (4) whatever the ‘starting price’ on carbon, it will certainly be ramped up rapidly as time passes
    (5) whatever ‘generous compensation’ is offered will inevitably be phased out as soon as Gillard can manage to do so.

    Anyone who believes otherwise is living in a fools’ paradise’

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