Václav Klaus in Sydney

Alan Jones, Václav Klaus and Ian Plimer (click for full size)

I was fortunate enough to attend the reception at the Wentworth Sofitel in Sydney last night, where the president of the Czech republic, Václav Klaus, spoke on “Climate Change: the dangerous faith”. Drawing comparisons between the totalitarian instincts of the Greens and the Communism of Europe, President Klaus spoke of the erosion of freedom in pursuit of environmental ends.

Professor Ian Plimer also spoke, and President Klaus was introduced by Alan Jones.

There were a number of high profile audience members, including Associate Professor Stewart Franks, Tom Switzer, editor of the Spectator magainze in Australia and Miranda Devine of the Daily Telegraph. Australian politics was also represented with Bronwyn Bishop, Craig Kelly and Senator Nick Minchin and his wife Kerry:

The author with Kerry and Nick Minchin (click for full size)


  1. Andy G55 says:

    The trouble with the attitude of the Greens is that it will make others want to fight back against the tyranny and their attempts to block opposing views.

    They have started a war, with freedom as prize.


    Well last night I “watched Q&A” that was broadcast from Tasmania. Concluding that all, apart from the newspaper editor, believing that Australia is an island to the North of tree hugger Tasmania and that I would hate to watch the “60 minutes program” in Tasmania, as it would likely take an hour and a half to view.

    Made in heaven for JULIA!

  3. Baldrick says:

    Gees Simon you scrub-up fairly well, but where is Mrs. ACM? … and for all us other hoopleheads, who weren’t fortunate enough to catch Vaclav Klaus, here he is with Andrew Bolt.

  4. David Davidovics says:

    I don’t suppose anyone got this on video? (or will it be made available at a later date?)

    • There was a gaggle of media at the back – not sure whether they will be showing it anytime soon.

  5. Julia wasn’t there, was she?

  6. gyptis444 says:

    It is becoming increasingly apparent that the alleged “AGW” is merely a pretext for imposing the carbon tax and ETS with a hidden agenda of restricting our freedom and attacking our standard of living.

  7. Baldrick says:

    “Australia has a positive and constructive relationship with the Czech Republic. We are like-minded on many international policy issues and we share strong people-to-people links.”

    You’d be forgiven for thinking that Australia had a good relationship with the Czech Republic after reading that statement from the Australian Government Foreign Affairs website but the truth is actually entirely different.

    Our Prime Minister Gillard has refused to meet Czech President Vaclav Klaus during his visit to Australia. A serving president of an EU state snubbed. So much for Czech/Australian relations!

  8. The print media are reporting that President of the Czech republic, Václav Klaus, was to be interviewed on 7.30 tonight at the ABC studio inside Parliament House.
    It is also understood that due to the fact a security clearance was required he was unable to get in. He was asked to go through the public entrance and obtain this. He refused to do this and subsequently went back to his hotel whereby he asked that he be interviewed there.
    Regardless, of any excuses the ABC have or blame on the President, this is not the way to treat a visting President from a European Country.
    We have seen today also the PM ignore his presence the act of arrogance personified.
    The ABC should have but failed to arrange a security clearance for such a person of high office.
    Leaving only one conclusion that it is unimaginable this would have happened to ANYBODY who was supportitive of AGW. It is a disgrace and the bias is rit large within the ABC’s culture and is getting to be a disgusting abuse of taxpayer dollars that keep them afloat.
    The premise that anybody who does not agree with your views is denegrated as was done to Lord Monckton and the Australian scientists such as Ian Plimer and Bob Carter after the past two years.

  9. Shame on your PM and ABC news… I’m a czech citizen and I’m really surprised what is going on in your country. I totally agree with the steps of our president – that he left the Parliament House. Greetings from Czech rep. to all good people in Australia.

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      I agree with you 100 percent Comrade, but I’m beginning to wonder if I’d best keep this to myself here in the “new” Australia.

  10. OzJuggler says:

    His National Press Club address has been uploaded by our comrades… uh.. wait… put down the pitch forks guys… I meant to say “our allies”.

    Good thing he didn’t need a parliament security clearance to get to the press club, eh?

  11. Natalie says:

    Shame on the ABC! It is beginning to resemble Pravda with all the connotations that accompany that epitaph. I find it objectionable that my taxes are supporting such a biased and extreme political tool.

    Congratulations to Václav Klaus for presenting a dissenting voice in this group think “madness”.

    • Judy Legh says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more Natalie….. A Carbon Tax is a “Tax” designed to put more money into this incompetent Governments coffers, because they have wasted every cent that was there after the Libs left. They have wasted our money ona load of rubbish & junk. I have never seen such a bunch of dunderheads in my whole life, or heard such rubbish coming out of the mouths of politicians ever. Congratulations to Vaclav Klaus and shame on the ABC .

  12. I look forward to hearing President Klaus in Brisbane on Monday 1 August. Alan Jones AO of 2GB has been a consistent voice of reason in encouraging the efforts of defenders of civilisation including Lord Monckton, Prof Ian Plimer, Prof Bob Carter and most recently President Vaclav Klaus. No surprise that the enemies of civilisation represented by GetUp are attacking the free speech rights of Alan Jones.

  13. Mathew Jones says:

    Czech President Vaclav Klaus, 2011 Australian Tour – Introduction by 2GB’s Alan Jones.

  14. But the Case.
    I would like to inform you, That Czech Doctors tried to get rid of the partial
    eligibility president of Czech rep. – because of the Treaty of Lisbonmentioned.
    Klaus proclaim the mentally ill, because they want to sign the Lisbon Treaty – an idea developed last fall, a group of doctors and lawyers, who wanted the President to declare unfit to perform his office. What was that about?
    To the public recently leaked email correspondence of some Czech doctors (Dr.John Hnízdil, Dr. Martin Jan Stransky, psychoanalyst Dr.Vaclav Mikota, Dr. Slavomil Hubálek and other…/ such as czech psychoanalysts Vera Fischel, Petr Pothe), which deals with the possibilities of how to get rid of legal capacity of President. Its authenticity of some of the players confirmed. Doctors Hnízdil Stransky and the initiative even proudly reported.
    More info in Web journalist Adam Bartos:

    Dr. J.Hnizdil wroted artical called Psychopaths in politics is detrimental to health. ) here:


    Dr. J.Hnizdil wrote for example:

    ” What can account for the unusual behavior of the President?

    The signals is more. Denying the law: refusal to appoint a judicial trainee Langer or lose a series of lawsuits with the Supreme Court President Dr. Brožová. Denial of reality: a passionate battle with environmentalists. I do not have in mind global warming, it is controversial, but views that person harmless to the environment, species declining, but increasing the contrary, the global crisis is only the flu, economic growth can continue indefinitely, and energy resources do not have to worry about. Denial of democratic principles: the Lisbon Treaty. This is not about its content, but for procedural page stubbornly obstruction signature in a situation where the Senate approved it, the parliament and signed by most EU countries. Determination to prevent the construction of Elite’s body or stories about how in four years, during the Prague uprising, built barricades, no need for comment. The president is different, thinks differently. The truth is, his deeply convinced. Astonished that someone wonders.

    As with it Mr. President?

    The current social system based on individualism and unrestricted growth, the kind of celebrities attracted. They further confirm that system and develop. And that’s what makes a president. When you listen to him, everything is on individuals, and the hand of the market. Such people are ideally placed to achieve short-term success. Long-term but their impact on interpersonal relationships, and operation of business in an atmosphere of devastating. Every successful manager must be confident, even a little narcisní. If, however, healthy people, at critical moments, give priority to the interest of the company. Narcisní psychopath than they withdrew from their views, rather destroy the company. Notice how the president’s own hand sink, or both contributed to the downfall of the government during the EU presidency”.

    More info in his artical Psychopaths in politics is detrimental to health:

    • When people have no arguments, they have to rely on rubbish like this. Many times in the past, alarmists have tried to label sceptics as mentally ill. Just shows the desperation.

      • GIVE JULIA THE BOOT says:

        Well Bart, when you come out and distinguish yourself with an unselfish commitment to your country and we are later able to read your contribution you will then become fair game for all to have the right to pick a mental disorder box for you. Until then, I would suggest an apt current title for you is the OZ phrase … “Bloody Idiot”

  15. “Sometimes I wonder whether the world is run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it….” Mark Twain.

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