Embarrassing: Gillard wanted direct action approach to climate

You won't be laughing...

In other words, Julia Gillard wanted to pursue a policy very similar to that presently advocated by, er, the Coalition. Oops.

It’s common knowledge that Gillard opposed the ETS being pushed by Kevin Rudd in 2009, and now it has been revealed that she encouraged alternatives to a carbon [dioxide] price, which can only realistically mean some kind of direct action policy.

It’s also common knowledge that the carbon dioxide price is the Greens’ policy, but even so, the revelation that she favoured an approach other than a carbon dioxide price is deeply embarrassing for Labor and Gillard, desperate to force through a carbon tax without a mandate and in the face of huge public opposition:

JULIA Gillard faces new pressure over her climate change convictions as Tony Abbott seized on a report revealing she previously pushed for a bipartisan approach that didn’t involve a carbon tax or an emissions trading scheme.

Mr Abbott today questioned what Ms Gillard stood for, saying her post-election carbon tax plan had been dictated by the Greens.

“What that shows is that the Prime Minister’s attacks on our policy aren’t genuine,” Mr Abbott told ABC radio today.

“It demonstrates that the policy that the government is currently adopting is Bob Brown’s policy. Not Julia Gillard’s policy.”

The Australian Financial Review reports that Ms Gillard, as deputy prime minister, had encouraged the Rudd government’s “kitchen cabinet” to shelve plans for a carbon price in favour of other alternatives.

The revelation is extremely damaging for Ms Gillard, who with Treasurer Wayne Swan urged Kevin Rudd to dump his emissions trading scheme.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister today said the government did not comment on cabinet processes, but did not refute the story.

Mr Abbott said it now appeared Ms Gillard had backed the Coalition’s direct action policy.

“No-one can take her seriously,” he said.

“The nearest we get to ‘real Julia’ when it comes to climate change policy is the note that she gave to the inner cabinet just before she became prime minister herself where she said what the government should do is embrace the kind of policy the Coalition’s got.” (source)

Like Combet and the rest of her government, they have been blackmailed by the Greens to take urgent action on climate change, in direct opposition to Gillard’s previous position.

So when Gillard says “It’s the right thing to do”, she says that with a loaded gun to her head, wielded by Bob Brown and Christine Milne.


  1. Where is this report link please

    • The link to The Australian article is at the end of the quoted text. The AFR isn’t available online.

  2. Luke Warm says:

    What is more important is how soon before the Coalition dumps the direct action plan? Since there is no catastrophic man-made global warming problem, there is no need to spend 1 cent on abatement.

  3. I am somewhat confused by the “Abbot bashing” seen in the comments on The Australian website, it doesn’t really make sense to me. An opposition leader showing that the current leader of a country doesn’t (or didn’t) support a policy they are now pushing.

    Surely that makes the leader of the country look bad, regardless of gender or political persuasion? Apparently not, when reading some of the comments…

  4. Lew Skannen says:

    She wants the Liberals policy on asyum seekers as well but won’t admit it.

  5. Baldrick says:

    Well I wonder who leaked that to the Liberals?

    Obviously there’s rumblings within the Labor Party that this carbon dioxide tax is politically toxic. The supposed support for the tax has failed to materialise and has not translated to the polls in any massive increase that they need.

    It really is cringe-worthy politics!

  6. I love how the Govt cheer squad point out the quote from Tony Abbott in 2009 about putting a simple tax on carbon to prevent emissions.

    That quote was before the whole climategate scandal and the utter failure of the Copenhagen summit.

    To say that a great many politicians attitudes have changed since then would be an understatement.

    Although I agree that the coalition should drop the direct action plan, I dont see any harm in planting a lot more trees. I doubt any true environmentalist would have any issue with that. On the otherhand the other Greens that are driven by ideology about reducing industry and the like are another matter.

  7. OzJuggler says:

    Hey Simon, here’s a (new?) twist….


    Yes, noise pollution carelessly created by Big Wind makes local animals sick! (You can’t dream up this stuff!) Good thing the green left cares more about rocks and trees and non-human animals.

    As for the independent study which found no problem… hah. If the reputed cause results in an effect for which there is unreliable diagnosis and no cure other than vacating the area, his PBS drug survey isn’t going to detect any effect then is it?! And this from a professor?

  8. Richard N says:

    Unfortunately the direct action climate change policy is only 50% better then the stinking carbon tax. Turnbull was right when he said at least we cann kill a direct action climate changing policyt quicker.Can we possibly ditch this BS all together?

  9. we’ll have the last laugh julia…seriously, when “democracy” is turned on again in 2013…

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