Flannery fears "Norway-style attack"


Because as we all know, anybody who dares question the ridiculous predictions of the Official Government Climate Prophet is only a whisker away from buying a machine gun and killing dozens of innocent people.

Desperate to regain what little is left of his credibility after it emerged this week that he owns a waterfront property, having previously warned of drastic sea level rises, Flannery makes deeply offensive remarks tarring all “conservatives” with the brush of Norwegian madman Anders Breivik.

As The Australian reports:

While his place was, he admitted, “very close to the water”, the issue was how far it was above the water — something Professor Flannery would not reveal because, he said, it could help identify the location and subject him to a Norway-style attack by conservatives.

There really is no limit to the depths alarmists will go to protect their own interests and smear those who dare question them.

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  1. Antony Van via Facebook says:

    Does he own shares in a weapon company now? Before he said we were running out of water when he was on the Siemens Advisory board which is involved in all the desal plants, then he says we need Geothermal when he owns GDY shares then we have to watch him on Q&A with a Panasonic TV and then drive around in his Toyota Hybrid!

  2. Julia Howe ʚϊɞ via Facebook says:

    This sounds very much like “nah ni ah ni ah nah… come and get me”. If anything ever happens, I for one will lay ALL the blame at Flimflam Flannel’s door.

  3. Antony Van via Facebook says:

    What happened to all the “scientists” that pumped Eugenics from 1900 to 1940, did they have jobs after the war?



    Thursday, 28 July 2011
    Listener confirms Tim Flannery does own a waterfront home
    David calls in to Ray Hadley to confirm Professor Tim Flannery does own a waterfront home at Coba Point.

  5. Kerry McKay via Facebook says:

    He’s bonkers!!

  6. Peter Gosnell via Facebook says:

    I’d like to know what Tim Flannery actually said because the words: “it could help identify the location and subject him to a Norway-style attack by conservatives …. ” are the journalist’s. Flannery’s response was probably so garbled and hysterical Higgins couldn’t publish it as a direct quote.

  7. The hypocrisy is astounding!!!

  8. I suggest anyone remotely interested in what Tim Flannery has to say, should buy themselves a copy of the recently published book “The Weather Makers Re-examined” written by D Weston Allen, it’s a critical review of Tim Flannery’s best seller The Weather Makers. Having read the book, I now feel I should completely ignore anything Tim Flannery has to say about Climate Change.

  9. Hi,
    I still cannot believe that we the taxpayers are paying this guy. Why hasn’t anyone in the Government ever held this guy to account, it beggars belief.

    • So true! I would like a professional who reads peole when they speak, to study Tim and do a report on him…. I am sure it would be very interesting.

  10. No hypocrisy, because they ALL know it is a total and utter lie. Never ever trust the labour party or the greens.

  11. Lew Skannen says:

    So he plans to salvage his reputation by making even more absurd predictions. What a loon!

  12. Any hypocrisy aside, he is a human and unless he is voted into public service he deserves to have the right to maintain his privacy and a nice house by his beloved ocean, just because he predicts cataclysmic climate change doesn’t alter his right to beachfront property.as a high profile figure he has a right to protect his privacy and he is wise to be vigilant about it, anyone would, because the greater he ramps up his frenzy, justified or not, the more likely an eco-terrorist would have him as a target.

    • While I think he, and more importantly, his family should be given their privacy he, and all the other Climate Alarmists should be publicly audited on their green credentials so that we can be assured that they are at least as holy as they would force the rest of us to be.

      We should know what their Carbon Footprint is and the steps they have taken to show us what they think is required.

    • he deserves to have the right to maintain his privacy

      No he does not. He’s milked the public purse by peddling junk science and scaremongering crap. Thanks largely to his relentless crusade of infantile yammering, taxpayers’ $billions have been wasted on useless, pointless, cretinous projects to save the planet. 14% of the electorate still believe that “climate change is entirely caused by human activity” (Newspoll 4/5/11). Until that % is zero, that obnoxious boofhead deserves nothing less than the full glare of public scrutiny.

      • Then there’s the question of legal redress and reparation for the long-suffering taxpayer.

    • Owen Morgan says:

      Flannery and many of his brood have been peddling the notion that “man-made global warming” is going to cause considerable rises in sea-levels.

      Are we seriously to suppose that such apocalyptic talk has had no effect on the prices of sea-front property? Not for the first time, we have a green true-believer talking down property prces, then taking advantage.

      In some industries, that’s called insider-dealing.

    • bevan pidgeon says:

      dont worry about eco terrosrists they are on his side

  13. Ken Reed via Facebook says:

    Maybe Flannel-head should just bugger off. His fake agendas (that probably funded this waterfront property) are not believed now by the majority of Australians.

  14. Julia Howe ʚϊɞ via Facebook says:

    Marcus, at the very least it makes him incredible stupid. What is his salary again?

  15. He’s a human? Are you sure about that???

  16. Ken Reed via Facebook says:

    If there was another “Norway” or ‘Port Arthur” attack, it would be brought to you by the same agencies and individuals who staged the last 2.

  17. “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” — Mahatma Gandhi

  18. @julia from the PoV as govn’t climate adviser, it’s part-time, $180k/pa. nice little gravy train if you can get on it…

  19. Julia Howe ʚϊɞ via Facebook says:

    Id be inclined to look at the criminality of duping people out of prime real estate.

  20. Julia Howe ʚϊɞ via Facebook says:

    Did I type incredible? Man… I meant incredibly… but you all knew that. 😉

  21. a Norway-style attack

    But in Norway, it was the perpetrator who was the delusional, ego-maniacal, wacko religious nut ball. Big difference.

  22. poor old Timmy, he has gone way passed his use by date.

  23. Baldrick says:

  24. Maybe his alarmism was only intended to drive down house prices so he could snap one up.

  25. Sean McHugh says:

    Flannery fears it? Yeah, right! Flannery and the Labor/Greens are hoping for a blessing, whatever it takes to remove the critical focus from them. For these losers, talking about fearing disasters is the next best thing to actually having them happening. These desperate opportunists did the same with the UK press scandal. They do it with climate (supposed rising seas, climate disease to come, prophesied demise of the Great Barrier Reef and Kakadu etc etc etc). What this trash really fears, is nothing happening.

  26. fred nerk says:

    Tim used to live down the bottom of my garden with the Fairy’s but they threw him out because they had standards to maintain.CO2 is life

  27. Were there ever any doubts of Timmy being a nut case ?

  28. If Flannery said the Earth was round, I’d be inclined to start a “Flat Earth” society. But then, he’d only “clarify” what he said days or weeks or months or years later. The man is clearly certifiable.

  29. Jayden Barr via Facebook says:

    Antony Van wrote: What happened to all the “scientists” that pumped Eugenics from 1900 to 1940, did they have jobs after the war?

    I kid you not- the American Eugenics Society rebranded itself as Planned Parenthood Health centres, mainly establishing clincs around black populated areas. 50 million aborted black babes alone later, that is where the scientists/doctors/loonies went.

  30. Someone should ask those loonies, what would be so great about living in a society like a Brave New World or 1984.

  31. That snivelling idiot Flim Flamery needs to get over himself. No climate sceptic is going to carry out a “Norway style attack” against his worthless person. The would deny us the unholy joy of rubbing his stupid face in his inane failed predictions and his overpaid scaremongering for decade after decade after decade. To paraphrase the words of Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz of the Galactic Hyperspace Planning Council, “Death’s too good for him.”

  32. David Gregson via Facebook says:

    Absolutely right. Eugenics became Planned Parenthood. Of course, Adolf took a leaf out of their playbook as well…

  33. Julia Howe ʚϊɞ via Facebook says:

    Tony Cooper. Too right! What we see as Dystopia, they see as Utopia. This is insane!

  34. I think Flannery needs his medication changed.

  35. @david dont forget churchill supported the british feeble minded persons act of 1912, fortunately failed to pass into law and in the us at least 50,000 people were forcibly lobotomized and the japanses with their unit 731…during ww2…but still your point is valid…and scary that once you dehumaise a group of people…some people seem free to do what they want to them…

  36. gyptis444 says:

    What is needed is a Royal Commission (as soon as possible after the next election) to get to the truth and prosecute those who have acted against the best interests of Australians.
    Why is it that the InterAcademy Council’s (IAC) review of the IPCC’s procedures and processes has NOT been acknowledged by the Government, CSIRO, the Climate Commission, Prof. Will Steffen et al? That review documents irrefutable evidence from participating IPCC scientists of political interference, lack of transparency, biased treatment of genuinely contentious issues, vague statements not supported by evidence, poor handling of uncertaintry (read “exaggeration”) use of material which had not been peer-reviewed or critically evaluated, and a total lack of any policy to preclude conflict of interest. How many people know that Pachauri (Chairman of IPCC) is a paid board member of several for-profit energy companies?
    Regarding bias, the IPCC’s AR4 is a prime example of cherry picking – there is no documentation of which databases were searched, what time periods were covered, what search terms were used, what boolean logic was employed (let alone any justification for the search strategy), the numbers of citations retrieved at each stage of the search, and no selection criteria justifying the inclusion/exclusion of published papers for further analysis. In other words, IPCC did not perform due diligence and were at liberty to select whatever material they felt would support the political agenda of the sponsor governments. Aformal literature search must be comprehensive, objective, justifiable, robust and repeatable.
    Flannery is just a very small public stooge in the big picture – more like the fortune teller with crystal ball at the local fair. (But perhaps this is unfair to fortune tellers.)

  37. Kevin R. Lohse says:

    I would imagine that Prof. Flannery is more likely to get mauled by a polar bear on his waterfront property. Flannery’s pronouncements are, after all, a vital part of the climate realist’s cause and it would be a travesty to silence such a torrent of supportive evidence.

  38. Trevor Otjen says:

    We need Direct Democracy. Not ruling by the elite. Who will stand up and begin the real discussion of how we are governed or ruled

  39. This guy is on the public purse and is responsible to ALL of us taxpayers his comments are an absolute disgrace and very offensive.

    He also needs to explain fully why he purchased a residence close to the water when he and Labor Minister Tanya Plibersek are predicting inundating sea level rises in that exact area?

  40. I think that its a disgrace that we the tax payers are paying for any govt subsidised climate research.
    We dont need them anymore, as the PM has decided the “science is settled”.
    *Rolls eyes*

  41. Danielle Anstee via Facebook says:


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