A bellyful of Greens

No more Greens…

That’s what I, and I guess a lot of you, have just about had. Environmentalism has become far too dominant, and it’s time it was taken down a peg or two.

I am sick to death of being told what to do, what to buy and how to behave, by governments and environmental activists, in order to “save the planet.” We have such short memories that we forget how many times in the past we have heard about the impending death of our planet, only for it still to be here, healthier, wealthier and stronger. And then the next scare comes along…

The planet has been here 4.5 billion years. It will be here for another 4.5 billion – long after we, and every other species, has disappeared. The conceit that the planet needs us to save it would be hilarious if it weren’t so tragic.

The latest lunacy, noted by Baldrick in the comments to an earlier post, is the plan for electricity companies to have the right to remotely switch off your appliances if demand gets too great. Just a reminder, in case you forget while reading the following extract, that this is Australia we’re talking about, not the former Soviet Union or an African dictatorship:

TVs, airconditioners and fridges could be switched off remotely by power companies during peak times under plans to rein in households’ demand for electricity.

The option is among measures being considered as part of a national review of the management of domestic power use.

The Ministerial Council on Energy has initiated the Australian Energy Market Commission review in response to the nation’s increasing demand for power.

The council is seeking ways to ease the demand for electricity during extremely cold nights and exceptionally hot days, to avoid the need for energy companies to build more power stations. (source)

The last sentence is the key. All of this is due to climate alarmism and the consequent imperative to cut emissions. If that alleged problem was not given the weight it is, the electricity companies would happily build more coal-fired power stations and supply us with as much electricity as we demand. But the nanny environmentalists won’t allow that. Oh no. Gaia’s representatives on earth require that we reduce our consumption of electricity, and personally, I’ve had enough of it.

I long for the good old days when if you wanted more electricity, all you had to do was pay for it. Which back then was easy since it was CHEAP. But not now – ridiculous, pointless and futile renewable energy targets and hopeless wind farms and solar power stations mean that electricity is frighteningly expensive, and, it appears, not under your control for much longer, if the above report is to be believed.

I am the first to agree that we must take care of our environment and use our resources wisely. But the key point is that there has to be a balance between environmental needs and the needs of humanity. And that balance is all wrong. At the moment, thanks to the green movement worldwide, and here in Australia, the Greens’ alliance with the Labor government, humanity is trailing a very, very distant second.

And the irony is that the inevitable result of this badgering and hectoring from the Green movement will be the opposite of what they want. Most people, like myself, who wish to do their bit for the environment, are increasingly irritated by the incessant demands of “the planet” curtailing how much petrol I use, or how much electricity I use, or dictating what kind of light bulbs I must use, or any number of equally intrusive and controlling requirements thrust upon us by governments in thrall to the green movement. The corollary of this will be a rejection of environmentalism to make up for decades of enslavement to the Green gods.

I won’t be sorry to see that happen. Environmentalism is out of control and needs a swift reality check. The activists and the governments need to realise that people who are tied up in green regulations will develop deep resentments towards environmental goals, rather than working towards them.

As Andrew McIntyre pointed out in his book “The Greens” (reviewed here), environmentally-friendly behaviour requires a high GDP and a high standard of living. The poorest countries have the worst environmental records.

Give people the ability to enjoy high standards of living, and they will voluntarily help the environment. Witness the emergence of the urban Greens. Start telling them how they must live, and punish them, on the other hand, and they will rebel. The Convoy of No Confidence is the first of many signs of this reaction.

Rant over. Final comment: I’ve had enough greens, thanks. Time for the next course.


  1. The Loaded Dog says:

    I am sick to death of being told what to do, what to buy and how to behave, by governments and environmental activists,

    Damn controlling religious FREAKS and NUTTERS. Get out of our lives…

  2. Yes,all greens go off after a short time.

  3. They want to deny us electricity when nature is at its most extreme, when we need it most? They truely have gone mad with power.

  4. Greens/Environmentalists are my enemies: http://www.vhemt.org/ I want a bright future for mankind, not our end.

  5. As far as I know, electricity companies already have the means to switch off power to households during high peak times and fire hazard days. I’m not sure how much authority they have in these cases, so I’m presuming the Greens are seeking to extend their “powers” (no pun intended).

  6. Ken Reed via Facebook says:

    When you think about it, the environmental movement is a human hate movement. Over the years, nothing that anyone has done to try to appease them has worked, they just come up with a new list of even more outrageous demands. These are the real enemies of the world and humanity.

  7. Jeremy Hodes via Facebook says:

    I agree 100%. They need to get out of my life!


    How long before the greens proclaim the reintroduction of ice chests?

  9. This is excellent Simon! I cannot agree with you more. This is so good it’s going straight to the pool room! Pure and unadulterated sense.

  10. I am a 66yr old retired “lady” and I have worked hard all my life for the things that would make it easier for me than it was for my mother.
    We had no car, no fridge, no TV, no air conditioning only open fires, no washing machine no petrol mower etc.
    The way this country is going I honestly feel that I would be better off not being on this planet and if it weren’t for the fact that my grown children still enjoy my company then I would be quite prepared to leave.



      Sadly there is an element who believe that all who work hard are environmental criminals. These same twits would believe it prudent to return to live in the primitive era that you and I were raised. I too have survived my life with out the need of a stupid green security blanket and will be fighting these lunatic ideals until my last breath!

  11. Rick Bradford says:

    Use their tactics back at them — say that turning off your electricity violates your human rights (after all, even broadband is a ‘basic human right’ in the EUSSR.

  12. Check out this video by comedian George Carlin. You’ll love it!

  13. They also want to control what we eat! Those nasty greens seem to hate meat eaters and by doing so deny our evolutionary past as the greatest hunter the planet has probably seen. We should all be ashamed of ourselves (according to them).

  14. Luke Warm says:

    Yeah, this is a truly mad proposal. But dangerously close to enactment given the Australian government we have at the moment. How great a fall in the standard of living do they want us to suffer? What hope for the 3rd world, which desperately needs more solid, baseload power? All driven by a hoax called catastrophic man-made global warming!

  15. Anyone know where the Governor General is. Do we still have one? Australian families need help and she is missing in action. Maybe we should start a page asking where she is and why she is not stepping in to stop this madness. I agree with you Ken 100%.

    • coffee drinker says:

      With the governor general being the mother in law of a high profile labor mp we aren’t going to see her sack this inept government

  16. There are environmentalists, and there are environmentally conscious. And there only a few with an extreme agenda.You would find that many of the latter don’t buy into AGW, and are just as suspicious of any centalized control as people like you. Please stop categorizing people, or you fall for the same bait as the politicians. It’s the time old divide and rule strategy that generation after generation get embroiled in.

  17. I hated my greens as a kid Now I have grown up I hated them more : P

  18. F***ing commies. Keep fighting the good fight brother!

  19. … and just to clarify, the real dilemma here is that while it has been government policy to regard policy as the responsibility of ministers and administration as the policy of officials, the Australian Energy Market Commission that is looking into this proposal, which is a sub-branch of the Ministerial Council on Energy, gives rise to the question that administrative policy can cause confusion between the policy of administration and the administration of policy. Therefore the sub-committee of the Department of Resources Energy and Tourism, the Energy Market Commission, which is in-turn a sub-branch of the Australian Labor/Green Government, notwithstanding input from the Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics, Geoscience Australia, the Australian Solar Institute and the Australian Centre for Renewable Energy, which also encompasses sub-committees, including but by no means complete, the National Framework for Energy Efficiency and the Energy Efficiency Exchange Committees, has been looking into the responsibility for the administration of the policy for administrative conflicts.

    … and having said that, let me say this, yes, they are all real Labor government departments, branches and committees under the Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism!

    • Bob in Castlemaine says:

      Presumably all these bodies come under the administrative authority of the Ministry of Silly Walks? One doesn’t need much imagination to see where all the new “green jobs” will come from in our brave new world without cheap reliable electricity.
      Smart meters are available now with the inbuilt capability for remote centralised control of power circuits (such as air conditioning) within individual residences. So even if you’re sufficiently well heeled to pay the rapidly escalating peak electricity rates, “they” can turn you off anyway.

  20. Wonder how they’d feel about the environmental impact of us all going to wood burning fires and stoves.

    • Many country people like myself have wood heaters and wood stoves as the same government that derides us will not supply affordable gas even though they raped the earth to build a gas plant a few kilometres from here.

      • We are on our own.

        You need to repeat this phrase over and over to your self –

        The govt doesnt give a fat rats clacker about us…
        The govt doesnt give a fat rats clacker about us…
        The govt doesnt give a fat rats clacker about us…
        The govt doesnt give a fat rats clacker about us…

        The best we can do is disconnect from power and gas ( if we can ) and go solar and disconnect from the grid completely.

        Once we take their teddy off them, then the tanties will really start.

        Serves them bloody right…..enough is enough.

        Time to get smart and shove the govt out of your life.

  21. rukidding says:

    I don’t think they have thought this through.If they start turning my airconditioning off I will be presenting at the nearest emergency department at my local hospital.I think heat stress and hypothermia would be valid medical problems.I wonder if 1000 people turned up at an emergency department with heat or cold related problems before they turned the power back on.
    Also I understand that residential power makes up about 35% of total power produced so is industry going to be subjected to the same rules.

  22. Jane Cory via Facebook says:

    The Greens are a sell out!

  23. While I agree with all of the above comments the problem is that most people have been brainwashed into believing the Green creed. I work with university educated people but they all laugh at me when I tell them that I don’t believe in global warming, that I refuse to participate in Earth Hour etc. They write me off as some far right-wing ideologue. They see themselves as informed and mainstream. When you show them research that refutes Green ideology they just dismiss it as right-wing propaganda. This is what we are up against.

  24. Firstly – tell them to go take a running jump.

    Secondly – if they use remote signally to a “smart meter” to shut stuff down, all you do is plug an aircon unit or fridge etc into an EMR filter – this rmeoves most EMR “noise” most of these appliances make, but also stops any higher frequency on/off signals from the power company ( usually in 300+ Hz range ) getting through. In effect, its like a power “firewall” to stop them messing with you.

    There are ways an means to stop all this.

    People need to know we can defeat their madness with common sense a dn a knowledge of technology.

    Additonally, I’d buy solar cells, and wire chunks of the house to run ( via batteries and an inverter ) off these dierectly – that way they can play silly buggers with their “load shedding” and you wont care.

    Its seriously getting tot he poin to fneeding to be able to disconnect yourself from all govt control freakery and intrusion.

    Enough is enough!

  25. I say “Thank God for the Greens”!

    “Know thine Enemy”

    I might even say, “Thank God for the traitorous Independents” without whom the nefarious Plans might still be smouldering away in the background and would not have come to light with an Abbott Government.

    This incredible fiasco in Canberra is at last unveiling and revealing the plans in store – not only by the Greens – but also by the Fabian Socialists (like Julia Gillard and her mentor Bob Hawke, etc., etc.) who use the proverbial “boiling frog” syndrome to gradually despoil our freedoms towards their totalitarian kingdom. Communism is not dead. This time, through the UN, it’s another attempt at “The Internationale”.

    The “beauty” of this diabolical government in Canberra means that the Labour Party has been forced to reveal its hand a little earlier through the pressure from the impatient Greens. The current No Carbon Tax rally in Australia will show the “closet communists=totalitarians that we won’t have a bar of it!

    We need a complete refurbishment of our education system to stop the brainwashing of our children (my grandchildren and great grandchildren – couldn’t resist the mother and apple pie line!) We’ve virtually lost a generation to the lies and dumbing down of our kids.

    IT’S TIME! (to borrow the phrase of another great Labour PM) to rejuvenate Australia.

    I’m still trying to work out the rationale for this narcissistic hate of humankind = self-hate! Or is it just the ancient desire for Power? Anyone got answers?

    • Athena, I can venture a few ideas ( which I personally think are correct ), but I am sure some will debate me:

      Desire for power – this is inbuilt to humanity unfortunately.
      Where it goes wrong is when you have control freaks ( e.g. the Greens )who hold the power – then it all goes south. The Greens are extremists.
      The greens are also clearly Communist – their policies reflect this clearly.

      Communists advocate using schools as the primary vehicle for propaganda spreading – this is why they target kids with the global warming lies & propaganda and why its taken on such a nasty and harsh tone. Communists also cant tolerate dissent ( i.e. questioning the shoddy “science” they use to push the Big Lie of AGW ) which is why we hear the lie of “the science is settled” – no its not – they use that phrase to browbeat people who would expose their lies.

      Google “10:10 movie” for an example how the extreme greenies hate humanity and why they would love to also do to dissenters. This movie exposes the true core of the extreme greenies – in short they advocate execution of dissenters . I should also mention within the cess pool which makes up the “greens” also lurks extreme greenies who advocate population control by extreme measures as well. All of this can be pretty well shown if you spend enough time researching their own words.

      So……mix in extreme greenies, traitorous independents, humanity hating greenies, communists who lust after power, a Fabian socialist govt who supports draconian laws removing privacy and basic human rights and protections and an economy killing carbon tax – and you have all the stuff of a Police State in its early years.

      You see the beginnings of history repeating itself and how it could all go badly wrong.

  26. Confusious says:

    If you have read the communist cookbooks on how to control everything and everyone, as I had the bad luck to have to, you would realise that this is what is currently happening under Green banner with full support of labor. Enslavement and economic destruction of Australia most likely because we dared to be much more successfull than bankrupt Europe and USA!

  27. I think they have won the kids over already.
    All I saw on Twitter (youth speaks) was how the No Carbon Tax Rally was full of ancient idiots who didn’t understand how they would be leaving a dead world for their grandchildren.
    The kids won’t listen to us as their elders any more. They think they know better. We are the ones who fear the beaurocracy, who understand that our rights are being undermined and we are the ones who feel betrayed.


      That is our great state school system at work, where competition is not permitted and mediocrity rewarded, so that it is easier to control the mob who are untrained in thinking for themselves. Brilliant students are derided, just like those who dare speak out on the climate debate.

  28. Richard N says:

    The greens are relatively powerless and unpopular other then when empowered by the labor party, which will be the Gillard ard government’s partng gift to Australia. What really irritates me is that Gillard’s aim is to legislate the carbon dioxide tax into law as much as possible which will make it harder for the coalition to kill the beast , short of a double dissolution. Even though the next election will effectivly be a referendum on the carbon dioxide tax, Labor will presumably still refuse to bow to the will of the people and will block the recinding legislation in the senate with the support of the Greens…She is really telling the electorate that she has no respect for their opinion and that mother knows best and it’s.”It’s the right thing to do” . Has there ever been a more obnoxious dictatorial combination then Gillard, Brown Windsor and Oakshott in the history of politics in Australia.

  29. bevan pidgeon says:

    irregardless of religirous views good must prevail remember that the only thing necessary for evil to prosper is for good people to do nothing the time is now to stand up and be counted these traitors are trying to turn us into obedient zombies dont worry about the youngones being taught crap in schools enough will see through it .this is all about the new world order and is our last chance to beat it

  30. I’m not overly surprised by this to be honest. Knew for along time that the greenies were trouble. They are and have always been into Eco-terrorism. It was the greens years ago that would put steel spikes into trees that would be logged so that when the lumberjacks would come in with their chainsaws the chains would snap and usually cause some serious injury.

    They are a blight on humanity, not to mention blatant hypocrites to go with it, i have no time for them and am not backwards in telling them. Greens, WWF, Greenpeace, all the same loony brush.

    It should be noted though that greenies are not the same as proper environmentalists. Enviros don’t want man to give up everything, just be mindful of the foot print you leave when you walk and try to do as little damage as possible. Tracks for 4 wheel drives is what they are into, greenies are into no 4 wheel driving at all.

    Best a greenie could do for the plant would be to stop breathing. You would get a 2 for 1 deal then. Less CO2 emmissions and fertilizer.

    • Once they would have been called “oxygen thieves”, now we can call them “carbon dioxide emitters”.

  31. gyptis444 says:

    The Labor Party has ceased to exist. It’s now morphed into the LIE-bor Party.
    Spread the word.

  32. bevan pidgeon says:

    am looking into putting together a list web sites so that i can print them out and hand them out at shopping centers and the likes .
    may be a good way to get the message out there to the people who arn`t aware , we can preach to the converted as much as we like but we have to get more people to understand what is going on .
    so if any of you are interested could you submit some sites that ordinary people can comprehend nothing too deep thanks

  33. Dyspeptic Curmudgeon says:

    There could be one silver lining in the ‘Smart Meter’ proposal. The system *will* be hacked. And gee, wouldn’t it be ….interesting? (ok! Ironic. Maybe schadenfreude-ful!) that every Green found that *their* smart meter returned their house to the state the Greens declaim is ‘friendly’….that is, without power.

    Just think how nice that would be: the leader of the Greens can’t use a fridge, or have A/C since their smart meter had been hacked.

    Although watching a carload of Green MP’s driving off a cliff *would* be more schadenfreude-ful!

  34. the biggest problem with solar or wind is that it will never supply baseload power.if its not sunny eg overcast or night,solar panels are useless and wind turbines dont work until their is enough wind speed.germany has spent billions on solar power and all it produces is about 1% of their total power.i have batteries and solar panels in my house however it only runs lights.to power a whole house properly it would take huge battery banks and a substantial amount of solar panels.big dollars,roughly $30,000 + and then you would only get 8-10 years out of the batteries as long as they were not discharged beyond 70%.not saving much if it cost $3000 a year to run

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