Figures fudged to justify carbon price

China's carbon price is lower, Greg

This is what happens when ideology and a tawdry deal with the Greens takes precedence over the best interests of the nation.

THE Gillard government’s claims that Australia lags behind China in the effective price on carbon have been discredited by its Climate Change Department.

The revelations, in documents obtained through a Freedom of Information application, show that rather than trailing China’s implicit carbon price by more than $12 per tonne, Australia’s effective price could already be higher.

This undermines the government’s argument for Australia to introduce a carbon tax now at an additional cost of $23 per tonne.

The documents, obtained by the Institute of Public Affairs, show the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency warned that a crucial draft report on comparative implicit carbon prices overestimated China’s figure more than sixfold.

Despite that warning, the higher figure remained in the report and has been quoted by Climate Change Minister Greg Combet.

The report the minister referred to was not as independent as it sounds — it was funded by government through a $70,000 payment that went via the “non-partisan” Climate Institute.  (source)

The Climate Institute? Non-partisan? Oh, please.

Read Tim Wilson’s article in The Australian here.


  1. Morgan James Davies via Facebook says:

    Ross Guano is a pillock.

  2. I think the word they are looking for is ‘blackmail’.

  3. is this just lying, or being unable to count? Either way, he’s the Labor Greens Climate Change dunce of the week!

  4. China is a communist country. It’s “carbon tax” on big energy users is a tax on itself. Great for international PR but meaningless.

  5. Simon, you asked a question the other day about what’s driving the lack of respect for scientists … well this article is a perfect example.

    Is it any wonder the Australian public are becoming increasingly cynical and skeptical about the science, politics or economics involved in the AGW debate.

    Climate models have been proven to be wildly inaccurate, scientists have been exposed for falsifying their data, economic modelling has been shown to be too simplistic … and now (with no real surprise) politicians have been outed for using lies and rubbery figures to justify their cause.

    … and not one of their catastrophic, Nostradamus like, Jedi mind-trick, predictions of impending doom has come true, which may be behind their need to lie in an attempt to fool the Australian public.

  6. People forget that China is a communist country. Power generation is state owned (see SOEs). They tax themselves a carbon tax and it has no effect no the community but makes great PR and fuel for scammers like Gillard.

  7. Good to see this message is getting out!

  8. what and who we are dealing with, are those of a “Climategate” mindset.

  9. Rick Bradford says:

    What do you expect — socialists with ethics?

    These people will do whatever it takes to ‘win’ — in this case, to force through a policy which makes them feel noble, and shores up their fragile egos.

  10. Ray Anderson via Facebook says:

    Just the normal.. steal money from poor people in rich countries to give it to rich people in poor countries.. It’s a UN mandate you know!

  11. Just when you thought this pathetic government couldn’t interfere in your lives any more, now there’s a scheme being considered to remotely control your home appliances to shut them down during periods of peak demand. Australian Energy Market Commission Chairman John Pierce said, “The review was looking at options whereby power companies would remotely turn off appliances for a set period, in return for a lower bill.” Thanks John for turning off my air-conditioning just when I need it the most!

  12. The One World / NATO / 4th layer of global gumment (jules speak) need to check the initial currency experiment rolled out to European countries. Complete failure. Back to sqaure 1.

  13. this just keeps getting better , no wonder the greens want to gag the media

  14. gyptis444 says:

    This ‘government’ is the most disgusting, incompetent bunch of amateurs we have ever had the misfortune to suffer. First Gillard tells the big LIE and rolls over to the greens. Then, to sustain the LIE Gillard and her gang tell further lies and stack the Climate Commission, the Productivity Commission and all the Q & A sessions with the gullible ‘believers’. Yes, they conduct ‘surveys’ and ‘focus groups’ to select the audience for the Q & A sessions to ensure they are stacked with Gillard’s supporters. Another example of selection bias following the example of IPCC!

    If you are at all capable of attending Tuesdays rally at Parliament House Canberra, it would be great to see you there!

  15. It’s just plain nuts to be comparing one country’s carbon emissions against another’s. Only in the mind of a bureaucrat could this be ever conceived as working, mainly because it gives them an excuse to raise yet more revenue…

    BTW if you happen to be in Canberra tomorrow – there is a nice little Anti Carbon Tax rally occurring outside parliament, see my link.

  16. Q: If the Warmist are so stupid; how come they succeed to rip-of billions of $$$ from the Urban Sheep, calling themselves ‘’Skeptics’’??? A: because the best Sceptic’s proof is: 98 was the warmest year! Q: where that data came from? A: from IPCC… Second best Skeptic’s proof: 900-1300 was hotter than now! Was it? At that time people were scared to sail more than 50km west of Portugal, not to fall of the planet. Q: how did they collect data for America, Oceania for that time?!?! ask prof. Plimer’s Galahs…

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