It's all the CWM's fault

Warning! CWMs ahead!

That would be “conservative white males”. Desperate as always to avoid engaging with sceptics’ arguments, the Sydney Morning Herald decides that it’s their background that is more important.

Helpfully illustrated with photos of Pell, Bolt, Jones and Monckton, the SMH claims that sceptics’ political and cultural views are causing their (obviously deranged) attitudes to climate alarmism, and not hiding data, fudging results, pal-review, Hockey Stick, and all the other highly dubious practices of climate science:

A US-based study has found that white men with politically conservative views are far more likely than the rest of the population to doubt the science of human-caused climate change.

And the “conservative white male effect” has been linked to Australia, with one prominent researcher citing the existence of a successful, politically engaged and outspoken coterie operating in high-profile positions that attract wide media coverage.

In the US researchers’ paper published in the journal Global Environmental Change, Dr Aaron McCright and Dr Riley Dunlap analysed data from 10 annual US opinion polls on environmental issues.

They found 58 per cent of conservative white males – or CWMs for short – thought recent global temperature rises were not caused mainly from human activities, such as burning fossil fuels. This compared with 31 per cent of other adults.

Some 29 per cent of CWMs thought the effects of global warming would “never happen” compared with only seven per cent of other adults.

Professor Joseph Reser, a Research Fellow with Griffith University’s Climate Change Response Program in Queensland, agreed broadly with the findings, but said his own research and other comparable studies from the US and Europe suggested the proportion of true climate change sceptics was much smaller. [See here for Reser’s earlier study – Ed]

“If you look at this group of conservative white males, less than 30% are characterised as denialists – they are not a majority even within this grouping,” Professer Reser said.

“But these CWMs tend to stand out and do well in many social, work, and political organisations; they align themselves with those sharing similar views; and they are also more likely to be outspoken in their views and politically engaged, and to work and operate in sectors where their views get aired more.”

He said the fact conservatives were unduly confident about their own views on climate change “also makes them less open to differing views or able to accept that they might be wrong”. (source)

There are a number of points here. Firstly, note the intentional confusion between “sceptics” and “denialists” – terms that Fairfax uses interchangeably, despite the fact that most climate “realists” are “sceptics” and very few indeed are outright “denialists”. Secondly, Reser is quick to condemn CWM’s for failing to accept the possibility of error, which is precisely the charge laid against most alarmist climate scientists, who play down uncertainty as a matter of course.

I have to suggest the obvious alternative, and highly politically incorrect, conclusion here, that maybe those CWMs, thanks to age, experience and education, have a greater capacity for critical thought, and are not taken in by government and media propaganda?

Who cares anyway – it’s just another generalisation that the alarmists use to label the sceptics and thereby avoid having to actually respond to their points in a rational way.


  1. Oh cr@p, I am a white conservative male….my husband is going to be very shocked, and not at all happy to hear this!.

  2. Could you imagine the outrage if a news report was to reference another race like this? This is nothing but rascist dribble.


    Let’s face it white men with politically conservative views are intelligent !

  4. Simon, I tend to agree with your supposed politically incorrect views, which, sadly, probably are considered politically incorrect by a few, but that’s a completely different problem.

    If only all the effort that goes into having a go at “deniers” was used for something useful, like, say, looking at the research, or launching Al Gore (or similar) into the sun, then we’d all be better off.

  5. Tushar Ramesh via Facebook says:

    As a fellow male from an ethnic minority, there is nothing more I detest than hypocrites. And the folk over at the SMH that typify the left-wing intelligentsia are the epitome of that hypocrisy. When due scientific process and methods finds out that *gasp* AGW is a scam, their grand plans for social engineering are thrown into disarray. Which usually involves stealing from CWM (I’ll go further and say CRM – Conservative Rich Males) to redistribute around to those that they see fit.

    I’m disgusted by the violation and warping of scientific process – as an aspiring scientist I detest the dishonesty that the scientists over at the IPCC and various other governmental panels allow to go on via the politicians. We know the latter are untrustworthy, but there is a boundary where integrity to science and the integrity of ones discipline used to mean something. Used to.

  6. Agreed. Alarmists have given science a bad name – whoring out for government grant money.

  7. I’m with Banquos, it’s absolute racism. However since it’s levelled at ‘white’ persons it will never be classified as such. Another hallmark of the left, it’s only racist when it’s said or done by a white individual.

  8. What an absolute load of unadulterated piece of crap from the Sydney Morning Herald, gender has nothing to do with being a skeptic.

    What makes people, both male and female, skeptical are the lies told by so-called scientists and politicians, especially when they’re being rammed down your throat.

    The ‘no carbon tax under the government I lead’ lie was told to ALL Australians – not just men!

  9. Rick Bradford says:

    Actually, it’s not the CWMs fault for opposing the AGW scam, it’s the IHCs fault for inventing it in the first place.

    That would be “Intellectuals Hating Capitalism” and Martin Durkin spells out their case in this excellent essay.

    • Good post Rick … I always wondered why the ABC attracted left-wing looney types and this article says it all.

  10. The Loaded Dog says:

    “A US-based study has found that….”

    What a joke. Is this what “research” has been reduced to?

    Study something constructive you idiots…

  11. what qualification do the likes of mann, briffa, jones, hansen, pachoury, wong and garnout have in climate science? yeah thats right NONE!

  12. Bob Brown and Julia Gillard want to close down 2,000 megawatts of ‘dirty’ power. (Dirty power = carbon dioxide) They plan to have contracts signed before June 2012 – see here:

    Bob Brown said, “We know that Hazelwood’s one of the most dirty polluting outfits in this country, and if we can move to something better than that in terms of energy production and energy efficiency… we’ll be supporting it.” Senator Brown also said he hopes they would be replaced by cleaner technology like gas.

    Hazelwood supplies up to 25 per cent of Victoria’s electricity needs- some 8 per cent of the National Electricity Market – about 1675 megawatts, but there’s still a shortfall of 325 kilowatts,which is about half the capacity of a small coal-fired power station.

    How big is 2,000 megawatts? The Hoover Dam, in the USA, has a peak power generation of about 2,000 megawatts, and that system is massive. Much like the Aswan Dam across the Nile River, Egypt.

    So where is all this Bob Brown ‘gas powered’ infrastructure going to come from to replace closing down Hazelwood? More idiotic lunacy from the looney-left brigade!

  13. Hansen, Mann, Schmidt, Trenberth, Bradley, Hughes, Rahmstorf, Connolley, Santer, Houghton, Jones, Lovins, Flannery, Romm, McKibben, etc etc etc have unquestioning, rigid faith in Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change (CACC).

    They should also be labeled CWM’s- Catastrophist White Males.

  14. Yup, I’m guilty too. Perhaps CWMs don’t drink koolaid.

  15. Stop buying into the left/right paradigm. It’s a charade, and always has been. At the end of the day, both sides bank on the distraction.

  16. Kevin R. Lohse says:

    As argument from authority has proved to be a classic FAIL, one should not be surprised to find the watermelons resorting to argument by class-hatred.
    “Global Warming is the fault of the Capitalists . Workers, to the barricades!”

  17. Wow – could it be that conservative white males are also been around a while and see the leftist trash ( AGW ) for what it is is – leftist white trash?

    Of course – most conservatives are ( often ) right wing voters.

    Not rocket science……

    “If you’re not a socialist at 20, you have no heart.
    If you’re not a conservative at 40, you have no head”

    In other words – when youre young and naive, you follow “save the planet” causes.

    Then you wise up as you get older and realise the leftist twaddle is pure ideology with minimal real world application.



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