Professor William Happer on climate alarmism

Climate sense

Professor Happer is the quaintly named Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics at Princeton University – a serious academic, not easily dismissed as an extremist or crank. He has written a cogent summary of climate alarmism which is an essential read. It is overflowing with simple common sense:

A major problem has been the co-option of climate science by politics, ambition, greed, and what seems to be a hereditary human need for a righteous cause. What better cause than saving the planet, especially if one can get ample, secure funding at the same time? Huge amounts of money are available from governments and wealthy foundations for climate institutes and for climate-related research. Funding for climate studies is second only to funding for biological sciences. Large academic empires, prizes, elections to honorary societies, fellowships, consulting fees and other perquisites go to those researchers whose results may help “save the planet.” Every day we read about some real or contrived environmental or ecological effect “proved” to arise from global warming. The total of such claimed effects now runs in the hundreds, all the alleged result of an unexceptional century-long warming of less than one degree Celsius. Government subsidies, loan guarantees, and captive customers go to green companies. Carbon-tax revenues flow to governments. As the great Russian poet Pushkin said in his novella Dubrovsky, “If there happens to be a trough, there will be pigs.” Any doubt about apocalyptic climate scenarios could remove many troughs.

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    The message is clear that several factors must influence the earth’s temperature, and that while CO2 is one of these factors, it is seldom the dominant one. Other factors that influence the earth’s temperature are spontaneous variations of the complicated fluid flow patterns in the oceans and atmosphere of the earth (perhaps influenced by continental drift), volcanoes, variations of the earth’s orbital parameters (ellipticity, spin-axis orientation, etc.), asteroid and comet impacts, variations in the sun’s output (not only the visible radiation but the amount of ultraviolet light, and the solar wind with its magnetic field), variations in cosmic rays leading to variations in cloud cover, and other causes.

    ….And scientists believe they can build an accurate model combining all these factors influencing the earth’s temperature to extrapolate our future.

    Truth be known that dear old earth probably has no idea herself what will be happening next week!

    I wonder if Julia and or minders will get to read this excellent paper written for we laypersons.

  2. Thanks for the news feeds. I read most of them and follow the links to keep informed. I just read the full PDF version. Great summary. All it needs is a couple of pollies (most likely the independants) to contemplate the reality of this article and, hopefully there will be no more carbon tax.
    Cheers brian

  3. “Build it and they will come.” – now refers to pig snouts.

  4. Ooooh, I like this guy. Just keep that truth and common sense coming please!

  5. Richard N says:

    Professor Harper writes with such clarity, but I doubt that the likes of Gillard , Turnbull and co would even both to agkowledge the Professor as a valid scientist. Remember Gillard’s disgracfeul comment on Q & A . “Every reputable climate scientist in the wolrld agrrees on AGW etc”.

  6. How refreshing to read Professor Happers comments.

    If only ALL politicians were made the read this.

    Three quotes stand out:
    1. “Climate change itself has been embarrassingly uneventful …”
    2. “Our present global warming is not at all unusual by the standards of geological history…”
    3. “Mitigation and control efforts that have been proposed will enrich
    a favoured few with good political ties—at the expense of the great
    majority of mankind …”

    How very true.

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