Climate Madness of the Year: tackle climate change to prevent alien attack

"This is a stick up. Give us all your petrol!"

I seriously had to check the calendar to make sure it wasn’t April Fools Day, such is the ludicrousness of this story.

In an ever more desperate attempt to justify action on climate change (which will achieve precisely nothing), “researchers”, and I use that term in its loosest possible sense, from NASA and Penn State conclude:

“Green” aliens might object to the environmental damage humans have caused on Earth and wipe us out to save the planet. “These scenarios give us reason to limit our growth and reduce our impact on global ecosystems. It would be particularly important for us to limit our emissions of greenhouse gases, since atmospheric composition can be observed from other planets.” (source)

And they accuse the sceptics of being mentally unhinged?

P.S. I assume those “researchers” got paid for this. Trough, pigs – again.

UPDATE: See here for a few more flights of fancy on this subject.


  1. Isn’t it a little too late for that? Someone obviously sucked their brains out.

    • Mike the Targett Man says:

      DOH!!! PEOPLE!!!

      if you do the slightest of checking
      You’ll find it was a kid who worked at NASA (no, not NASA itself!!)
      doing a course at PENN
      On situational analysis
      And it was a ….HYPOTHETICAL!!!

      I.e. IT WAS A JOKE PEOPLE !!!!!
      Not real
      You gotta do some basic checking people

      • Oddly enough, it was serious enough for the Guardian to report it. Doh.

      • The point is Mark the Targett Man, this was supposed to be a ‘peer reviewed’ paper – regardless of whether it came from NASA or not.

        Hypothetical peer reviewed papers on catastrophic consequences of global warming appear from so-called ‘scientists’ every second day.

        The joke is actually on you … it’s from your AGW scientists. How many more papers like this are AGW crap?

      • raymond jones says:

        The only alien invasion we will get is the second coming and nothing is going to stop that.AFter that The earth will be purified.

  2. Do these lunatics have a giant spinning wheel like The Price is Right & just run with whatever scare they land on week to week.

  3. giant slap to the head,

  4. Bruce Oz Colyer via Facebook says:

    far to many hippy’s think there climate

  5. Extraordinary that tax payers somewhere have paid for this crap.

  6. if I was an alien observing this planet, I would take samples of all living creatures, store it in a data bank, and then let the dominant speicies kill themselves off, and then use the data bank to restart life with out the previous dominant species.

  7. Julia the Science fiction is in !

  8. Carol Adams via Facebook says:

    Wow, really…Bottom….barrel….anyone!


  10. Sharon Knapik via Facebook says:

    Same agency that put man on the moon. I could just cry.

  11. Dr’s Who, Spock, Evil and Ravi Shankar have been advising Jules of the Climate Science (fiction) “with apology to Richard for ripping off his slogan!

  12. Ralph Gericke via Facebook says:

    – Watching from afar, extraterrestrial beings might view changes in Earth’s atmosphere as symptomatic of a civilisation growing out of control – and avoid us like the plague and let us wipe ourselves out. We’re hardly a threat to beings who can observe us or reach us from light years away. Unless we destroy the universe.
    As a fun aside, it proves “scientists” know ETs exist. Maybe they talked to them before they dissected them 😉

  13. I’m expecting “Alien invasion prevention tax” very soon

    • If they do, they could say “Well, the tax must be working, we dont see any aliens.”

  14. Climate change has just taken a whole new direction ……. from new religion to mental retardation

  15. OMG, I was drinking coffee at the time as I was reading this, you don’t want to know. LOL.

  16. Or, these aliens may just be laughing at us for accepting global warming hysteria.

  17. Proof – the aliens are already amongst us … here’s a picture of their leader in human form and alien form.

    Here’s the rest of them posing for a photo opportunity.

    Here’s what they want you to do!

  18. Lynn a paper was published the other day that deniers and scepticswere suffering a mental disorder….

  19. Richard, can you put that link up….unless you were being sarcastic….

  20. Today’s Greens are the former communist. Ashamed of their real colour; they just put a green topcoat on. Green people from the Red Planet – the aliens have being here since the fall of the Berlin Wall. When they realized that they cannot oppress the democratic west with Kalashnikovs; they swapped the Kalashnikovs for CO2. On the earth going from red to green is unnatural. Tomatoes / capsicums go from green to red – that is natural on earth. The Martians are back to front on everything.

  21. Brian Bell says:

    You can all laugh as much as you want. You think this is a huge joke well there is evidence that the aliens are amongst us already. They have infiltrated some of the highest positions in the world in fact here in Oz one has become the second most powerful person in politics. Name Bob Brown mean anything to you. ROFLMAO.

  22. David Gregson via Facebook says:

    You got that right, Stefan. Just look at how ex-Commie Gorby founded the Earth Charter after the wall came down, which calls for a “redistribution of wealth within and among nations”. Global Socialism is at the very heart of the Green Movement, simple as that. They’ll use any means possible to instill the fear in us that we must comply with whatever ill-conceived law they impose without question, because according to them something must be done as soon as possible, otherwise the seas will rise and the Polar Bears will die. Or we’ll get invaded by aliens.

  23. This is what happens when the financial backing to NASA gets cut, No longer having the incentive to promote the usual AGW garbage which they were told to report theyve decided to promote their own crackpot theory, They are either as mad as a box of frogs or its their way of deliberately sabotaging the credibility of the scam AGW science fraternity, no funding = no propaganda.

  24. Bryan Harris says:

    This was another great find, as I rarely touch the Guardian, for obvious reasons – Thanks.
    As I say on one our local boards: “Desperation creeps in with: Aliens may destroy humanity”, in running with this.

    I believe its important to get this rubbish the AGW alarmists pretend is real out to as many as possible.

    We’re only a small band, but please feel to add to the converstaions.


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