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Thinking about the alien invaders story some more (although I have no idea why), it becomes obvious that the entire premise is flawed anyway.

Even assuming that “aliens” can detect our changing atmosphere, the information would travel at the speed of light to the alien planet/spaceship, which must then travel at a fraction of the speed of light to reach Earth.

The closest star with a known planetary system is 15 light years away (see here), or in old money, 142 trillion kilometres (142 with twelve zeros). Voyager 1 is currently travelling at 62,000 km/h away from Earth, and even at that speed would take 260 thousand years to travel 15 light years. So even assuming our environmentally conscious aliens:

  • live on the closest planetary system to our own, AND
  • have been monitoring the atmosphere of a rather small, rocky planet orbiting a rather ordinary star, AND
  • have the technology to detect a 100ppm increase in CO2 from Earth’s emission spectrum, AND
  • have the same useless climate models we have here, AND
  • have the misfortune to count among their number the alien equivalent of James Hansen, who finds this treatment of a foreign planet abhorrent, AND
  • set off immediately on receiving this shocking information, intent on saving the Earth, AND
  • have the technology to travel at even 100 times as fast as the fastest human space vehicle everAND
  • are able to transport the numbers of invaders and weaponry required to subdue nearly 7 billion Earthlings,

they would still not arrive for at least 2,600 years.

And these researchers call themselves “scientists”? Actually, it has given me an idea: perhaps we could send all our climate alarmists off in a capsule to save some extrasolar planets instead, and leave the rest of us alone. Isn’t that a nice thought?


  1. Ken Ward via Facebook says:

    But what if they are traveling in “”Green”” ships.?

  2. OMG we’ve lost our marbles.

  3. Robert Wickstead via Facebook says:

    Julia will tax them for their efforts, unless they are labour supporters…

  4. Matt Anderson via Facebook says:

    Operation Bluebeam… Google it.

  5. Antony Van via Facebook says:

    NASA is so desperate it needs UFO supporters as nobody else will believe them anymore

  6. Matt, AGW has shown that the masses will believe any sort of nonsense, without having to have holographic images of the 2nd coming.

  7. I dont want to live on this planet any longer. The stupidity is getting beyond rediculous.

  8. Björn Fältskog via Facebook says:

    don’t worry about alien invaders, they are not against you…….its invasion from within that you have to watch

  9. the only aliens on this planet are labour politicians lol


    Simon the climate scientists will counter your theory by saying alien intelligence was aware 2,600 years ago that global warming was coming to a place near them, so they will be arriving any day for a game of hockey.

  11. Uhavitbad says:

    No wonder, ACM, was not mentioned by the green invasion.

  12. Alien Intelligence, with emphasis on intelligence – therefore inherently not a supporter of AGW? Hmm, I think i’ve hit a new low when it comes to stooping to the level of AGW supporters…name calling, oh well, it’s Friday, and they started it!

    I did already suggest launching the alarmists into the sun…but I guess a space capsule to a nearby galaxy is the next best thing. I would feel slightly sorry for the aliens though, being preached at about how they should feel very guilty for creating “carbon pollution”.

  13. Whilst on the subject of nonsense and along the same lines as alien invaders, let me remind you:

    “I think that, within this century, the concept of the strong Gaia will actually become physically manifest.”

    “This planet, this Gaia, will have acquired a brain and a nervous system that will make it act as a living animal, as a living organism.”

    … and who was it that said that? Our very own disciple of Gaia.

    • gyptis444 says:

      It’s obvious the aliens are really out there! They are already exerting mind control over the Greens and……maybe Tim Flannery is their covert ambassador! He’s one of them! Yikes!

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      I suspect Flammers might be a reptilian.

  14. Sean McHugh says:

    Surely the only green civilisation exterminators that we need to fear, are the red kind. And they are already here!

  15. I will bet my left leg that no aliens will be contacted within the next 38 years, or the next 5,000 years for that matter. SETI was recently closed. After 31 years of scanning millions of stars and waiting for a signal of intelligent life guess what ? Nada, zip, nil, niente, nothing. Sorry for all the “Aliens will save us !” crowd but this beautiful blue planet in space that is a gift from G-d is the lone place of intelligent life in the vastness of space. If more people realised this they may just feel humbled about their purpose, mission and raison d’etre.

    P.S. I quite like walking so don’t want to be one legged. I’m sure my wager is safe however.

  16. kelly liddle says:

    I think this is hoax. If it is not how are they to wipe us out without killing any other species?

  17. Simon,
    I thought that the aliens, at least one of them was amongst us at NASA G.I.S.S. disguised as the mild mannered scientist Jimni Henson. (sounds like)
    No ?
    OK that means it is Homer Simpson that has the disguise.

  18. The “B-ArK” would be most appropriate, what better way to flee the mutant Star goat…'s_Guide_to_the_Galaxy#Golgafrincham

  19. It seems that this latest NASA theory came with compliments from a green plant they found growing in the yard & a packet of king size cigarette papers.

  20. Defeatist nonsense I say- nuke em before they nuke us!

  21. this planet is an insect planet, there is more biomass in insects than all of humamity put together. we are the unwanted gatecrasher…

  22. Another theory is that it is the tyranny of distance ,it is so great – exceeding forty thousand light years of travel for these aliens to pop in and say gday ;

  23. Also assumes that from 142 trillion klicks that they can tell the difference between increases in co2 from natural and man made causes otherwise they would have made a few trips over earths history.

    One would assume that they got sick of coming if they took the trip everytime say earths co2 was over 400 ppm, only to see lots of plants or some healthy looking dinos?

  24. In only 2,600 years? Oh my God, my God. We must act. This is potentially catastrophic. Start building defences now. Use the planets entire productivity if need be. To delay is to deny. Neither can we tolerate alien invasion deniers, they must be silenced, harshly if necessary. Our grandchildren’s grandchildren’s grandchildren are at risk if we fail to act.

    • I suppose the deniers are in the pay of Big “Little Green Men”… Anyway…. nobody cares about the laws of physics… so they can travel at any speed they like…. They’ll be here tomorrow…. they are probably here now!!!!!!!

      Bernie… we have to nuke the planet NOW to kill them….So some of us may not make it… but we’d get those Little Green buggers…. remember what Al Gore said… Global Warming is worse than Nuclear War… because “some people would survive a nuclear war”

  25. Bryan Harris says:

    Even assuming that “aliens” can detect our changing atmosphere, the information would travel at the speed of light to the alien planet/spaceship, which must then travel at a fraction of the speed of light to reach Earth.

    ….so if these “researchers” belive in their cock and bull, then they would have to disbelive the great Earth theorists who say nobody in the vicinity of Earth can travel faster than light … for this latest “idea” to be practical they would have to travel very fast indeed, otherwise, by the time they’d sent out a fleet to “Correct us” we’d probably all be dead due to a lack of Co2.


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