Bravo! ABC's balanced report on CLOUD

No bias! Hooray!

Credit where credit is due. I don’t want to knock Auntie just for the hell of it, so I am very happy to shower ABC Science with praise (OK, bit strong perhaps, maybe just a gentlemanly “well done” will suffice) for a balanced and sensible report on the CLOUD experiment at CERN.

No alarmism, no rubbishing the results, no questioning of the funding, no sneering comment from David Karoly or Andy Pitman, no pompous soundbites from Robyn Williams or Bernie Hobbs, no caveat that it’s still “really” all down to CO2 – none of that, just a fair and reasonable reporting of the results. Excellent.

Climate scientists have discovered a mystery factor in climate change models, following new research at the CERN particle accelerator, near Geneva.

First results from the CLOUD (Cosmics Leaving Outdoor Droplets) experiment show that trace vapours in the atmosphere, which until now had been thought to account for all aerosol formation, actually only explain a minute proportion of atmospheric aerosol production.

The research, published in the journal Nature, also shows that ionisation from cosmic rays may play a significant role in the process.

Understanding how new aerosol particles form in the atmosphere, and the effect these particles have on climate, is one of the big challenges of atmospheric science.

[ACM editor falls off chair at this point]. See? You can do it. It really isn’t that hard. Well done to author Carl Holm for this piece.

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  1. wow! i am surprised the abc would report on a real experiment with real results. i guess that shut karoly up

  2. I believe this is significant. I’m not referring to the CLOUD experiment. I mean the ABC reporting of it. Do you think the ABC would have carried a balanced report on this a couple of months ago? What’s changing?

  3. This seems like a desparate attempt to remove the warmist bias tag the ABC have lumbered themselves with, Now that the AGW boat is sinking fast due to having more holes than a teabag perhaps the ABC are considering “jumping ship” just to save face.

  4. Some smart individual at the ABC is paying attention to the writing on the wall.

  5. “No bias. Hooray.” You mean; “less bias. Hooray.”

  6. Yes I agree, kudos to the ABC for unbiased reporting of the CLOUD experiment, but I’m still perplexed why the ABC has one section for Science and then another completely different and separate section, where there is no mention of this experiment, for Climate Change. Then they have a completely different section, totally unrelated to both, for climate change under ABC Environment.

    Perhaps ABC Science is to appease the Right – ABC Climate Change to appease the Left and ABC Environment to appease the Greens!

  7. nah its a diversionary tactik

  8. Maybe they now have a grown up working there. Or someone has escaped from the groupthink pool.

  9. @jim in the pay of gillard? lmao

  10. Cathy Myors via Facebook says:

    Either that or some very significant scientific circle have advised them not to play brown games any longer!

  11. David Gregson via Facebook says:

    Maybe aunty realized that following a biased warmist agenda was costing them viewers…

  12. The Loaded Dog says:

    I’ll reserve my judgement.

  13. Maybe, just maybe, the penny has finally dropped and clicked on the light. Maybe ABC now means ‘Always Be Careful’ as the truth will eventually win out.

  14. The article is indeed well written and politically neutral. Given the influence of their ABC, I wonder if the AGW hoax would have even got off the ground in Australia if they had always reported on climate science like this? While I hope the trend continues, some of their journalists would be wise to remember that the internet will never forget and sceptics will never forgive.

  15. Farmer Dave says:

    Interesting! My old Physics text from 1966,Resnick & Halliday, shows tracks left by alpha particles in a cloud chamber. The tracks are condensed water vapour that result from particles passing through an atmosphere of saturated water vapour.
    English physicist C.T.R Wilson received the Nobel Prize in 1927 in Physics for the development of the cloud chamber which allowed him and others to study various effects associated with subatomic particles, in this case electrons. It is perhaps ironic that the focus on the particles ignored the effect that gave their tracks visibility. CTR remarked that the tracks resembled “little wisps and threads of clouds”. It would be marvelous if Wilson’s little piece of equipment has now been replicated, at mega buck expense by the boffins at CERN.

  16. Richard N says:

    Someone sholud ask the CSIRO boss for his take on these observations as well. Never know,he might even agknowledge that contradictory evidence to the unproven AGW theory does exist.

  17. Keith Harding via Facebook says:

    Change of Goverment in the offing perhaps ?

  18. Mike Jonas says:

    “Climate scientists have discovered a mystery factor in climate change models”


    As yet undiscovered by many mainstream climate “scientists”, there is an actual climate. It is to this that the experiment relates, not to models.

  19. Did you notice that no mention whatsoever of climate change and what this could mean to the whole AGW theory. None at all. They want to keep these findings as separate from AGW as possible…

  20. lorrainehogan says:

    I by no means know anything about clouds BUT interesting there is a competition for children by The Telegraph to draw pictures of the climate,rule number three quote “must include clouds” i found this very odd.


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