Non-governmental International Panel on Climate Change – Interim Report 2011

For an up to date summary of the huge body of science that challenges the “consensus”, check out the NIPCC report’s latest update here.


  1. Clearly, as seems to me from this report, what is settled and known in the so-called climate science is this; there are just too many known unknowns, let alone unknown unknowns to form any basis for settling the consensus on anything so chaotic as the earth’s climate. Period!

    As PM (Perry Mason, that is) would say; “Please enter this in the record as Exhibit A”.

  2. There’s a lot the read in the report, but for those with limited time, here are the key findings, as outlined in the interim report’s executive summary:

     “Models over-estimate the amount of warming that occurred during the twentieth century and fail to incorporate other important processes.”

     “More CO2 promotes more plant growth which counteract the heating effects of CO2’s thermal radiative forcing.”

     “During the Medieval Warm Period with less CO2, it was warmer than today’s world.”

     “Less melting of ice in the Arctic, Antarctic, and on mountaintops than previously feared, no sign of acceleration of sea-level rise in recent decades.”

     “Amphibians, birds, butterflies, other insects, lizards, mammals, and even worms benefit from global warming and its myriad ecological effects.”

     “Rising temperatures and atmospheric CO2 concentrations, by increasing crop yields, will play a major role in averting hunger and ecological destruction in the future.”

     “Corals and other forms of aquatic life have effective adaptive responses to climate change enabling them to flourish.”

     “Global warming is more likely to improve rather than harm human health.”

     “Even in worst-case scenarios, mankind will be much better off in the year 2100 than it is today, and therefore able to adapt to whatever challenges climate change presents.”

    Source: Key findings.

    • Thanks, Baldrick, for that summary – I’m running to stand still at the mo…

    • No problems Simon … and this is the NIPCC’s reasoning for their report:

      “We donated much of our time and best efforts to produce this report out of concern that the IPCC was provoking an irrational fear of anthropogenic global warming based on incomplete and faulty science. … While there is nothing wrong with initiatives to increase energy efficiency or diversify energy sources, they cannot be justified as a realistic means to control climate.

      Neither does science justify policies that try to hide the huge cost of greenhouse gas controls, such as cap and trade, a ‘clean development mechanism’,carbon offsets, and similar schemes that enrich a few at the expense of the rest of us.

      Seeing science clearly misused to shape public policies that have the potential to inflict severe economic harm, particularly on low-income groups, we choose to speak up for science at a time when too few people outside the scientific community know what is happening, and too few scientists who know the truth have the will or the platforms to speak out against the IPCC.”

      • coffeedrinker says:

        Thanks for the summary. Now how do we get those people in their lofty offices to read something like this????

        • Well first we got to get them to stop their basket weaving, lentil eating, sandal and tea cosy hat wearing habits – then we might have a chance!

    • Baldrick, Thanks heaps. There is one additional point viz. the warming in the 20th century is not unprecedented (in rate or extent) and appears to be a continuation of the natural warming which has been continuing since the end of the Little Ice Age.
      Similar warm periods in the past – the Medieval Warm Period, the Roman Warm Period, the Minoan Warm Period.

  3. I propose that they use a vacuum sucking device in Julia Gillard’s Office, and in Parliament when it is sitting, to collect the Co2 that they exhale and or expel from their bodies. And then release it over forest areas to encourage the growth of more trees. 😛

  4. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    The NIPCC’s 2009 report – Climate Change Reconsidered – was an impressive detailed analysis of the IPCC’s 2007 AR4, debunking the work of the IPCC by reference to an impressive wealth of peer reviewed scientific literature. I have no doubt that this report is just as impressive and just as authoritative.


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