Labor: clueless on climate, abysmal on asylum seekers

Not a climate story, but really THE story here in Australia today, is the High Court’s demolition of Gillard’s asylum seeker policy, which, in brief, was an agreement to send 800 boat arrivals to Malaysia in exchange for 4000 genuine refugees. The policy is now in tatters, having been ruled unlawful – the 800 will stay in Australia, but we still must accept the 4000 from Malaysia.

On climate, the government has treated the electorate with contempt, using blatant lies to mislead the public about the carbon tax. In the case of asylum seekers, the Malaysia solution was formulated SOLELY to cling on to political pride – the Gillard government was unable to bring itself to admit that the former Coalition’s Pacific solution actually worked. The Malaysia solution was therefore labelled the “anywhere but Nauru” policy by the Coalition, after the processing centre previously used, very successfully, by the government of John Howard. And now the whole thing has been torn down, leaving yet another key Labor policy area shredded.

This government is incompetent, arrogant, contemptuous, disconnected, compromised, and, thanks to the ongoing grubby saga of Craig Thomson, sleazy as well. When will it end? Somebody spare us.


  1. I use to think that gillard was dumb but as a fully signed up and commited member of the Fabian Society she is exceeding their greatest expectations.

  2. Are we ¨Surprised¨ by this? : (

  3. WHO OWNS the ALP? In the past Labour Caucus would be howling for the blood of any leader who polled as low as our JuLiar.Secondly whats up with the PEOPLE of Australia allowing these MORONs to give away 57 billion of our money to the Useless Notions.AS for the reffo’s LET THEM IN or SEND THEM BACK (climate change is natural and CO2 is life) cheers

    • I do NOT doubt that the vast majority of Australians would simpky love to get rid of this truly useless and costly government. But does anyone know how we can call another election ?

  4. Fred… brief and very true…….. ta mate!
    Now even tho the Convoly of No Confidence was considered useless (of no consequence) why don’t we arrange a mass march… all capital cities government offices……. No nasty-ness….. a silent protest…. LABOR OUT NOW

  5. Nenky L Wibawa via Facebook says:

    When was the last time Labor had a policy that actually worked?

  6. I’m only in my 40s so I wouldn’t know… LOL.

  7. the liberals are equally as clueless. abbott has black flipped and turnbull is just waiting for an ets to be fully implemented…dont trust any of them on policy relating to climate issues…

  8. ..and now Gillard makes the situation worse for herself:

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