UK: coldest summer since 1993

Not exactly Bondi, is it?

From the Weather Isn’t Climate Department. Ah, memories of an English summer’s day on the beach when I was a kid – before Global Warming, that is: covered in goosebumps, sand in the ice-cream, the bucket and spade are halfway to France, with the beach-ball not far behind, desperately trying to stop Granny’s deck chair from taking off, and now it’s drizzling. Idyllic. Looks like those halcyon days might be on the way back:

As Britons return to work today after a soggy Bank Holiday weekend, official weather data reveals that average temperatures were significantly down on recent years.

The UK’s average temperature from June 1 to August 15 was only 57F (13.9C) – the lowest for 13 years.

For central England the average was 59F (15C), making it the coolest summer since 1993.

Helen Waite, a Met Office forecaster, said: “The average temperature for central England this summer has been just 15C – this sort of temperature is normally typical of September.

“Generally speaking, you would expect to see temperatures of at least 17C for this time of year.”



  1. Vermin Ratt via Facebook says:

    dont i know it!!

  2. Now if we project forward in time the last two years average temperatures it will take a decade to the next ice age…. .Well isn’t climate science about joining dots and extrapolating ? I mean here is the official graph that I used to make my “Definitive Conclusion”….. A straight driving cricket bat.

  3. Bugger it, just get the tax in and send all our hard earned to those overseas who don’t have any, oh and our own who don;t have any as well, ok … and all the gumment workers and union people and grant chasers and departments / bureaus / offices / councils / committees and pretty much anybody who sticks their hand out and cries I’m depressed and persicuted, gimme something for nothing! FAIL Labor …. FAIL.

  4. but … but … but … a report commissioned by the UK government in 2008 warned that there was a high likelihood of a major heatwave, leading to as many as 10,000 deaths, hitting the UK by 2012. The UK is to be hit by regular malaria outbreaks, fatal heatwaves and contaminated drinking water within five years because of global warming. Source.

    10,000 deaths – malaria outbreaks – fatal heatwaves – filthy drinking water – and all before 2012! Oh the ironing.

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      10,000 deaths – malaria outbreaks – fatal heatwaves – filthy drinking water – and all before 2012!

      Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!

      It’s the end of the world as we know it. Run to the hills folk.

      It’s the Global Warming.

  5. So many governments in so many countries fell head over heels in love with the “gimme more money” scientists, so many of them proclaiming “we are all doomed if we don’t bring in massive taxes on Carbon-Dioxide !!”
    Not to achieve anything worthwhile, however. But only to ensure that they – these scientists – continued to receive increases in the money they are given by governments (which means taxpayers).
    And because of their lack of any brains, many ordinary folk simply believed whatever their government told them.

    • Kevin R. Lohse says:

      Nothing to do with basic intelligence. We live in a complex society. People have a right to be able to trust those, who are expert in complex disciplines which require years of study and experience, to give dispassionate advice to the public so that choices can be made. We should also be able to trust those who have been elected to govern our nations and communities to make decisions based on the manifesto with which they were elected. Both in the UK and Oz, the public have had their trust abused by both scientists and politicians who are more interested in self-advancement and imposing political dogma which would render a Party unelectable if included in a manifesto. It’s easy to get rid of a Government, as Gillard will find out in a couple of years, and Cameron is looking into the abyss supported only by the knotted string of Labour’s abject incompetence. It’s not so easy to get rid of alarmists masquerading as public servants. Proving gross professional misconduct over a difference of opinion is next to impossible,and the hockey stick saga has proved just how difficult it is to legally prove scientific incompetence. The crux of the problem is the appalling abuse of public trust by a few zealots in positions of power, and that will take ageneration to sort out.

  6. One would wonder if the carbon taxing provisions in the UK allow for it to be wound back if the same temps (or worse) are still being recorded in 10 years. By now the UK populace must be edging slightly toward more skepticism. I know the average Briton has swallowed the whole thing hook, line and sinker, but surely, after years of cold and miserable weather doubts would be edging in?

    Then again, Bill Bryson said that the UK would be the best place to try communism out, such is the group herd mentality in your average UK citizen. All those polite queues don’t just form themselves, you know. Maybe they’re all just queued up at the non-existent climate change window, each not realising the one in front does’t have an idea, either.

  7. And here in Perth it’s just been confirmed that it’s been the wettest winter here in Perth for 8 yrs.

  8. so basically, summer was different in 1993. wow! thats like suggesting climate/weather is a chaotic system.

  9. Wouldn’t the warmists be having a field day if thie was a exceptionally warm summer. But this little hiccough will be quickly brushed aside as an igsignificant aberration. This is not a level playing field folks. You wold really need at least a mini ice age for these good people to have a rethink.

    • It has been conveniently renamed Climate Change for a reason, and any natural disaster/event is somehow related human activity. Wait and see – maybe all this rain has been caused by the evaporation of the melting icecaps…….blimey, some whitecoats brain has just gone “bling”.

  10. @ brc, Your statement,,,,,,,, “By now the UK populace must be edging slightly toward more skepticism. I know the average Briton has swallowed the whole thing hook, line and sinker” is wrong, It might seem that way as the skeptics side of the debate is stifled by left wing media bosses who are under orders from our government shysters, Most Brits see the green taxes as nothing more than a blatant rip off,
    For a start they feed David Camerons in-laws to the tune of £350,000 per year to have useless turbines on their land that they dont use,
    Meanwhile Camerons wife is a devout Greenpeace supporter, (so much so GP are considering naming a boat after her),
    Also Nick Cleggs wife has a highly paid job in a spanish turbine company so another conflict of interest there,
    We have also noticed how useless the Met office are & how politcal they have become, I could give you loads of examples on what we are aware of but there are to many to list but we do realise it is corrupt from top to bottom.

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