The debate is over… on the carbon tax

Contempt for Parliament

With the carbon tax bills being introduced to Parliament, the government is doing its best to ensure that there is as little debate as possible. Greg Combet, difficult to like at the best of times, is at his most arrogant, contemptuous worst:

“Tony Abbott’s misinformed people, deceived people, told lies about things,” he said. [Better not mention the lies in the government’s ad campaign then – Ed]

“I don’t expect the Coalition to make much in the form of a constructive debate.”

The Coalition claim that there is no where near enough time to debate the complex bills, with each member only having a minute to debate the 18 bills. Combet explains helpfully:

“That’s all rubbish,” Mr Combet said, adding the bills would be debated as one piece of legislation. [That still is only 18 minutes per member for one of the most complex changes to our economy in Australia’s history – Ed]

Mr Combet said there had been 35 inquiries into climate change [all of them fudged or fixed – Ed].

“It really is time we got on with it.”

“Time we got on with it.” I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning. Just imagine Labor’s outrage at a minority Coalition government with no mandate, which broke an express pre-election promise to force through a hotly contested piece of legislation and then stifled proper democratic processes in Parliament by cutting short the debates. We’d have Combet, Gillard, Albanese and all the other Labor attack dogs shrieking from the rooftops. Tony Abbott responds:

Mr Abbott said it would be a “travesty of democracy” for the Government to rush its legislation through Parliament, especially as it had no mandate for a carbon tax.

He vowed to repeal the laws once a Coalition government was elected, despite concerns it might cause disruption to business.

“It’s never disruptive to get rid of a bad tax,” he told ABC Radio.

“It’s always advantageous to reduce business costs and they don’t want this tax and if they get it, they will want to be rid of it as quickly as they possibly can.”

Read it here.


  1. After forcing various green taxes on the people, politicians are also knuckling down to help reduce CO2 emissions by closing their mouths permanently, thus reducing the amount of bullshit released into the atmosphere by nearly 99%….!! HeHe!!

  2. This from the Victoria Greens facebook page when thier parliament sat late into the night pushing through ‘important legislation’ – “Can our MPs make appropriate decisions when they are fatigued? Is the Victorian government’s choice to push debates into the dead of the night reducing the rigour and clarity of the discussion and decisions?” Will we see a similar outrage from them about the late nights and rapid forcing of this legislation?

  3. So here we go: like a bunch of bogan shoppers, we’re first at the front door of the Kmart spring sale to sign up for this year’s junk fashion: the evidence-free “science” of a political organisation aligned with the UN, which set out to create a global tax economy based on an irrational hatred of the human race. The Australian political “elite”, overrun by zombies of what used to be called the extreme left, are a laughing stock in the world outside of the UK and Germany, which are similarly afflicted by this periodic anti-civilisationist scourge last seen in Australia in the 1960s and 1970s. We have faith that our democratic political and economic system will survive the ranting window-smashers and car-burners of Gaia who have left their ancestral home in Nimbin to trash our public life.

    • Remember this tax at the next election. Vote for whomever promises to scrap the tax.

      And btw you’re right, the rest of the world is laughing at the Ozzies right now. What a shame.

  4. Julia Gillard also said this morning, “It’s an historic opportunity to propel our manufacturing sector to the forefront of smart, low emissions technology. Those who stand against the clean technologies that come with a price on carbon are no friends of Australia’s manufacturing sector.”

    But just how is Australia supposed to compete in the manufacturing sector on clean technologies? China is the world’s largest manufacturer in this department by far. It leads the world in manufacturing solar cells, wind turbines and other ‘green’ energy technologies.

    An Australian carbon ‘dioxide’ tax will make absolutely no difference to our ‘green’ manufacturing, even with a $10 billion clean energy fund. That money will only add to the coffers of China as there is no way our manufacturing sector could compete with cheaper Chinese industries.

    So the so-called ‘historic opportunity’ will turn out to be more like a ‘hysterical opportunistic’ lie by Julia.

    • “China is the world’s largest manufacturer in this department by far. It leads the world in manufacturing solar cells, wind turbines and other ‘green’ energy technologies”

      And guess how they’ve gotten there. By burning Australian coal. For Australian manufacturing to reduce its carbon tax, it will need to buy more Chinese-made Australian-coal powered green technologies. The irony of all of this is beyond comprehension.

  5. Gillard’s Gullible Gaggle can be assured that the electorate will neither forgive nor forget this treachery!
    The only hope for Labor is to drop Gillard AND the carbon tax.

    • Its time Ozzies stood up and voted these lunatics out of a job. They can find new work in the coal mines.

  6. Ryan Clark via Facebook says:

    Say goodbye to democracy everyone, fascism is upon us

  7. Freedom of speech – gone. Fail Labor you socilaist bastards.

  8. Tom, well said. The anti-civilisationists of the 60s and 70s could contribute their crazy views to the euphoria and hallucinations of lots of cheap drugs. I am not sure what is affecting the current round of anti-civilisationists ?Perhaps the euphoria of power – that is hanging onto it if you are Labor and if you are a Green the euphoria of being able to exert so much power for amounts to relatively speaking a few votes.

  9. this is the man who wants to place a filter on the internet. scary thought!

  10. we have to melt down the phones and computers of all our elected reps to tell them we’re not going to take it, no we’re not going to take it anymore

  11. in one of the ads selling the carbon tax features town with two wind turbines, with everyone proud as punch that they are “doing something”. in two of the shots of the turbines both are stationary…

  12. she really has proved herself a political whore

  13. It’s really strange to see them so hell bent on pushing this legislation through. They must know it is electoral suicide for the Labor Party. I reckon they must have a fair inkling that the ‘science’ behind the policy is very suspect. They must be aware that most other significant economies are either only paying lip service to the CO2 abatement policy or are moving away from it. I can only presume that Labor are ramming this legislation through because the Greens are holding a gun to their head: “pass this or else election now”. The alternative, that Labor believes in catastrophic man-made global warming is just not plausible. They’re not that stupid, surely?

    • Somebody has told them to pass this legislation or else,it’s the only explanation, somebody owns this mob of cretins and it’s not the people of Australia.One thing is for sure they don’t give a flying f$$k about us.Any fair dinkum lawyers out there is this even legal.CO2 is LIFE

    • “They must be aware that most other significant economies are either only paying lip service to the CO2 abatement policy or are moving away from it.”

      That’s correct, almost all major economies are not going anywhere near carbon taxes or Cap&Trade. There is nothing in Japan, the USA, Canada, Russia, Africa, central and south America. Nothing.

      Even the International Olympic Committee has dropped their carbon reduction goals.

  14. I’d like them to show a few examples of the Green Revolution and how it has benefited those where Green projects have been build with Government assistance. I can’t find ANY projects that have lasted the distance after Government subsidies have run out. US/Germany, none there.. Only benefit I can see is to manufacturers in China and to those in the west looking to make a quick profit and run…. So where are these jobs Juliar?

  15. If it looks like [snip], smells like [snip] and sounds like [snip]……
    It must be [snip]!
    Combet must be the biggest piece of digestive waste product ever!

  16. And Senator Milne says, “This is great day…You have no idea how excited people, particularly young people, are across the country right now.” Just where are all these excited people? C’mon, show me?
    All the young people I know of are happily living at home with their parents, cushioned from the reality of life while their parents pay all their bills (or subsidise them), buy their groceries, buy them new cars, pay their insurances etc, etc. Are they excited because during all their school years they’ve been fed with “save the planet” guff and now they probably think they’ve made a difference with no clue on how it will affect real society? Grrrr.

  17. The greatest conn of all time.

  18. gunna has a very valid point ,,, now that they have brainwashed the naive younger generation their job is so much easier

    • Not all the younger generation. I have 4 under 30 – 2 married, 1 with a child, all working, only the youngest at home, and all against the carbon tax and the nonsense being trotted out by this government. I also saw quite a number of younger people at the various rallies I have attended, so there are some that don’t believe everything they are fed.

      • congrats to you denise , there are always inspiring exceptions to the trend such as your self 🙂

        • Thanks Paul. Please be assured that I was not boasting, just that I know some very good young people and I hate it when they are all categorised as gullible/brainwashed. I’m sure if you have children you teach them well too.

        • as a matter of fact , my son has had the odd debate with his teachers on global warming ,funnily enough they don’t ask me to come in & explain his insubordination 😉

  19. I’m actually in favour of doing things that incent our reduction of imported energy – particularly from those parts of the world for which oil money provide the capital to fund some very bad behaviour. However, my take on the current Australian Carbon Tax is that is nothing more than income redistribution. If I read my expensively printed (no use of low-carbon delivery methods) flyers, 50% of the carbon tax proceeds will go to the lower income earners to offset their higher costs. Thus, 90% of the population will get more money from the 10% who will fund this. And I agree with those who have scoffed at Julia’s assertion that this will somehow propel our manufacturing industry. Higher costs always lead to lower competitiveness. Against China (who isn’t doing much if anything to reduce carbon pollution), low cost manufacturing is all that matters. Scant chance of Australia competing there. We ship China raw materials, they ship us back finished goods. Sounds like the definition of a colony.

    • The claim that 90% will be compensated is a deception. You can be paying $200 in increased costs due to the Carbon tax and be getting a $20 tax offset and that counts as compensation, even-though you will still be $180 worse off. Just another con and more spin by this government

      • “50% of the carbon tax proceeds will go to the lower income earners to offset their higher costs.”

        This probably true in the first couple of years, but give it awhile and the 50% of proceeds will begin to fall under the excuse of raisng government spending.

  20. You’d be forgiven if you missed it, but yesterday Greg Combet addressed a pro carbon tax rally outside parliament house in Canberra. “It’s a good package and it’s a Labor package,” Mr Combet said. “We’re going to do it. The government has the necessary support in the House of Representatives and the Senate to be able to legislate it.”

    All 50 (yes, you heard correct – 50) retired union members, who gathered for the rally, were suitably impressed, no doubt. No disparaging remarks from the Liberal/National coalition and no comment from Albanese on the rally of non-attendance!

  21. The government is correct about one thing. What is there to debate? Will this change the climate? Will this improve productivity? Will the bureaucracy cost money or will it actually reduce government debt? Is there consensus on the position that the planet will heat up causes vast damage to humans and ecology? (not the consensus about past events as the warming that is agreed upon is far to slow and we will be entering a rapid faze of warming now with all those feedbacks) So unless the government accepts any of these realities there is not much to debate.

  22. For the first time in my long life, I now fear that there is a very real threat of politicallly motivated mass unrest and ( unfortunately ) violence. I hate the idea of anything physical when it comes to the political sphere ( after all , its just pathetic and woftam politics ) . Spending time tlaking to a wide range of people in a lot of walks of life informally, there is a pulsating and palpable seeting anger juyst beloiw the surface of most people over the carbon tax. I have *never* seen average mild mannered middle class people as angry as they are now.

    Gillard is just a politically disposable pawn – if it wasnt her it would be some one else. The carbon tax lack of debate in parliament is similiar to the mechanism they used to pass the odious US Patriot Act.

    It stim efor people to relaise the communists just arent the greens – there seems to be a concerted effort to create a communist state and tax it into the ground to create a Australian socialist “uptopia” of disfunction.

    I never thought I’d see th eday when the govt would obviously rtry and destroy asutralia from within, like Obama is in the US – Oh hang on – Obama is a marxist..hmm….

    • “For the first time in my long life, I now fear that there is a very real threat of politicallly motivated mass unrest and ( unfortunately ) violence. ”

      And it would be justified. You government is ramming a tax down your throat against your will. Its time Ozzies stood up and voiced their opinion. What are you people, sheep?

      • Where have you been? klem. We in Australia have been protesting this since day one BUT our arrogant PM and her cohorts do not listen to us, real scientists, the rest of the world, etc

        • they were gloating over the low numbers in the convoy of no confidence ,,, they didn’t realise that most of the people that couldn’t make it are working class that have real lives & can’t just jump on a bus at the drop of a hat like the green rent a crowd

        • What was even more interesting – when they organised their own pro-carbon tax rally outside parliament house 2-3 weeks ago, only 50 turned up! Yes you read correctly 50! Now who has the rally of no consequence?

        • @ denise below , hmm , funnily enough i didn’t hear about that on the news , i wonder why they kept that quiet

  23. The only thing that can save us from the .00000000079 degree raise in temperature over the next 100 years is to give all your money to the government!

    They’ll know what to do. they always do!

    After all, have you EVER, in the history of the world heard of a government doning anything harmful to it’s own citizens?

    Do it for the Earth. Do it for the CHILDren…argggggggggggggggggh!

    • in the words of yahoo serious in young einstien ” if you can’t trust the governments of the world who can you trust ” lol

  24. In Spain it cost 2.2 regular non-green jobs for every green job created.

  25. @chris in spain also solar power was being fed into the grid overnight. the power was coming from diesel generators. under investigation as we speak…something to do with feed in tarrifs…or put it another way fraud!

  26. Combet…. a recycled member of the seekers?

  27. The rest of the world has woken up to “Climategate” etc. Even the president of greenpeace resigned because it was not about saving the environment but about cash! Even if you pass these off as “conspiracies” the is NO escaping the fact that Julia Gillard lied. Nothing new there but I would just like to put in on the record that Australia has already voted against the Carbon Tax. Even those who sit on the fence MUST acknowledge thst just even the fact that bills have been drafted makes a mockery of democracy. This is extremely concerning. If the “debate is over” I simply say this. A majority of Aussies don’t want the tax, simple as that! Let’s move on the a Bill of Rights for Australia an other important things not just another tax!

  28. All you carbon tax bashers understand that the liberals have an identical policy right? Both major parties have declared the necessity of reducing our emissions by 5%

    • Yes but with the recession chances are Australia has alsready surpassed the 5% target. All of Europe and North America have already surpassed the Kyoto targets by 10%, simply due to the global recession.

      • Prove it. And show me how anything other than an emissions trading scheme will keep our emissions at a 5% reduction by 2020


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