Lies and spin launch carbon tax bills

The eighteen carbon [dioxide] tax bills were introduced into Parliament yesterday. As usual, Julia Gillard couched the introduction in lies, misrepresentations and spin.

Let us not forget what Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan said in August 2010, days before the last general election:


But, desperate to stay in power after the narrowest of election victories, and having sold out to the Greens for their support, Gillard and Swan promptly executed a 180 degree about turn, betraying the electorate to appease Bob Brown and his band of eco-tards.

Here is Gillard’s introduction, from Hansard (PDF), with some comments included:

This House has been debating climate change for decades. Parliamentary debate of this issue predates this building itself. My predecessor as member for Lalor, Barry Jones, once said this about climate change, ‘If we are only prepared to plan five years, 10 years, 15 years or 20 years down the track all the dangers that are feared can be avoided.’

Those words were spoken 24 years ago next week.

We have now had decades of heated public argument and political opinion.

Alongside decades of enlightened scientific research and economic analysis. [But this government only listens to the research and analysis that fits its pre-conceived agenda]

After all those opinions have been expressed, most Australians now agree [FALSE – most Australian’s strongly DISAGREE]:

  • our climate is changing [TRUE – as it has for 4.5 billion years]
  • this is caused by carbon pollution [FALSE – the relative contributions of natural and anthropogenic drivers is completely unknown]
  • this has harmful effects on our environment and on the economy [UNKNOWN – the effects of a natural global cooling could be far, far worse]
  • and the government should act. [FALSE – nothing Australia does alone will make any difference to the climate]

And after all that analysis has been done, most economists and experts [that I have selectively chosen to listen to, that is] also now agree: The best way is to make polluters pay [Australia’s most productive industries suffer] by putting a price on carbon. [Gillard still continues to refer to the harmless trace gas carbon dioxide as “carbon”]

So that is the policy of the government I lead. [Ironic that she chooses the identical phraseology to that used in the video above – just to rub it in, perhaps?]

And that is the plan which is before the House now.

A plan for a carbon-pricing mechanism which means around 500 big polluters pay [most productive Australian industries suffer] for every tonne of carbon pollution they put into our atmosphere.

A plan to cut carbon pollution by at least 160 million tonnes a year in 2020. [Which in real terms is square-root of bugger all]

A plan for tax cuts, increased pensions and increased family payments. [If you want people to reduce their usage of fossil fuels, why are we compensating them? Is it because this is more about wealth redistribution than climate change?]

A plan for clean energy jobs and investment [Total nonsense – every manufactured “green” job costs real people REAL jobs]. A plan for a clean energy future for our country [people will use “clean energy” by themselves when it is competitive. Forcing them to do so simply skews the market and allows green industries to cream massive subsidies].

Today we move from words to deeds. This parliament is going to get this done. [We’ll see]

This government is riding roughshod over the electorate of Australia. It has no mandate to introduce this tax, and should rightly put the question to the people of Australia at an election. The opinion polls tell the story. Ordinary Australians have had enough of the lies and spin. We can only hope that one or two Labor MPs with a conscience (are there any??) will vote it down out of principle. But I think that is highly unlikely. Just a bunch of brainwashed lemmings that do as they are told.


  1. The central lie is that we are experiencing a known human-caused climate crisis, a claim based on speculative theories, contrived data and totally unproven modeling predictions. And the evidence? Much is revealed by politically corrupted processes and agenda-driven report conclusions rendered by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which are trumpeted in the media as authoritative gospel.

    S. Fred Singer, former director of the U.S. Weather Satellite Service and University of Virginia professor emeritus commented about these sorry circumstances in the foreword of my book, stating in part:

    “Many would place the beginning of the global warming hoax on the Senate testimony delivered by James Hansen of NASA [director of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies] during the summer of 1988. More than anything else, this exhibition of hyped alarm triggered my active skepticism about the man-made global warming scare. This skepticism was amplified when I acted as reviewer of the first three IPCC reports, in 1990, 1996, and 2001. Increasingly claims were made for which there was no evidence; in some cases the ‘evidence’ was clearly manufactured. For example, the 1966 report used selective data and doctored graphs. It also featured changes in the text that were made after the scientists had approved it and before it was printed.”

    Other fraud is evident through public exposure of e-mail files retrieved from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at Britain’s University of East Anglia. Scandalous exchanges among prominent researchers who have fomented global warming hysteria confirm long-standing and broadly suspected manipulations of climate data. The communications also reveal conspiracies to falsify and withhold information, to suppress contrary findings in scholarly publications, and to exaggerate the existence and threats of man-made global warming. Many of these individuals have had major influence over summary report findings issued by the IPCC. Still other evidence comes from mouths of government officials, international climate summit organizers and leading science spokespeople recorded in candid public admissions.

  2. Clearly someone has to find and show the public the money trail — this is grand theft and everybody knows it … but no one dares to demand imprisonment for those who are behind it …

  3. If it’s good enough for Muslims to protest against the appropriateness of a Liberal Senator tabling a petition, where is the criticism of Gillard introducing a Bill for a tax which she promised we wouldn’t have under the government she leads?
    Or is there one set of rules for Islam, the Green Left and Labor, and another for everyone else?

  4. Ken Ward via Facebook says:

    Green = Communism.

  5. This brings up the burning question: how easy will it be for an incoming government to reverse all this nonsense?

  6. “Don’t waste your breath on fools, for they will despise the wisest advice.” Proverbs 23:9

  7. Don’t expect any Labor politician to ‘cross the floor’ and vote down this piece of undemocratic legislation. Labor Party rules strictly forbid its members from ‘crossing the floor’, unlike the Liberal/National Coalition.

    Add to this the proposed Labor/Green ‘Media Inquiry’ designed to silence critics and dissent of the government and its policies and soon we’ll be living in a totalitarian State, where the government will not just tell us how to live but we’ll also have to pay for the privilege through their ‘air tax’.

  8. This has to be the biggest hoax the World has ever seen.

  9. Australian citizens / voting public are no longer the #1 priorty. This minority government is only interested in minority issues / policies and outcomes. What a disaster, what a complete failure.

  10. Bombard every polies post box with registered letters (which must be signed for by the way) stating that a a citizen you want the right to vote on this, if we all send letters not emails can you imagine the amount of mail aust post will have to deliver, o

  11. A while ago I thought Barry Jones was one of the smartest human beings in Australia. Either he’s under the thumb of the party, or he’s just good at remembering stuff, even if it’s wrong, or both.

  12. The Coalition will rescind the legislation when they win power in less than 2 years. That’s good. What the Coalition needs to do right away is ditch the “direct action” CO2 abatement policy (a hangover from previous Liberal leaders) and just start talking straight about the issue. Catastrophic Man-made Global Warming is a scam. Only fools (Gillard), conmen (Big Green climate ‘scientists’) and anti-industrialisation, anti-capitalist extremists promote it.

  13. The Loaded Dog says:

    Probably get snipped, but the only word I can think of to aptly describe this government of totalitarians is [snip] – but even a [snip] is of more use than this abomination of a government.

  14. its already too expensive to do business in aus. now gillard has made it even more expensive. the company i work for aquired an aussie company and it is steadily stripping out work and sending it overseas not because of the carbon tax, but now the direction is set, the practice of offshoring/bestshoring will speed up, they were just waiting. thanks gillard for exporting jobs. not sure how you can grow a jobless economy

  15. I really hope this piece of legislation goes through, it will be a significant step ahead for Australia and indeed the rest of the planet. Not only will the environment benefit but also future of the economy. Julia really needs to be congratulated for the her courage on this issue, whilst history will one day judge Tony Abbott as a populist fool who pandered to the interests of clowns.

    On another note, The Australian has really been impressive on this issue, today’s editorial was right on the mark;


    • You are delusional if you believe a carbon tax will benefit either the climate or the economy – it will do nothing for the first, and damage the second. The Australian editorial is completely unsurprising – that has been their line since the start.

  16. Bryan Harris says:

    If I were a socialist opposing this misbegotten falsehood, I’d be searching for some dirt on any of the leading players to bring this filthly government down….. to avoid a carbon tax coming in.

    No politician is 100% clean – so perhaps it’s time to play dirty and rake up some past misdeeds………….. Abusing parliamentary expenses is a good one.

    • Jan Armstrong says:

      Great idea, Bryan…but who will do the raking? I suspect Thomson and Gillard both have a lot of questions to answer…hence the media inquiry which will certainly try to nobble independence of the press. How corrupt can this mob get??

      • Bryan Harris says:

        Thats a good question Jan – and I suspect the answer is that we haven’t seen anything yet!

        Over here in the UK, our MP’s got quite a shock over expenses, with some ending up in jail… but the fact is mp’s have become arrogant, in general. They forget they are there to serve us, and this is happening around the civilised world due to the socialist influence of people like Gillard who see voters as an incumbence.

        Start investigating those in parliament that lie, NOW, and let’s see what else they have to hide.

  17. bevan pidgeon says:

    please understand they are nothing but treasonous traitors selling us out to the new world order libs will not rescind this tax if they win government as they are just as bad ,politics in this country is nothing but a circus for the mugs. if you care enough to visit sites such as this at least look into what I am trying totell you check it out on the net

  18. No wonder the opposition abandoned the chamber when Gillard started her boring drone about the glorious clean energy future based on her broken promise. I have just had a gut full of Gillard and apparenty judging by the polls, I am not alone.

  19. From the information provided and the comments sent, it is clearly obvious that this BS is criminal and has to stop. So what are WE going to do about it. Writing blogs is great, informative and allows one to vent ones opinion and frustration. But it is not going to stop these people from following their agenda. I believe the time has come to take action. We need to combine and stand up to the lunacy taking place in Australia and worldwide. We need someone to lead and organise and the rest have to follow and STOP these obvious criminals from destroying our country and our future. Lets act NOW!!!

  20. Jan Armstrong says:

    We know this government has its own agenda regarding the carbon tax but, even so, how many Australians have been completely ignored by a bunch of politicians with “questionable” backgrounds which they continue to deny? A bizarre mixture of people who have wormed their way through dubious union connections in order to destroy our country! So much for their arrogance! The day will surely come when they will be held accountable and we can certainly look forward to that.

  21. Billal Aziz via Facebook says:

    @Grant Macgill, At least someone understands…. 🙂

  22. They didn’t sell out to the greens it was the independents who forst them to have a carbon tax or they would not get their votes. The greens would never give their preferences to Liberal National cause they know they don’t give a shit about the environment. Victoria is a prime example of that.

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