The Left's policies of censorship and indoctrination

Stephen Conroy, er, hang on…

Censorship and indoctrination are two ugly sides of the same coin. The Left has infiltrated the education system in Australia to such an extent that students emerge from schools and universities with a twisted world-view based on half-baked Marxist preaching, environmental extremism, cultural relativism, post-modernism and a black armband view of their own history and culture.

They have been taught to abandon the canon of Western literature and scientific achievement, to hate the United States and Israel (naturally), ignore and abandon the Judeo-Christian traditions of Western civilisation and eschew the benefits of market driven economies, and instead celebrate the numerous failures of socialism and multiculturalism, glorify underachievement and mediocrity as a result of an “equality of outcomes” based approach, sympathise with the Palestinian “struggle”, and, of course, support action on global warming and other green/Left ideologies.

It takes years, and possibly decades, of experience and maturity for many (but by no means all) to realise that the world they learned about in school bears little resemblance to reality, and is a world viewed through a distorted red/green prism.

All the while, the Left can stand proudly by and watch entire generations of young people pop out into society as virtual automatons pre-programmed to accept their dangerous ideologies and policies.

But wait, we can’t have this… Some media organisations aren’t playing the game! They actually have the gall to challenge the system which we have so carefully constructed, with subversive articles which expose the failures and hypocrisy of the Left! The people are thinking for themselves – this is not acceptable. The people must only think what we tell them to think. Despite the fact that we have the ALP-BC and Fairfax to spread our propaganda (which they do very well thank you), their influence is waning so rapidly that there is a danger of losing control of the message. But then a miracle occurred…

And Lo! There came from the Land of Murdoch a phone-hacking scandal! And verily did the Left rejoice! “This is perfect timing”, they said unto themselves! “We can use this as an excuse to bully and harass the heretics from the Land of Murdoch and suppress any dissent! We must have an “inquiry” into those dangerous media organisations, with terms of reference vague enough to allow us to damage them sufficiently to prevent them from spreading their misrepresentations whilst appearing at all times that we are being even handed and fair.

And thus was born Labor’s inquiry into the hate media (© Bob Brown).

And if that wasn’t enough, it might cover blogs like this one as well. From Stephen Conroy’s press conference (no link):


But you’d also have to define who could be complained about and what the penalities would be once they were complained about? A tweeter, a blogger, a…


Well, as you said. Now you’re canvassing areas that I think will be richly canvassed in the inquiry, and these are the sort of… these are, the questions is… you’re asking all the legitimate questions.

Imagine the surprise – there was I thinking Stalinism had died out, only to find it alive and well and living in Canberra.

[thanks to Gunna]


  1. Steve Visscher via Facebook says:

    The most effective method any dictator uses is to control the media. Control the media, control the message. Interestingly though, the network of the Left, the ABC, has been exempted from the inquisition. Take a look at your local radio and TV covergae in your respective states. Here in Melbourne, the ABC has more stations than any other outlet.

    • Carmel Robinson says:

      There was a great moment on ABC’s Q&A a few weeks back where one Liberal Minister pointed this out and said, well, the ABC has certainly got an agenda, why can’t both sides of politics have the same? To which the audience applauded loudly and the other panel members had little credible to reply.

  2. Peter Gosnell via Facebook says:

    That’s nailed it.

  3. Scary.

  4. We must all worship Al Gore and the Rothschild banking dynasty. I feel it is my duty to pay taxes to fuel Al Gore’s private Jets and heat his many large mansions. I feel like I owe the elite of the world my hard earned money because I commited the crime of exhaling carbon dioxide a deadly poisonous gas which plants breathe. Oh god I commited a thought crime of being sarcastic I need a healthy dose of Channel 9 news to set me straight. Ahhh good ol Tracy Grimshaw and her serious journalism. I had this problem of critical thinking until I watched Today Tonight and it cured it instantly. The globalist carbon tax Kool-aid tastes so good!

  5. Jesus, Simon, you know the majority of your posts are sensible, intelligent and well argued, however that load of nonsense above.., well, where to start? Do I remember you criticizing Monckton for associating Ross Garnaut with Hitler?

    You’re pushing this site into the realms of fiction and doing yourself absolutely not favours by doing so.

    • Instead of just calling it a “load of nonsense”, it would help if you could articulate your disagreements. Then we might get somewhere. In the absence of such explanation, I would distinguish the Monckton comment. There is a substantial difference between invoking Stalinism in the sense of the ideology of totalitarianism, which I believe is a valid criticism to make, and a comparison with Hitler. [I concede the photo caption went further than I should have, but hey, this is satire] The intended attack by Labor and the Greens on the freedom of the press is an extremely dangerous move which must be very strongly resisted.

      • I hardly think Conroy’s media inquiry, or internet censorship policies, whether you agree with them or not, amounts to totalitarianism and I don’t understand how it’s not okay for Monckton to liken Garnaut to a murderous dictator, but it is okay for you to do that to Conroy?

        Anyway… I passed through the Australian Public School system not that long ago, and my nephew graduated last year. I don’t remember those lessons on U.S/Israel hating, maybe I was sick that day? Also, interestingly enough one of the final essays my nephew was required to write was on media bias, he attended a public school, in Canberra.

        But you are right, the world we learn about in school does not represent reality. Schools in Australia generally teach principles such as equality, understanding and inclusiveness. Whereas the real world is full of racists, bigots, misogynists and many other cateogories of moron, so it seems there are plenty slipping through that red/green net you claim is draped over our school system.

        That’s probably enough for the moment.

        • The Loaded Dog says:

          “That’s probably enough for the moment.”

          Yes, well I’d have to agree with you on that last sentence. The odor of your sanctimony is quite nauseating..

        • Convincing argument, you just keep lapping this crap up, afterall that’s what dogs are good at.

        • The Loaded Dog says:

          yip yip…growl…..

        • The Loaded Dog says:

          Oh, by the way Jon. I have this overwhelming urge to cock my leg on your post. Something else us “dogs are good at”

      • coffeedrinker says:

        Simon I couldn’t agree with you more. At school events we have been having children singing the “sorry song” before thanking our local people for letting us be on their land. We have no pride in our history at all!

  6. It is actually kind of sad that Conroy is a skeptic, given the inquiry he’s getting behind.

  7. Rick Bradford says:

    Leftism comes from a strong emotional need to change things, to control things, and by so doing, to boost a fragile ego.

    Everything else is detail.

  8. Agree with all of this.. I don’t watch the Soros networks much only to see what they are saying. But most of this I pick up on the internet. The left is NOT going to win this too many of us are awake.

  9. It does sound a rather extreme attack. However I do find Gillard’s desire to censure the media with her brand of “quality”, rather frightening. I have also found most chalkies to be totally indoctrinated with the AGW crap and incapable of logical thought, let alone being able to teach kids how to think critically.

    • You have agreed with both main points of my argument: censorship of dissent, and control of the education system, so why is it extreme? What have I said that is untrue?

  10. It is true

  11. All very interesting except that there is no such thing as a “left wing” in any Western country that I know, we just have right wing and far right wing. Climate change? Just another way for the big end of town to soak the working class. Hate the US, you betcha, after living there for 10 years and seeing how many people their actions have killed around the world, many more than any terrorist group, how could you not? Israel, funny how they treat the people whose land they stole the same way as Hitler treated them. Curious!

  12. A harmless little enquiry full of sound and fury signifying nothing, which no-one need fear but keeps the Greens occupied and happy. What’s wrong with that? As long as they are busy and happy they won’t be doing too much harm.

    Stalinism will never die, but as long as they have no real power that isn’t stalinism.

  13. This page is part of the political paradigm ., showing a biased view and never critisizing the liberal coalition at all on their climate change bullshit policies. All the parties need to be abolished

  14. The new Gulags to be at Christmas Island and Nauru. Bring a hat! Unless of course they decide on the Siberian Solution, in which case make sure it’s a furry one 😉

  15. I can’t comment on what’s taught in the classrooms about politics but I can comment on what’s happening on the environmental front. Jon: there is worrying environmental indoctrination going on. It’s unbelievable that even the Science teachers, who I thought would carry with them some of the scientic principles discussed in this blog, are blindly gobbling up the shaky theories Labor are dishing out, then spitting them out to the students. Save the Planet stuff finds it way into almost every facet of school life. It’s frightening. And by ‘Save the Planet stuff’ I mean extremism, not good ol’ recycling, smart use of energy resources, etc.

  16. The Loaded Dog says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Pure brilliance. Who dares not give this priceless government a standing ovation?

  17. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    When do you expect we’ll see the Gillard/Brown government initiate it’s urgent inquiry into union fraud and misuse of members money. I’m sure it will have the government’s highest priority?
    It’s obvious this media inquiry is aimed solely at shutting down legitimate criticism exposing the ineptitude of this bunch of clowns we currently have running (ruining) the country. The claim that the UK News of the World phone hacking scandal somehow justifies this witch hunt has to be the most transparent of “fig leaves”.

  18. I am always bemused by this sort of diatribe because what it does is espouse the exact thing that the writer is complaining about. It is the George W. Bush view of the world – “if you aren’t with us, you are against us.” If the schools and Universities are so effectively brainwashing our children with left-wing philosophies how come half of them voted for the Liberal/National Coalition at the last election. From my experience within the University system students are more conservative now than in the past. I agree with Jon’s comments that the post is a load of “nonsense” because there are no facts to support the argument. Besides I thought this site was about climate change.

    • Hurling insults is so easy from a position of ignorance. If you’d actually taken any time to research education policies in Australia in the last 30 years (as I have) you would find plenty of evidence for the statements in the article. And your characterisation of the article is also way off the mark – I am not suggesting that students be brainwashed with an equally divisive right wing agenda either. Education should be policy neutral (as far as possible) and not be driven by any political influence one way or the other. It just happens that the bias is to the left – do you disagree with that basic statement as well?

      P.S. Yes, this is a climate blog, but an issue such as this is relevant to the expression of dissent – which, in the current political attitudes towards climate, is what this blog engages in.

      • So if we express an opinion that differs from your own, that amounts to “hurling insults?” As far as I can see there are no insults in Rodd’s post, unless of course disagreeing with you is an insult? The closest this exchange comes to being insulting is you accusing Rodd of being ignorant, and that’s pretty tame. If you are going to make inflammatory claims like our children are being taught to hate America and Israel you should probably provide some evidence to back that up, maybe it’s true? I don’t know, but this is definately not my experience of the Australian school system. Simply saying you have researched this matter does not make your claims true. Rodd is not suggesting that you are suggetsing students should be brainwashed with a right wing agenda, he is questioning whether, due to your assertion that school leavers predominately have a left wing bias, why are they they voting liberal, national, the shooters, one nation, family first, the christian democrats or other right inclined political parties?

        • Sorry mate. Life’s too short. If you disagree fine – I’m not going to waste my time justifying myself to you or anyone else. If you don’t like it here (which you clearly don’t), then feel free to leave.

    • Bob in Castlemaine says:

      Rod commented:
      how come half of them voted for the Liberal/National Coalition at the last election.
      I suspect the reason is simply because most children acquire wisdom through years of real world life experience, they grow up. That wisdom then forms the basis for them to think independently and make more informed decisions.

  19. Strange how this pathetic government has rushed to put in place a media inquiry in the hope of controlling what is said about the government.

    Yet there is no need for inquiries into the handling of the Pink Batts fiasco, or the School Building Revolution or Illegal Immigrants or the stealing of union funds.

    It makes Yes Minister look like a reality t.v. show.

  20. I had to laugh Simon. It was a good article. As a mature age Uni student I have to agree with you. One of the subjects I was doing was predominantly mature age students, over 35, and when the lecturer walked in to see it wasn’t mainly school leavers you could see his face drop. It was almost like he physically realized he couldn’t bullshit or brainwash us because we would see around it straight away. The class was very nonpolitical while still being PC.

  21. bevan pisgeon says:

    the biggest traitor we have seen in this country was the fabian bob hawke who said in his address to the centenary dinner in 1984 ( for the right moment we must wait and when we strike we must strike hard or our waiting will have been in vain), I have been following the progress of the new world order for many years and can see this coming to a climax . they have covered every aspect of their takeover for control , don`t believe that the libs are any better they are in this just as much as juliar brown suggest people have a look at invisible empire with an open mind

  22. How about an enquiry into the behaviour of labor politicians ; specifically gross dishonesty prior to an election and gross misappropration of union funds.

  23. @grant Yes All QAbbot is doing is saying no to everything. He does not have a policy he thinks he is the policy. This country will be F@#$%D if he gets into power Mr no work choices He will just put a new name on it.

    • Feel free to pay as much carbon tax as your heart desires. There will be plenty of opportunity to folk in over to some Euro carbon trader next year. Mayby you can set up a direct debit from or bank acccount. Dont forget to throw a coin in the fart box every time you fart or burp. Just remember every little bit of gas counts!

  24. i did some googling & found this :

    you might get a giigle out of the quote for chapter 27 down in the table dealing with criticism 😉

    here’s a couple of quotes to whet your appetite from the full text :

    The Communist Party does not fear criticism because we are Marxists, the truth is on our side, and the basic masses, the workers and peasants, are on our side.

    If we have shortcomings, we are not afraid to have them pointed out and criticized, because we serve the people. Anyone, no matter who, may point out our shortcomings. If he is right, we will correct them. If what he proposes will benefit the people, we will act upon it.

    full text here :

    i am no way endorsing this train of thought , just letting you know what we might be up against , although with the level of censorship being proposed i don’t think bob & julia like being reminded of party shortcomings 😉

  25. Bryan Harris says:


    I agree fully with the sentiments you present, but would add that this is not just about Australia – it’s happened in the USA and the UK.

    Just to take eductaion – people can analyse it as much as they want, but you only have to look at the results of 30+ years of socialist indoctrination in schools and universtities to see that the western world is falling behind educational standards in countries liken China and India.

    As for Murdoch – the whole hacking scandal has been blown up for political reasons. You only have to look at the timing of when this broke in the UK to realise it was orchestrated to some degree.
    Murdoch had supported blair(labour) and had helped to keep him in power, but when Murdoch switched support to the Tories, that’s when we started to hear about the phone hacking.

    If labour(UK) had won the last election with the support of Murdoch then its MVHO that the scandal would not have surfaced.

    What triggered Murdoch to switch allegiance is the big question!

    Whatever happened, the greens and the left now saw Murdoch as a target to be investigated across the Western world. That he was also attacking MMGW and carbon taxes shows he had some degree of integrity.

    Particularly in Australia at this crucial time, the left are trying to silence Murdoch, and they always play dirty – this is what we have come to expect of the left.

    This subject needs a lot more investigation – not just Murdoch, but the motives of the bloodhounds of the left need to be fully exposed to view. So, I hope you’ll do more on this Simon.

    By the By – some links you may not have seen on the general MMGW subject: … elease.pdf

  26. Thank you Jon for your support and your understanding of what my post was trying to say. However, after reading Simon’s comments I am taking his advice and moving on. I have been a research scientist for over 40 years in both the public and private sectors and so have taken a keen interest in the climate change debate. But I have become weary of the left-wing/right-wing slanging match that has developed both here and on other climate change sites. So time to go.

  27. PoliticalPunk says:

    Please people don’t fall into the trap of the false left right paradigm. There is no such thing as left wing/right wing politics, doesn’t matter who they are: Liberal/Labor or Republican/Democrats. As they are both two sides of the same coin. BOTH parties share common interests and goals, as well as a covertly unified ruling authority over the political issues of the masses.

    The two major political entities (Its always TWO isn’t it, why is that I wonder?) act in concert to create divisiveness among the population while keeping control of the political spectrum. they utilize their tremendous hold over mainstream media to dramatize political distractions and engage in covert warfare and operations, in grand performances of bureaucratic rivalry meant to propagandize and divide the populace. Divisive issues are purposefully fed through the major media outlets to divert attention away from the ruling class’s hidden and ulterior and global agendas. By drawing attention to the differences between the two embedded political systems, ideologies, races and classes, the political groups obscure political clarity and divide unity among the masses. The tactic creates confusion and frustration among the population, which enables the ruling class to increase and consolidate their wealth and power through maintaining an illusion of a two-party system of checks and balances that actually works.

    We are living in a two party dictatorship here people & have for some time, its time to wake up & smell the Fascism.

    • Bryan Harris says:

      Please people don’t fall into the trap of the false left right paradigm.

      Sorry but that is so wrong …. there will always be socialists, unfortunately, and there will always be those that believe in setting men free.

      The left political parties are socialist by nature, and you can see this by the way they destroy the economies of whole countries – the right political parties have certainly moved to the left because of educational indoctrination….but the way they operate is way different to the left.

      While I might agree that there is a political collusion to keep the political stalemate of the two party system, that doesn’t mean there is no difference between political parties.

      What we really need is more small independant parties to break the power of the two… but more than that we badly need a huge push to the political right for all political parties and politicians.

  28. PoliticalPunk says:

    As for schools and the educations system, it is seriously messed up. In a Nutshell: School/Education Facilities does not teach people how to be an interdependent & critical thinker, oh no school teaches kids & teens how to be a slave/servant. School dictates that you may not think outside the box & in no way, under any circumstances are you EVER allowed to question authority on anything no matter how trivial or morally incorrect.

    Schools are now constantly forcing completely biased one-sided propaganda on kids: such as the lies & fraudulent data of the crackpot “scientific” (pffft) THEORY of Al Gore’s non-existent Global Warming alarmism nonsense in a range of classes from Science to English & Society/ Environment without even a mere mention of other side of the argument. Even now the teachers have been reduced to telling blatant lies, such as in my brothers science class the teacher made the ridiculously untrue claim that every scientist in the world accepts “Honest Al’s” theory of Global Warming as fact. What a load of BS, 30000+ scientist in America have signed a petition rejecting the fraud of GW,what does he have to say to that.

    I’ll also point out that at every school I’ve been to they are ALWAYS trying to force religion down your throat, specifically Christianity & I’m not even talking about private or religious school, these are just regular public schools. It seems every bloody month or two they have a new christian options thing happening (ironically there is no option unless your parents write you a note). Why is it always CHRISTIAN options? Why not Hindu options? Or Buddhist options? Or even Muslim options? Why is it that a public school which is supposed to have no connection to any one religion is persistently trying to covert everybody to Christianity. Now I’m not a religious man & I respect that people can believe whatever they want to believe but If there is one thing I cant stand it is constantly having the same religion pushed on to me by over-eager school chaplains.

    Honestly once you have learned the basics: to read, write, basic maths, computer usage, etc. Afterwards school becomes huge waste of time, after a certain year I barely learnt anything at school. It seems that near the end of school there is less & less practical learning & more theory. All you seem to do is write endless essays & do a ton of meaningless paper work, all this bureaucratic BS doesn’t teach teens how to live in the real world. I learnt & matured a hell of a lot more once i left school.

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