US CO2 regulation on hold indefinitely

No action

You see? Australia IS slipping behind the rest of the world. Slipping behind in abandoning action on climate, that is. Only Julia Gillard, Greg Combet and the rest of the Labor no-hopers think that the world is still rushing ahead.

Europe’s economy is heading down the pan, and very soon they will be rueing the day when they set in stone ridiculous and unachievable emissions cuts and renewable energy targets, and that leaves just a few tiny contributors with emissions trading schemes, like New Zealand. The US is far too nervous about a possible GFC II to take any action that might damage its economy further, and as for China and India, well, apart from a few transparent gestures to keep the eco-tards happy, it’s business as usual thanks very much.

The Environmental Protection Agency is again delaying a plan to curb greenhouse-gas emissions from power plants, saying it needs more time to propose the rule. The move comes amid intense pushback from business groups and Republican lawmakers who complain a recent slate of EPA proposals are chilling business investment and hindering the economic recovery.

“I am very pleased by today’s announcement that one of EPA’s most economically damaging rules will be delayed,” Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe said in a statement, adding that Republicans would work to block other EPA rules from coming into effect. (source – subscription)

So, Julia and Greg, how long can you keep up the presence that the world is “moving forward” with climate action? Just until the carbon tax bill is passed, perhaps?


  1. We are still in shock that he lightened up on that! Much more to go!

  2. Makes one scratch their head when US emissions are around 15 times more than Australia’s, especially with similar land mass areas……

    Ms Gillard “Lead us not into temptation and deliver us from evil.”

  3. new zealand introduced its ets this year after the national party won the last election. ALREADY restictions and emissions reductions tragets etc are being scaled back to help the economy recover from the gfc and the two massive qukaes that struck christchurch and yet gillard, fooled by economists and models, wants to destroy the australian economy. thats NOT a smart move gillard are you paying attention to the eu zone? i hope someone i canberra is…germany and france have already stated there is no more money and china has also hinted its not lkely to help either. be careful what you wish for gillard

  4. I don’t think she is listening to anyone, the science it’s settled according to her advisors. It’s in Flannery’ s hands, the IPCC’s and out depends what the Council of Foreign Relations and co wants us to do..

  5. @tony garnout is gillards primary climate adviser, flannery is just a part-time sponger on $180k for that part-time role

  6. The United States Senate report on the EPA’s greenhouse gas proposals said the following: (source – pdf file)
    “The evidence is clear: these rules threaten the economic viability of America’s manufacturing base and hundreds of thousands of well-paying jobs. Moreover, these rules will bring little, if any, public health or environmental benefits. As Americans suffer through a jobless recovery, EPA is pursuing policies that exacerbate our economic problems and do not improve the environment.”

    The benefit:
    “…global mean temperature is estimated to be reduced by 0.006 to 0.0015 °C by 2100.” (Page 17)

    The cost:
    798,250 jobs at risk (page 4) + US$78 billion per year extra costs onto the economy (page 14).

    Well at least the American government can see a bad deal when it’s staring them in the face, in times of global economic uncertainty, unlike the Australian Labor/Green government!

  7. oh the reponse will be that the EPA has been got at by monied-up lobbyists to produce an unfavorable report!oh wait a minute, is that not how julia’s climate report was drafted?

  8. Whilst on the US of A, a recent study by Phillip King, economics professor at San Francisco State University, reported the impact of rising sea levels along the Californian coast could be devastating for the tourist industry.

    “Venice Beach, famous for its medical marijuana shops, skateboard park and open-air bodybuilding, could lose up to $440 million in tourist and other revenue if the Pacific rises 55 inches (1.4 meters) by 2100. An hour up the coast, a dropoff in visitors to Malibu’s Zuma and Broad beaches could cost up to $500 million in lost tourist income and tax revenue, according to the report.”

    Meanwhile, back in the real world sea levels since the 1980’s have stayed relatively stable in the Los Angeles area. Oh well … must have been too much medicinal marijuana!

  9. Julia Gillard is leading Australia into penury with her communist beliefs. Her government must be overturned.

  10. i don’t think her mind will change ,,, she’s hell bent in luciferian destruction mode ,,, you know – i’m going down & i’m gonna take as many with me as i can

  11. Patrick Kelly says:

    Only Julia Gillard, Greg Combet and the rest of the Labor no-hopers think that the world is still rushing ahead.

    If only that were true!
    Unfortunately it isn’t. We have little hope in this country until the opposition parties discover the intestinal fortitude for some plain speaking. At the moment we have bi-partisan support for emission reduction targets. It is only the means of achieving them that differentiate the parties.
    Truth be known, if it were to be shown that emissions reduction was desirable, then, in fact, taxation / ETS would be the way to go. Far better economically than the charade that the coalition puts up about direct action.
    Greg Hunt maintains that he is a believer in “The Science.” Get rid of him.
    Let’s have the coalition make a clear statement that the whole CAGW charade is off limits and express an intention to withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol. Then perhaps we can make some progress with genuine choice.
    Enough pussyfooting around.

  12. Have been out for 2 weeks in a row with Senator Mitch Fifield and some Liberal Party members, and on Saturday Sophie Mirabella was there too, and we were getting signatures to Stop the Carbon Tax. We will be at another venue next Saturday morning doing the same thing.

  13. The Ecco-Mobsters have co-opted environmental Science. There is/was an unspoken covenant between Lay-people and the practitioners of Science on Society’s behalf. The Scientists dispassionately compiles and distills the data, and Society charts how Humanity integrates that
    knowledge into the fabric of our lives. Stepping away from the climate issue, and just looking at the actions & behavior of those the public would normally trust, what I see is the entire issue ENCAPSULATED by Collectivist & Socio-Political agendas, forcing me conclude that powerful elements have sized upon these issues as away/method to sequester more than just our Carbon.
    I frankly don’t trust them…it’s a condition they have brought upon themselves with the series of duplicitous actions regarding how they established their so-called consensus. The “Warmest” community then further aggravates and “poisons the well” by calling us “Flat Earthers” and “Paleo-intellects”.
    Setting aside their elitist disdain, It’s nothing short of suicidal for our Carbon based society to enact the deconstruction of our energy matrix, along the radical time-table advocated by the likes of: Hansen, Mann, Cueller, et al…
    Spain is further along in this path to destruction, and the results have endangered their economic viability. Gabriel Calzada, a leading professor of applied environmental economics in Spain, president and founder of the classical liberal think tank Instituto Juan de Mariana has reluctantly
    concluded the following: “Californians will soon suffer under full-blown European-style energy policies. These include mandated greenhouse gas emission reductions of a sort achieved to date only through economic collapse, and fantastic mandates for renewable energy that so far have caused economic hardship elsewhere.” His study has concluded that for every “Green Job” generated–Spain has lost 2. President Obama in the throws of the Solyndra mess, frequently mentions Spain as a model to follow.

  14. Seven degrees says:

    For you global warmists out there: what do you have against plants anyway? You claim you are “green” yet you wet your pants over increasing CO2 in our atmosphere. Plants think you are stupid and prejudice. Are you?

  15. Very telling. Will the lemmings marching off the cliff in The Australian Labor party take notice? Probably not. That’s how it is with lemmings.

    A correction to the article (correct word inserted):

    So, Julia and Greg, how long can you keep up the PRETENCE that the world is “moving forward” with climate action? Just until the carbon tax bill is passed

  16. Michael Petterson says:

    There’s a petition at which is threatening legal action ,as follows:

    REFERENCE: Clean Energy Bill 2011, Clean Energy Unit Issue Charges Bills 2011, Clean Energy (Household Assistance Amendments) Bill 2011, and the Australian Constitution s.51 and s.55

    We the undersigned would draw the Joint Select Committee’s attention to the above mentioned Bills, insofar as they appear to represent breaches of the Australian Constitution s.51 and s.55.

    Should the government press forward with passage of the above mentioned legislation in the Parliament, we the undersigned advise that injunctions will be sought preventing the issue and/or the auction of carbon Units, and also preventing the issue of Clean Energy payments (Household Assistance), until such time as the constitutionality of key points of the legislation can be tested before the Courts.


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