Josh on the Goreathon

Nobody's listening to ya, Al!

If you, like me and 99.9999999% of the population of the planet, missed the 24-hour Goreathon of climate spin either by good fortune or by design, Josh provides a useful summary over at Bishop Hill. By all accounts it was the usual hysteria and misrepresentation, so much so that even the Greenies switched off.

To paraphrase Steve Fleming in The Thick of It, Al Gore is moving from the man people love to hate, to the man people just hate. From Simon Cowell to Piers Morgan.


UPDATE: Piers Corbyn draws our attention to a post on Climate Realists which is worth a read.



    Simon, I have to humbly concede to being one of the 0.0000001% who did sneak a peak…..

    To witness “made-up” bimbos reciting carefully scripted Q and A , the expereince causing me to contribute to the world’s emissions, with a puke….

  2. You will be interested in the lively debate on the Climate Realists reprint of the Guardian Article ‘A moment of clarity. Is Al Gore now a help or hindrance to global warming cause? ‘ – on
    which includes UPDATE by Piers+others

  3. Al Gore is planning to close the book on climate change “debates” once and for all with “The Climate Reality Project”.

    24 Presenters – 24 Time Zones – 13 Languages – 1 Message … FAIL

  4. Poor Al. No one’s listening to him anymore.

  5. The Real Al Gore in pictures

    Get out your hankies you are gonna need them because you will be laughing so hard you will need them to wipe away the tears.

  6. Al Gore is the biggest Snake Oil dealer this planet have ever seen.

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