Coalition to demolish carbon tax

The Coalition's plan

There is currently a flurry of activity to beat the deadline for written submissions from members of the public to the Joint Select Committee on the proposed carbon tax. But in all honesty, why bother? Why does anyone think that a government that is hell bent on introducing this tax at any price will take any notice of what the public think? The whole exercise, like everything else to do with the carbon tax, is a sham which will make no difference whatsoever. Have they listened before? No. Are they listening now? No.

Save your ink and the postage (or your fingers and a few KB of data sending an email). There are only two ways that this tax will be defeated: (a) some Labor MPs with a conscience vote it down; or (b) we wait for an incoming Coalition government to repeal it. Option (a) won’t work because, there aren’t any Labor politicians with a conscience (and even if there were, they would be prohibited from voting against the party anyway), so we’re left with option (b), which fortunately looks more and more likely:

THE Coalition will today sink Julia Gillard’s plan to send asylum-seekers to Malaysia and has vowed it will purge all elements of Labor’s mining and carbon taxes when it wins the next election.

In an escalation of the Coalition’s policy rhetoric, Joe Hockey has warned householders and businesses that any compensation they receive from the government over next July’s introduction of the carbon tax will be taken back by an incoming Coalition government as part of a push to improve the government’s budget position.

The opposition Treasury spokesman has also vowed to amend Labor’s industrial relations laws to deliver “worker mobility”, re-emphasised the Coalition’s promise to demolish Labor’s mineral resources rent tax and rejected the use of its proposed parliamentary budget office. (source)

In other words, any last trace of this appalling government will be airbrushed out of history. Good.


  1. Shame on them all..I still think there is a hidden agenda, this is being pushed to hard….Sad for Australians, we have lost our voices and have a Gov that is hell bent on bringing this nation to its knees

  2. Whilst the Government is so arrogant it thinks it can ignore the wishes of the people, it is still very important to get our feelings on the public record. Thus everyone opposed to the carbon tax should submit something – even if it is a statement of agreement with the general opposition to the tax. The key will be significant numbers of people in Labor held electorates, particularly the marginals, contacting their MP and voicing their opposition to the tax.

  3. If you can lay your hands on a book called “watermelons” by James Delingpole the agenda is all explained in that in great detail, Although despite of the writer being a UK columnist for the telegraph & blogger the book only seems to be available in the USA at present, although it is available in “kindle” format only in the UK.

  4. The Loaded Dog says:

    “any last trace of this appalling government will be airbrushed out of history. Good.”


  5. I know this seems off topic but youtube…Stan Deyo, ufo’s are here 1977…the last 40 minutes are mind blowing..Did he really know what was going on 35 yrs ago….I keep searching for reasons as to why Gov’s are pushing for this Tax…conspiracy? Well who really knows?…But we do know that Gov can and do keep more from the people than we’ll ever know

    • Please keep the ufo stuff off skeptic sites (leave it for the NASA warmist faction to theorise about alien invasion because we are over CO2-ing our planet). If you want a more plausible conspiracy theory, read Give Julia the Boot below.

      • bevan pidgeon says:

        no this is all about the new world order unless we can understand what is going in we will only ever be usefull idiots for the traitors that are destroying our nation

    • i always thought she ( julia ) was reptilian

  6. The reason for the tax is so that the labor voting faithful on hand outs get extra dollars every week. I doubt that they realize that energy costs are going to rise so will think they are on a windfall. Tax cuts for low income earners also for the same reason. Simply the beginning of socialism …..tell the workers you are looking after them with gratuitous hand outs and get re elected. Still worked at the last election…

  7. The reason for the tax is so that the labor voting faithful on hand outs get extra dollars every week. I doubt that they realize that energy costs are going to rise so will think they are on a windfall. Tax cuts for low income earners also for the same reason. Simply the beginning of socialism …..tell the workers you are looking after them with gratuitous hand outs and get re elected. Still worked at the last election…

  8. Public comment submissions are a waste of time. In South Australia the labor government called for public submissions on the introduction of a tram line extension, Mt Barker rezoning rural land to residential, Desalination plant, Roxby Downs extension. The first 3 had much public opposition and Roxby Downs indenture is yet to be announced.

    Those who submitted responses were ignored as the government was simply following protocol prior to bulldozing through their agenda albeit with hostile opposition as is the current case. Suggest government reaction is simply the middle upward pointing middle finger salute …

  9. The reason for the tax is to pay for Bob Brown’s planned 50% power from solar and wind by 2050. Absolutely nuts, technically impossible and at a staggering cost. Gillard also has been keeping quiet about their plans for the carbon tax to increase SEVENfold by 2050.

    It will bring the Oz economy to its knees.

  10. I don’t think it’s “Labor faithful” anymore … it’s more a socialist bender. Tax us here, make us pay more, give more to welfare people, send more overseas to others, give more to the new world government (the U.N.) it’s is quite alarming …. and the main aim is to reduce sea rises and temperature. What’s the link? Fail. I hate Brown and the Greens.

  11. Do you really think they have the balls or the integrity to do the right thing? I don’t but I’ve been wrong before.If my theory is right and somebody OWNS the Labour Government (UN?) WHAT makes you think they don’t own the opposition as well.Sadly I think once this legislation is passed we will never see the end of it,PLEASE PLEASE let me be wrong.Climate Change is Natural and CO2 is Life.

  12. coalition to demolish carbon tax and then when in power impose something similar with a different name wake up people all political parties and sitting politicians right now need to be fired!!!!!

  13. Is this a case of dumb and dumber? I love Joe Hockey but it’s not very smart to alert the electorate to the fact that they will have to repay any compensation received to a returning coalition government. Why confuse the issue? The people who get this payment sure won’t be wanting to give it back and these are the very people who put this dumb Government in [in the first place]. Zip it Joe until you’re home and hosed!

  14. Let’s not forget the other bureaucratic benefits embedded within the carbon dioxide tax legislation:
    – ACCSP: The Australian Climate Change Science Program
    – AGEIS: Australian Greenhouse Emissions Information System
    – ANREU: Australian National Registry of Emissions Units
    – BCCPP: Bilateral Climate Change Partnership Program
    – BDF: Biodiversity Fund
    – CFI: Carbon Farming Initiative
    – CFINKCF: Carbon Farming Initiative non-Kyoto carbon fund
    – CFS: Carbon Farming Skills
    – CSLF: Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum
    – CFOC: Caring for our Coasts policy
    – CEFC: Clean Energy Finance Corporation
    – CES: Clean Energy Skills initiative
    – CCAP: Climate Change Adaptation Program which incorporates the-
    NCCARF: National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility
    LAPP: Local Adaptation Pathways Program
    IAHS: Integrated Assessment of Human Settlements sub-program
    CCASPP: Climate Change Adaptation Skills for Professionals Program
    – CCA: Climate Change Authority
    – CMAP: Coal Mining Assistance Program which incorporates the-
    CSJP: Coal Sector Jobs Package
    CMATSP: Coal Mining Abatement Technology Support Package

    I’m only up to ‘C’ but if you want to see the full list you can go here.

    If the government were serious about reducing our carbon dioxide emissions by 5% by 2020, all it needs to do is get rid of the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. Oh sorry … that should be the DCCEE.

  15. Another person called Nick says:

    The fight against this carbon tax is not over until its gets through both houses, I say we should all at least try to get some submissions in, or the government will assume all is well from behind their rose coloured glasses.

    The other problem is, can we really believe what the coalition says? Politics in this country has degenerated into a blatant grab-for-power followed by even more blatant underhanded and populist manoeuvres to keep that power.

    Joe Hockey does say that the ‘compensation” will be removed, but doesn’t mention the tax. I have fears that, as has been pointed out on here, the extreme cost involved in removing the tax may cause the Libs to say that they can’t remove the tax because they have to “fix the economy”, or some such thing.

    Damned if we do, and damned if we don’t, it seems.

    • Actually Nick, what Joe Hockey said was:
      ‘We’ve committed to removing the carbon tax. I don’t think it’s hard to introduce legislation to abolish the carbon tax.” Mr Hockey said he did not believe it would be a problem removing compensation given to households and industries. ‘We have sent a very clear message to business that if you enter into an agreement with the government, do not assume that we will not come along and try to unwind it,’ he said.
      See here.

      I think after the last ‘carbon dioxide tax’ lie from Ms. Gillard, politicians of all persuasions have got the message from the Australian electorate that they don’t support liars.

      • Another person called Nick says:

        Many thanks for clarifying that for me Baldrick, please forgive me for being…err…sceptical…and for being too lazy to read the more on what Joe Hockey actually said!

  16. Labor and Greens are hellbent to destroy Australia as nation in their quest for Socialist New World Order.
    If they succeed in entrenching their corrupt and deceiptful Tax on Carbon our economic future will be down the drain. These neo-Marxists spent lot of taxpayers money to work out their schemes to do maximum damage.
    It is good to hear from opposition that they will throw that rubbish out but one should already now keep informing all these greedy bankers lining up behing morally and otherwise corrupt government that their money sucking plans may not come to fruitition. All of these “investors in carbon credits”must be told that they are not going to be allowed to suck us dry and transfer the money overseas to other Al Gore’s Franchisees.

  17. I agree that sending anny statement/comment/whatever to the Federal government will virtually certainly be a waste of time/effort/etc. But if we don’t, they will very loudly tell us “Nobody complained, so why should we change anything ?”

  18. The Coalition (Labor/Greens) have set a “Booby Trap” in the CDT legislation…if ANY government down the track wishes to repeal the CDT legislation, it will be liable for huge compensation payouts….so here we have a gov’t that is not only willing to stuff up the country now…..but they want to make sure that no-one can fix their mistake later……

    • Betty Whiffin says:

      This Greens/Labor government is a complete dictatorship. To place a clause in the CDT legislation that if any government down the track wishes to repeal the CDT legislation it will be liable for huge compensation payments is not only despicable but we hope will be unconstitutional. We trust that people will stand up and not only fight for this legislation to be dumped completely, which will do nothing for the climate or environment, but in particular this Clause which is aimed at Tony Abbott and the Coalition for daring to say that they will repeal the law if in government. This CDT law is wholly based on communism and pity help Australlia if we go down that path.

  19. We are cursed with the government of no integrity. no honesty and no competence. IPCC and its sponsor governments have a mutual, vested interest in supporting the (C)AGW agenda.
    Gillard’s thieving gangsters have brazenly demonstrated their total contempt for the electorate. To them, democracy is just an inconvenience, an impediment to implementing their socialist agenda. This is amply highlighted by the deliberate efforts to make it difficult if not impossible to repeal the carbon tax.

    The government’s carbon tax is undemocratic AND unconstitutional.

  20. @Grant – we get your point. You have made it thousands of times. But it’s not realistic. We have to work in the real world!

  21. Bryan Harris says:


    I don’t agree fully with that sentioment:

    The whole exercise, like everything else to do with the carbon tax, is a sham which will make no difference whatsoever

    If an overhwelming amount of protest is registered against this proposal, then that can be used against labour, both now and in the future – for ignoring the “man in the street”.

    While I agree “she” will ignore it, MB>its still vital to register that protest in any way you can, and in volume.

  22. @Australian Climate Madness Well clearly you dont get it cause you think it is fantasy land denying yourself real opportunity to change it up. I will continue to make the point time and time again cause people need to understand this, Not just play the one side of politics game as you do. Now thats fantasy land!

  23. OK Grant – I’m curious. Let’s hear your plan for a world without traditional politics.

  24. @grant i can you tell you what is fantacy, aCO2 driving climate to change in a bad way…

  25. @ scuttler Ffs you may be very right . Can i ask you though what experiments and studies have you undertaken to come up with conclusive evidence that supports this.

  26. @Australian Climate Madness i didnt say destroy the political structure just abolish the parties, no more secret cabinet meetings, no more towing the party line even if you think otherwise. Each seat will be represented by a member of their region who supports that region and the country in whole

  27. I think we need first past the post voting like in the UK! You get the most votes, you get the seat. None of this preference swapping and backdoor sweetheart dealing to keep the most popular out of office. If this means the the Libs and Nats must merege to be one strong party, then that is the risk they need to take. Alternatively, ban all these moronic single issue parties/groups who have no idea or true policy platform! Shooters Party, Nick Xenephon, Andrew Wilke, Family First – all senators/MHR’s with only one issue to deal with yet they hold the balance of power. Such an arrangement is rife for corrupt dealings! 1.0% of the vote to be a senator – give me a break. I will stand at the next election then!

  28. Jim Simpson says:

    How that drop dead date of 22nd Sept 2011 for public submissions to the Govt’s proposed Clean Energy Legislation found it’s way into the public areana I don’t know but I’ve just learned (after phoning the Dept of Climate Change) that the deadline for submissions was a month ago on 22nd August 2011! See here I’m advised that no further submissions post that date will be considered! Not good news !

  29. Jim Simpson says:

    OOoops – Forget that earlier comment immediately above. Just found that there’s an entirely separate process & associated Govt web site here
    that has a valid drop dead date of 22nd Sept 2011.

  30. @ michael the main problem is that there is no variety or different opinons in the parties. if you go against the grain you are shut down . One thing is certain libs,nationals,greens and labour the big main ones need to be abolished.

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