Deaths from "extreme weather" at their lowest since 1900

More Gore-bull

Al Gore claims that “global warming” is causing more extreme weather events, because his investments will go south if he fails to keep up the fear. Note the irony that he was speaking at a “low-carbon investment conference”. You really can’t make this stuff up – just follow the money:

“Observations in the real world make it clear that it’s happening now, it’s real, it’s with us,” he said. Failing to take action meant the world would face a catastrophe. [In other words, his bank balance would face a catastrophe – Ed]

He added that nearly every climate scientist actively publishing on the subject now agreed there was a causal link between carbon emissions and the sharp increase in intense and extreme weather events seen across the globe. (source)

Gore cited the Pakistani floods as evidence of this claim. But unfortunately, the official report into the floods found NO LINK to climate change. Read the whole Guardian article – it’s a scream.

And it is strange that deaths from such “extreme weather events” are at their lowest for over a hundred years, even taking into account the greater reporting of such events thanks to better monitoring facilities:

Despite concerns about global warming and a large increase in the number of reported storms and droughts, the world’s death rate from extreme weather events was lower from 2000 to 2010 than it has been in any decade since 1900, according to a new Reason Foundation study. 

The Reason Foundation report chronicles the number of worldwide deaths caused by extreme weather events between 1900 and 2010 and finds global deaths caused by extreme weather events peaked in the decade running from 1920 to 1929, when there were 241 deaths a year per million people in the world. From 1930 to 1939 there were 208 deaths a year per million people. But from 2000 to 2010 there were just 5.4 deaths a year per million people in the world. That’s a 98 percent decline in the weather-related death rate since the 1920s. Extreme weather events were responsible for just .07% of the world’s deaths between 2000 and 2010. (source)


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  2. never let the truth get in the way of a good business deal! this guy is a complete and utter fraud. flies around the world in a fossil fuel powered jet, lives in a huge house and buys credits to supposedly offset his footprint. what is the use of that? rob peter to pay paul!

  3. Anyone that uses consensus as an argument for science loses credibility, since everyone knows that it doesn’t matter what someone’s opinion is, the natural world isn’t going to listen to your opinion.

  4. Ken Ward via Facebook says:

    Green is the new Red, as in Red Communist.

  5. Al Gore actually buys the credits from his own company. This trick (learned directly from Ken Lay of Enron, before convicted of fraud for, er, energy credit trading) has made him into a billionaire, set the example to world governments to join the party, and convinced the vast majority of the world normal weather is dangerous. You can’t really cause much more damage without an automatic weapon.

  6. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    Carpetbaggers and rent seekers exploiting the CAGW scam cover a wide range of industries and professions. Obviously these classes stand to profit from promoting climate alarm, hence the growth in their alliances with warmist organisations. NoTricksZone recently highlighted just how banks and insurance companies promote their interests:.

    This is a story on how some good ol boys are pushing extreme scenarios to make big money.
    Fiduciary duty is getting thrown overboard by banks, insurance companies and investment houses as they race to capitalize on carbon schemes and the “green economy” – all under the guise of “saving the planet”.
    When large financial institutions like banks, insurance companies or investment houses invite leading catastrophists to give speeches for the purpose of spreading fear among clients, and ignore the vast volume of science that indicates the contrary, then they are breaching their fiduciary duty to these clients.

    Christopher Booker also documents other industries and scientists capitalising on the CAGW scam. He highlights the free ride that alarmist virtual world predictions of warmageddon have received in the MSM:

    As the great global warming scare continues to crumble, attention focuses on all those groups that have a huge interest in keeping it alive. Governments look on it as an excuse to raise billions of pounds in taxes. Wind farm developers make fortunes from the hidden subsidies we pay through our electricity bills. A vast academic industry receives more billions for concocting the bogus science that underpins the scare. Carbon traders hope to make billions from corrupt schemes based on buying and selling the right to emit CO2. But no financial interest stands to make more from exaggerating the risks of climate change than the re-insurance industry, which charges retail insurers for “catastrophe cover”, paid for by all of us through our premiums.

  7. Just have a look at the pic and comment about Al Gore on this page –

    Well I think its funny.

  8. ah gore and enrons ceo…glad lay was convicted of fraud…

  9. Fewer people dying from extreme weather! How can this be? With more records being broken than an olympian on steroids, over at Un-Skeptical Science they say that 2010 was a record year for ‘warmth and weird weather’ … “It’s sobering to remember that so far we’ve only had a fraction of the amount of warming we would see in a business-as-usual emissions scenario.

    – 2010 tied with 2005 for the warmest year since 1880.
    – The 15 warmest years on record have all occurred since 1995.
    – Every year since 1976 has been above average.
    – The 2000’s are the warmest decade on record, followed by the 1990’s & 80’s
    – Most of the oceans were warmer than average; the North Atlantic was particularly warm.
    – 2010 was the worlds wettest year with many devastating floods.
    – 2010 being the hottest year also brought terrible heatwaves.
    – 2010 also saw the fourth largest swing in the Southern Oscillation Index.
    – 2010 began with an unusually cold winter in Europe, Russia, and the United States.
    – 2010 also brought a hot Arctic.
    – 2010 in Canada saw its warmest winter and the hottest summer in Australia on record.
    – March 2010 chalked up the third warmest anomaly ever recorded.
    – 2010 saw many parts of Asia suffer extreme heat.
    – May 2010 saw Pakistan record 53.5°C, the warmest temperature on the entire continent since 1942.
    – Russia and its neighbours suffered a record-shattering multi-month heatwave in 2010 which caused 15,000 deaths, wildfires, drought, and crop failures.
    – Russia’s daytime heat in 2010 was much more intense than in the deadly European heatwave of 2003.
    – 2010 in Moscow broke its 90 year old temperature record twice in a few days.
    – 2010 had a record number of national extreme heat records.
    – 1,000-year weather events are 8 times more likely to occur because of global warming.
    – 2010 saw the Asian monsoon occurred further west than usual, creating devastating floods.
    – 2010 saw the tenth warmest September which would have been a near-record-breaking anomaly as recent as 1989
    – Arctic sea ice in 2010 reached its third lowest minimum extent on record and its all-time lowest volume.
    – 2010 also saw Arctic shipping routes open for the third consecutive time and third time in recorded history.
    – 2010 saw Brazil suffer a severe drought making the Amazon three metres below average.
    – 2010 ended with extreme cold in Europe which might be connected to Arctic sea ice melt.
    – 2010 also brought record rainfall and floods in Queensland and capping Australia’s third wettest year on record.

  10. [snip] Gore is the most dangerous man on the planet.

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