Article in Spectator Australia: "Defining Denial"

Spectator Australia

ACM editor Simon has an article in The Spectator Australia today. It considers the use of the term “denial” as a blunt instrument to silence dissent in the climate debate.

It is available in the shops here in Australia today, Friday, and I will post a link when it is available online.

Huge thanks to editor Tom Switzer for the opportunity.


  1. Sadly, AGW proponents are unable to see the irony when they use that term. In fact, applying the term to any person or group is a form of its very definition; it is a personal attack, and obscures real discussion, which is concerned only with facts.

  2. Be afraid,very afraid and read about the Bolt Kangaroo Court case and note what is happening to our freedom to express our beliefs.

  3. I like when the greenies call people like me denialists. The greenies think they are being smart, but what it does is pisses off the skeptics to the point that they harden into full blown denialists and will obstruct any and all climate related policies.

    Remember when Gore said “the science is settled’? That was the global wake up call to defy the science, and ‘denialist’ works in the same manner.


  4. Tim french says:

    It might be an idea to sling some of the quotes on the following link back at the ecoloons, These tell us exactly what the AGW scam is really all about direct from the horses mouths.

  5. I am stefanthedenier, I deny that is any GLOBAL warming – because is a lie. If you deny that you are a bank robber or paedophile, does that make you a holocaust denier? I don’t deny that climate is changing; because is changing. If you cannot see that climate is constantly changing; my tiers will not help you much; you need a shrink. Extreme political correctness was invented east of the Iron Curtain – I came from there – I can see better than most; where they are navigating the democratic west… We will stop them, if you go to:

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