Kyoto Clean Development Mechanism "basically a farce"

The UN at work

Why does this not surprise me in the least? Virtually everything remotely connected with the UN is “basically a farce”, but this disaster has been exposed more comprehensively than most. As Nature reports:

Critics have long questioned the usefulness of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), which was established under the Kyoto Protocol. It allows rich countries to offset some of their carbon emissions by investing in climate-friendly projects, such as hydroelectric power and wind farms, in developing countries. Verified projects earn certified emission reductions (CERs) — carbon credits that can be bought and sold, and count towards meeting rich nations’ carbon-reduction targets.

But a diplomatic cable published last month by the WikiLeaks website reveals that most of the CDM projects in India should not have been certified because they did not reduce emissions beyond those that would have been achieved without foreign investment. Indian officials have apparently known about the problem for at least two years.

“What has leaked just confirms our view that in its present form the CDM is basically a farce,” says Eva Filzmoser, programme director of CDM Watch, a Brussels-based watchdog organization. The revelations imply that millions of tonnes of claimed reductions in greenhouse-gas emissions are mere phantoms, she says, and potentially cast doubt over the principle of carbon trading. “In the face of these comments it is no wonder that the United States has backed away from emission trading,” Filzmoser says.

[Yet] on the evidence of discussions at the meeting, most of the carbon-offset projects in India fail to meet the CDM requirements set by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. The cable also describes the UN’s validation and registration process as “arbitrary”. 

Once again, this kind of revelation demonstrates that climate mitigation policies are nothing more than pointless gimmicks, moving billions of dollars around the globe for minimal or no environmental benefit whatsoever.

Commenter on the article William Eschenbach sums it up:

I love the CDM. It takes money from people in Europe who wouldn’t dream of allowing a hydroelectric dam to be built in their country, and gives it to China to build … of course … hydroelectric dams.

Couldn’t be a better symbol for the whole climate madness.

Read it here.

(h/t Bryan H)


  1. Sharon Knapik via Facebook says:

    It’s just part of the entire racketeering scam…

  2. More and more frauds around the Carbon Tax and ETS. Gillard and Greens should hurry with implementing it, otherwise the whole idea will become utterly obvious.

  3. Julie Ann Evans via Facebook says:

    I know those in Australia keep commenting about this. There is nothing here that I see going around the Internet. Either I am totally out of the loop or this situation you find yourselves in, does not exist here in the US, which doesn’t make sense.

  4. Julie, you are definitely “out of the loop”. Try starting with the world’s biggest blog, a fantastic site that has half a dozen or so new articles daily exposing the AGW scam

  5. How can the Aussie government, or any CO2 tax supporter be so naive as to think the carbon credits they are going to buy, have any basis in reality as far as (for example) actual trees being planted? Where are the guarantees, the safeguards, and who monitors/audits it?

    I asked this (more politely, and eloquently), amongst other things in a letter to Greg Combet, and received almost 2 pages of irrelavent propaganda as a response. just when I think I can’t be disgusted or disillusioned at any greater level, then the Gillard Government and the Greens both manage to prove me wrong – not to mention the UN.

  6. In the US as Obama couldn’t get Cap and Trade through he’s used the EPA to do the same thing without most people working out how.

  7. Nick, those ETS money are more for the controllers ,than for planting trees. The ”Controllers” have adhesive fingers. They will be worried to death about the phony GLOBAL warming, in 5 star hotels around the planet. Warmist Orators are not risking humiliation, unless there is a lot, for them. Leading Warmist will be the jet-setters ”controlling” / sponging. Their followers will be fleeced more than most. Because the rich can afford double price for electricity – not senator Brown’s supporters. ETS is a ”Flat rate tax” = natural selection will start in OZ.

  8. Is there no honour amongst thieves?

    This Climate Change grants scam, as detailed by the Governments own SCAMwatch website says, “According to reports, scammers pretending to represent the non-existent ‘Federal Government Department of Grants for Climate Change’ have been calling consumers to inform them that they will receive a climate change grant … Once the scammer has caught your attention, you may be asked to submit an application form or provide your bank account details so that the caller can ‘deposit’ the grant into your account.”

    It makes a change from the usual way Climate Change grants scams work … The federal government calls for submissions from interested scammers (ie: professional individuals or institutions) to say something positive about Climate Change in exchange for a grant. Basically the same as the SCAMwatch scheme, but the other way around!

  9. Alan Carlin, of the epa said in 2009 “We believe our concerns and reservations are sufficiently important to warrant a serious review of the science by the EPA.” he was told by the obama administration to “button it”…seems now hes been vindicated…


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