Carbon tax will bury Labor

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A big public kissy-kissy party in the House of Reps after the vote, to rub the electorate’s collective noses in it, probably didn’t do much to help either:

TONY Abbott would be handed an overwhelming mandate to abolish the carbon tax if the coalition won the next election and he became the prime minister.

A clear majority of voters, 60 per cent, believe the Opposition Leader would have the electoral and moral authority to repeal the tax.

With the government’s asylum seeker policy also in disarray, the Coalition’s primary vote has now soared to a crushing 51 per cent, according to a Galaxy poll commissioned by The Daily Telegraph.

It is the largest primary vote the coalition has enjoyed in any poll since 1996 – when John Howard defeated Paul Keating – with Labor now stuck at a morale-sapping 29 per cent.

Meanwhile, a Nielsen poll, in Fairfax newspapers, shows the government would be swept away by a two-party preferred 57-43 per cent landslide.

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  1. The coalition wont repeal the tax, they may re arrange it and call it someting else but the agenda will stay the same . labour ,coaliton and the greens need to be abolished wake up people and stop following this gang mentality, think for yourselves dont let a political party do it for you through the media

  2. Michael Steele via Facebook says:

    How high is this carbon tax?

  3. Spot on Grant, once its in its there for ever just another burden for TAXPAYERS!!!…

  4. Peter Nagle via Facebook says:

    If you Aussies knew that these taxes are diverted to British Royal-asset proxies you would be get of your arses and put a stop to them right away. Gillard is Left-cover proxy for high finance, a perfect one too.
    Real enviromentalism is in fighting the poison in your food, GMO, Codex, ect’. Carbon CO2, is a nutient not a polutant unless your a Royal eugenics operative.

  5. The introductory figure is meaningless. The principle is in place and the price will rise as much as they need as it’s too late to change your minds when it starts killing old people as it does in the UK already. Why the Australians voted these wankers in is a total mystery.

  6. Rosie Gordon via Facebook says:


  7. SOYLENT GREEN says:

    Too bad you have to wait for the election. It would be so much more fun to run Julia and her Carbon Thieves out of Canberra on a rail…tarred and feathered.

  8. As a conservative voter, I hope the Libs retain the tax to avoid wasting money getting rid of it and make the tax optional on your tax return … that’d sort the chickens from the foxes! FAIL GILLARD/BROWN.

  9. Ralph Gericke via Facebook says:

    – Our tax returns have nothing to do with it. It’s ostensibly taxing the 500 biggest polluters, who will then pass the cost onto us. But it’s ok, cuz the govt will then take all that tax and compensate us. And we’ll all live happily ever after.

  10. We’ll get rid of them physically from parliament….BUT we will be looking after these “Oxygen Thieves” forever!!

  11. Strange how the alchemists jurno’s over at the ‘Labor love-in’ Fairfax Press can still find a way of turning lead into gold.

    Their Nielsen Poll, which has similar figures to the Murdoch’s Galaxy Poll, leads this issue with the headlines “Boost for Gillard after week of chaos” . How any of the figures quoted in the Nielsen Poll could be construed as a positive is simply delusional:
    Preferred prime minister:
    Ms Gillard – 44%
    Mr Abbott’s 48 %
    Personal ratings:
    Ms Gillard – Approval 33% / Disapproval 62%
    Mr Abbott – Approval 41% / Disapproval 54%

    … and these figures are supposed to be a ‘boost’!

  12. justmeint says:

    Abbott is no different to Gillard/Brown……. There is no one in opposition with any backbone whatsoever! When was the last time you actually saw a tax repealed? Get rid of the Greens………. right now Julia is in bed with Bob Brown and she must do his bidding

  13. Hi,
    Has anyone seen a debate on why the water Temperature and pollution in it affects NATURE and ATMOSPHERE more than the Lifegiving SUN!!!!!
    Without the sunshine we will be all sickly!
    Some chemicals we wash down the drains have 15yrs half-life.
    Industrial Pollution will curb only when we educate ourselves and kids to STOP the SHOPPING SPREE! The more we buy the more they manufacture.
    Has our govt. reduced their CO2 load….NO.

    • Sunshine – industrial pollution – chemicals – shopping spree – manufacture – CO2 …… Is it me or is there a link to all that?

  14. Whats with the negativity about Tony Abbott and the Coalition? How much more can he say, “I am giving you the most definite commitment any politician can give that this tax will go. This is a pledge in blood this tax will go.”

    Some opponents suggest the Coalition faces a possible compensation bill of about $1 billion but that would be $1 billion well spent on repealing this useless tax and it pales into insignificance over the billions already wasted by the Labor/Green alliance.

    • but that would be $1 billion well spent
      Only $1 billion? What an absolute bargain.
      When you consider that the current imbeciles have p!ssed down the drain:
      – $16.2 billion on the BER fiasco
      – $2.4 billion to clean up the pink batts fiasco
      -$42 billion on the NBN fiasco
      – $unknown billions on the boat people fiasco…

      And we are worrying about a mere one billion dollars?

      The imbeciles in Canberra are curently wasting this much every week of the year. If it only costs a billion dollars to turn this off, it will indeed be money well spent!

  15. seems fair enough ,,, considering the introduction of the tax is purely illegal in that she had no mandate to bring it in & it was all done underhandedly

  16. Sean Reynolds via Facebook says:

    With Parliament being the highest court in Australia, the repeal legislation will need to include the ruling that carbon emission permits are not private property and as such no compensation may be claimed under the constitution. No Federal court could overturn that.

    • Parliament is actually a ‘legislature’ with the power to pass, amend, and repeal laws. It is the job of The High Court, which is the highest court in Australia, to pass judgement of whichever laws are passed or amended by the Parliament.

      If the Clean Energy Bills are amended or repealed by a Liberal/National majority Parliament, following the next election, and providing it passes the Senate, then the High Court will have no option but to pass judgement on those bills as the law stands, be that private property or not.

  17. This whole parliamentary outcome proves that the people have zero influence over governments. Australia is now a global suburb and i just hope we dont end up as a ghetto for the planet. Stay out of debt people.

  18. fred nerk says:

    I just started my personal PROTEST and changed the SSID on my network to “get rid of gillard” and it is happily broadcasting over my little corner of Aus.It’s a start and it’s there 24/7.

  19. Ms 27 per cent is destined for the boot , never to lead labor again. The only uncertainty is when she will get knifed. I think they will let her take most of the hits on the carbon tax and boat people until the next election is looming in the hope her successor will be able to work some short term bounce back and avert a complete rout. It would be in the coalitions best interests to have the maximum time to take the gloss off the new boy whoever it may be

    • Shouldn’t that be PMs 27% I still don’t understand why she hates Australia so much.GROG

      • It’s a popular idea for many on the “left” to dislike traditional Australian culture (what’s left of it.) They see it as their duty to re-invent the country in the mould they see fit.

  20. justmeint says:

    Once you go to bed with the Devil, sooner or later you will wake up and discover you are in hell! – Which is exactly where Ms. Gillard now finds herself, having to deliver what could be termed as The Devil’s Child – this unmandated Carbon Dioxide Tax.

  21. But that will never be enough , The Ideology must be quashed , and destroyed , politicians , or Public office are the same for any persuasion , If plunder can be got , then it will be Got; That is what the issue is , and it must be dealt with Poste haste.

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