Big Green at work

Where's my Big Oil cheque?

Which puts Big Oil in the shade. It’s a nice cosy arrangement isn’t it? The Labor government hands out millions of dollars to environmental activist groups so they can spread misinformation and propaganda about Labor’s climate change and carbon tax policies. All the usual suspects are represented, the Climate Institute, the Australian Conservation Foundation, the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, all paid for by your taxes.

LABOR has handed $3 million in grants to supporters of climate change action to promote efforts to cut global warming and support the government’s clean energy package as it seeks to head off Tony Abbott’s anti-carbon tax campaign.

A Senate estimates committee hearing has also been told the Gillard government’s multi-million dollar carbon tax advertising campaign has reached almost $24 million, after a $4 million blow-out.

The almost $24 million in advertising includes $16 million on carbon tax advertising – up from $12 million – $3.9 million on developing the ad campaign and $4 million on household leaflets. Details also emerged about a series of ad-hoc grants to green groups.

The groups benefiting from grants included the Climate Institute, the Australian Conservation Foundation and Climate Works Australia. Some of the groups have been part of the “say yes” coalition and have backed Labor’s package to fight off the Opposition’s campaign against the policy.

In evidence to Senate estimates today, it emerged that:

The Australian Conservation Foundation received $398,000 to fund a series of [misre-]presentations on climate change from people trained by the movement started by former US vice president Al Gore;

The Australian Youth Climate Coalition received $271,000 for two forums in Brisbane and Perth on combating climate change;

The Climate Institute received $250,000 to produce an independent assessment of the impacts of the carbon price on the cost of living. It is working with ACOSS and Choice on the study;

Climate Works is negotiating with the Climate Change Department for a $460,000 grant aimed at raising community awareness to cut carbon emissions and;

The CSIRO has received $500,000 as part of a program aimed at cutting energy consumption in low-income households. (source)

It’s always the sceptics that are accused of being the highly organised, well-funded denial machine, paid for by Big Oil, when in reality the pay cheques of Big Green are far, far larger.

And with so much taxpayer money being wasted on distorting the message, no wonder Julia and Greg believe the debate’s over!



  1. I wonder if their children will hate them as much as these Political Horse hate us.

  2. This just gets better and better, where does it end! I will be having very big party at my place when Gillard is toppled and an election is called (hopefully both together and soon) – perhaps I should ask big oil to sponsor the peanuts …

  3. Here’s a link to the Australian Governments climate change grants which include, as well as those alredy listed by Simon:

    -$5,986,200 … To assist CSIRO to: advance observations and analysis of oceanic, terrestrial and atmospheric climate processes
    -$100,000 … To the Australian Alliance to Save Energy sponsorship of the Summer Study on energy efficiency and carbon mitigation
    -$55,000 to Carbon Expo Australasia Pty Ltd for sponsorship of a carbon-expo
    -$19,272,521 to the Griffith University for funding and operation of the National Adaptation Research Facility

    Warming Alarmists … $millions
    Skeptical deniers … $0

  4. Greens have become more red than green.

  5. You should put in for a grant Simon. Surly your perspective is equally as valid? I guess you just have to survive on selling a few mugs and teashirts.
    Keep up the good work. I appreciate your efforts. I follow many of the added links (yours and others) and it keeps me informed and educated from a global perspective
    Cheers Brian

  6. Greens. What a joke! Fail.

  7. What a easy/simple way to get lost of $$$$$ – just start your own “society”andf apply for a grant. Perhaps we should all give it a try.

  8. Sean McHugh says:

    Simon said,

    “Where’s my Big Oil cheque?”

    Still hasn’t arrived? Must be some sort of delay in the post.

    See you at the BO Christmas party.

  9. Do the Climate Youth wear Brown’s shirts?

    If Anne Frank had a candle and a fireplace she wouldn’t last a month against this cryptoecotheocracy.

  10. Anita Bugges via Facebook says:

    watermelons, all of them, green on the outside, red on the inside…

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