CSIRO boss is director of carbon sequestration company

If there's a climate crisis, carbon may need to be sequestered…

But there isn’t any conflict of interest, they protest, despite the fact that CSIRO provides a never-ending flow of alarmist predictions about climate change which will force Australia (and the world) to consider mitigation measures which might include, er, carbon sequestration:

THE head of the CSIRO is at the centre of conflict of interest claims over her role as a director of a Tasmanian company that purchases land for carbon sequestration.

It was revealed in Senate estimates today that the peak science body’s chief executive Megan Clark is the director of Cradle Mountain Carbon Pty Ltd and is also on the board of Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Cradle Mountain Carbon Pty Ltd is a private family company that sets aside land to store carbon as part of efforts to combat climate change.

Liberal senator David Bushby said at the very least the public perception of Dr Clark’s additional appointments “should raise conflict of interest concerns”.

CSIRO’s acting chief executive Mike Whelan said Dr Clark, who was absent from today’s hearing, was an officer of the highest integrity and the organisation’s board believed there was no conflict of interest issue.

“She is driven on the basis of values and integrity,” Mr Whelan said.

“I don’t see, on the face of it, any issues there and I have no doubt the board has assured itself of the fact there is no conflict of interest.”

Well that’s OK then. Silly of me to even think such a heresy! Move along, nothing to see here. Just like there’s nothing to see at the IPCC, packed to the rafters with environmental activists… But we’re really unbiased – honest! Just trust us! Nothing can go wrong!

And look at Whelan’s immediate reaction – to defend Clark, and dismiss criticism with an arrogant wave of the hand. Instead, perhaps he should think, yes, it doesn’t look good does it? Perhaps Clark should consider whether her directorship of this company really sends the right message, which may compromise the impartiality of the organisation, whether there is any real conflict of interest or not. Ha – fat chance of that.

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  1. Corruption!!!!!!

  2. Tim Owens via Facebook says:

    “Carbon sequestration” WHATTA SCAM!!! FOOLS!!!!

  3. O'Leary Matty via Facebook says:

    Just like global warming …now climate change …what will it be called next year?

  4. It will be called “completely normal climate variation”, I hope…

  5. John Poelwyk via Facebook says:

    Nothing unexpected in this is there??
    The whole Carbon business is one giant scam.

    • Robert of Ottawa says:

      WWhen it told my socialist sister in England 18 months ago that it was a scam, she was visibly shocked that I could hold such a herectical view. I wonder what she thinks now? I know what, I’ll ask her!

  6. Rick Bradford says:

    These people are complete moochers — they don’t understand the meaning of the word ‘enough’.

    Isn’t the $550,000 salary enough, Megan? Or do you need more to maintain all that integrity?

  7. Who was it that said “Follow the money” ?

  8. … and not one mention of her role here on the CSIRO website which lists her current positions as:
    CSIRO Chief Executive
    Member, Prime Minister’s Science, Engineering and Innovation Council (PMSEIC)
    Member, National Research Infrastructure Council
    Panel Member, Automotive Industry Innovation Council
    Member, the Great Barrier Reef Foundation
    Member of the Australia Advisory Board of the Bank of America Merrill Lynch
    Trustee of the Science Industry Endowment Fund
    Commissioner of the International Commission on Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change.

    Shame shame shame!

    • UPDATE:
      The CSIRO’s own Board Charter makes it perfectly clear about conflicts of interest:

      – Disclose to CSIRO all other Directorships held, both public and private.
      – Disclose to the Board any actual or potential conflicts of interest which may exist or might reasonably be thought to exist as soon as they arise.

      … but no mention of her position as a director of Cradle Mountain Carbon Pty Ltd, as listed above, which begs the question … Did Dr. Clark not disclose this to the CSIRO or did the CSIRO not want to disclose that fact to the public?

  9. Blair Giles via Facebook says:

    But I’ll bet if someone came out against Global Climate Warming Change, who just happened to have a job for Shell working at a servo 20 years ago when they were still at uni… well they would clearly be corrupt.

  10. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    The peak science body’s chief executive Megan Clark is the director of Cradle Mountain Carbon Pty Ltd …

    … and these ‘people’ don’t think she has a conflict of interest??????????

    You see, this is the problem… they don’t understand the importance that not only must it be the case that Megan Clark does not have a conflict of interest but that there must also be a public perception that she does not have a conflict of interest (whether or not one actually exists).

    The reason is very obvious!

    Next time someone tells you this sort of think only happens in “those corrupt countries like Zimbabwe or Bangladesh”, just remind them of the CSIRO… here in Australia!

  11. Sceptical Sam says:

    Well done David Bushby.

    Why would anybody think that the “acting CEO” of the Climate Science Industry’s Research Organization (CSIRO) – who is appointed to his acting position as a gift of the CEO – would say anything other than what he said?

    Never go on leave unless you have a safe hand to cover up for you, is the standard practice, is it not?

    He hasn’t even spoken to his Board; he’s surmised on its behalf, and put words into its mouth.

    The really interesting thing would be to see if the CEO had in fact declared her conflicts in the usual way at the Board meetings that she attends; or in the other standard declarations that apply.

    Perhaps an FOI? Alternatively, a leak might be quicker.

    Then, on second thoughts, maybe the esteemed Commonwealth Ombudsman, given his high level of integrity might consider looking into any complaint that’s made to his (under-resourced) Office.

  12. Seems the good doctor knows a fair bit about forestry carbon sequestration in this speech she gave on ‘Climate Change: Where Science meets Markets’ at the 48th World Congress in Sydney, Australia, on 26 March 2010.

    For offsets to play a role in reducing the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, they must offer carbon sequestration that is measurable, verifiable, and additional to business as usual.
    There is great potential to sequester carbon in trees and soils, which may be valued by market mechanisms seeking the most cost effective abatement options.
    However, without a solid scientific foundation, these markets won’t be able to achieve their goal of reducing greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere.
    Biological sequestration involves many variables. For example, the amount of carbon sequestered in a forestry plantation will depend on the species used, the local climate, soil and rainfall.
    Whether it’s carbon or real estate, water or gold, biodiversity or oil, any market needs one basic thing to work. Property rights.
    Everyone has to agree on a unit before agreeing on a price. Information must be available for traders to verify and value these property rights, and put them to their best use.

    But no mention during her speech of being a director of a company that purchases land for carbon sequestration, yet here she is talking up property rights for carbon sequestration permits.

    Conflict of interest … very much so.

  13. Whats with these people? First they try and tell us what the weather is going to be doing because of climate change supposedly caused by Carbon emissions and cows farting yet they can’t give us an acurate foercast for the next couple of days. Me thinks they are having a big lend of themselves.

  14. Climate change, Summer – Autum – Winter – Spring.

  15. “is also on the board of Bank of America Merrill Lynch.”

    Which is currently moving $Trillions of CDS into FDIC insured accounts – I.e. the Banks gambling Risk is now the US taxpayers.

    REF: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/bank-america-forces-depositors-backstop-its-53-trillion-derivative-book-prevent-few-clients-dep

  16. Jean Rochefort says:

    Trust me, I’m of highest integrity.
    Oh wait, isn’t it what all scammers tell their victims before the ripoff ?

  17. What, no mention of how WELL the Carbon sequestration works?!
    Maybe it’ll work better ‘down-under’… 😉

    • Robert of Ottawa says:

      Carbon sequestration works by this method:

      An uneconomical scheme is planned; taxpayer money, or government borrowed money, is then sequestered in bank accounts of those running the planned scheme; then the company folds.

      The “carbon” being sequestered is the ink and paper of the bank notes.

  18. Well as GJTB posts Allan Asher is about to comment on his future. Is this “behavior ” any different from insider trading ? Absolutely Not. Lining pockets with board positions from her “in house knowledge”

  19. Clayton Fry says:

    CO2 sequestration does work, its not a scam

  20. Misery loves company.

  21. Funny thing is the greenies complain that CSIRO is in industry’s pocket with board members that have direct ties to coal, cement, petrochemical and agribusiness companies. Guess you can’t please everyone.

  22. There is surely an issue of probity in science here. And also the amzingly small pool of people from which directors and board members are drawn these days. There’s a lot of able people around – so why should the same chosen few sit on so many boards?

  23. I love reading this sort of crap about the chardonnay socialists, let me guess, her kids go to Xavier or Melbourne Grammar? Hypocritical failure … oh, and she’s not exactly at Uni.

  24. Ummmm…sorry, at what point did the CSIRO regain any integrity it had over 20 years ago? It lost is integrity for unbiased science when it sided with the psuedo-science activists of the IPCC.

  25. Jan Armstrong says:

    No if or buts on this one…there is definitely a conflict of interest here and the sooner the whole corrupt mess is investigated the better. Who the hell do these people think they are? Perhaps they will soon realise that they are not half as smart as they think!!

  26. CO2 is one carbon atom to two oxygen atoms – sequestration of CO2 is decommissioning twice as much oxygen. Oxygen is not only for your lungs, but as perfect insulator, keeps the unlimited coldness in the stratosphere on distance from the ground – less oxygen = that unlimited coldness closer = more extreme temperature between day and night. Nothing will stop them, unless all of you learn all what is on my website. In the condensed version of the book is extensive proofs what CO2 sequestration does, read the lot: http://globalwarmingdenier.wordpress.com

  27. “She is driven on the basis of values and integrity,” says Mike Whelan, Clark’s deputy at the CSIRO. In other words, everyone knows the chief executive of the CSIRO is an environmental activist – what’s wrong with that??? This is the CEO of a government organisation tasked with giving taxpayers independent, dispassionate information on scientific issues. Is it possible that the entire leadership of the CSIRO are environmental activists, like the senior echelons of the IPCC, who are or have been employees or supporters of Greenpeace, the World Wildlife Fund and sundry other fringe green groups (like the IPCC’s chief Australian representative David Karoly)? Blind Freddy knows Clark should have no private investments in an area where the CSIRO has the pre-eminent role in driving Australian government policy. It’s a massive conflict of interest. Instant dismissal.

  28. funny that. event funnier scotland its ditching ccs…GO CSIRO…GO CANE TOADS…

  29. Ultimate Carbon Sequestration: Don’t exhale!

    • First carbon sequestration plant on the planet was built /completed in February this year in Queensland. Until today, not one molecule has being pumped in the ground, but lots of CO2 emitted, to build the plant. They instantly declared that: the new plant will never be used. No worries, IMF has plenty money. If you think that the Urban Sheep will keep paying for it (including the Green Zombies), not Greg Combet – no price for guessing.

      We in Banania are leaders in environmental deviancy – we are even proud of it. No money to fix the roads – people are dying for that reason. Simon should ask the Queensland government officially: why are they not starting to sequestrate CO2 by that plant, if is so urgent? It cost 105 million bucks to build the bloody thing…

  30. Robert of Ottawa says:

    Listen up Ozzies, you being taken for patsies by those that run government … for their own benefit, sod the costs to the country, we’ll be alright! We don’t give a darn that there will be factory shut downs, less jobs, less money … because we will be stuffing loads more of it into our own pockets.

  31. Robert of Ottawa says:

    They are taking their lead from Gillard. Just bold staring-down critics of your lies. Just lie and tell the dissenters you are not lieing, whilst repeating the obvious lie that all know to be a lie; and then lie some more. It appears to be working for Gillard.

    • Steve2244zz says:

      reminds me of this famous quote :

      “Some animals are more equal than others”


      I’m going off-grid for my power soon ( depsite being in an urban area ) so I wont care…and growing a lot of my own food, and storing water……

      They can jack up power and water etc as mucha s they want – wont affect me.

      Once it gets bad, there will literally be riots on the streets.

    • Julia learned from your Canadian Dr. Suzuki how to tell lies. She is just better than her teacher. Can you believe it; they are not talking in millions, but billions of tax $$$ laundered – to prevent the non-existent GLOBAL warming… they are really gooood.

      No, they are not. The only reason they are succeeding is because the Skeptics keep repeating what Al Gore says – instead of presenting our own proofs. Keep bashing Al Gore, like a horse – he runs faster

  32. Yes if this is true then instant dismissal is needed. also no politician should be allowed to own shares in any business or be a company director. imho


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