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Given the popularity of “occupation” at the moment, I have a few suggestions of my own. Wall Street and the Bank of England are so last year, therefore we proudly present ACM’s list of people and places to #occupy, for their generous and selfless contribution to the mess in which we presently find ourselves:

  • The United Nations: has singlehandedly done more to damage wealth creation and the alleviation of poverty in the developing world than any other organisation in the history of the civilised world, thanks in no small part to its hysterical, dangerous and destructive climate policies (there are a thousand and one other reasons why the UN is a COMPLETE AND UTTER waste of space, but there simply isn’t time to go into them all…)
  • The IPCC: high school students have more scientific integrity than this discredited bunch of environmental activists – just ask Donna Laframboise
  • The Department of Climate Change: more spin than a launderette, the DCC happily lies and misrepresents the science behind Labor’s climate policy, to the extent that it calls CO2 “carbon pollution”, to deceive the Australian public into believing Labor’s climate policy will actually achieve something. Point blank refuses to acknowledge there may be uncertainties in the science, and shuts its ears to any contrary evidence.
  • Tim Flannery: more failed predictions than Nostradamus, Flannery warns of catastrophic sea level rises… but has a house on the waterfront. Hmm.
  • Anthony Albanese: narrowly wins the award for most obnoxious Labor front-bencher (in a very tough and hard fought field), having insulted a great many decent, hardworking Australians with his “Convoy of No Consequence” jibe,

and last but not least…

Occupy that.


  1. It seems the “occupy’ movement in the US is a right wing front. In Australia it seems to be a left-wing front. This Nick Carter from Melbourne who is the driving force behind the Australian movement has been exposed in Vexnews – check out their web page for the facts.

    • Confusious says:

      Left wing right wing…. Same difference. Extreme right and extreme left have so much in common. One party dictatorships. Concentration camps. No freedom of expression. Massive mismanagement of economy. Ruling class living in luxury whilst working masses are starving. Secret police everywhere.
      Hitler’s Nazi Party full name was National Socialist German Workers Party! That’s a name I suspect Bob Brown would like after swapping the German for Australian. He already behaves like little Hitler and Nazis were the first Greens, as anyone taking trouble to study history of their movement will find. Also of historical interest were the romps of Rohm’s SA Brown Shirts who today would fit so well into Bob Brown’s realm. Yeh, and Hitler was a strict vegetarian, another halmark of the inner cities uebermenchen elite.
      Gillard, on the other hand, would fit very well into Stalin’s Soviet Union. So in Australia we have the ideal blend of Labor neo-communists and Green neo-fascists.

  2. Russ Jimeson via Facebook says:

    Not so, Alison. The Occupy Wall Street movement in the US is primarily a left wing activity.

  3. Good one Simon … you should have included they occupy their own homes also.

    Seems the Occupy Sydney mob prefers to Occupy Home instead. “Our numbers are a lot less than yesterday and that has an effect on people,” spokesman and Green Left Weekly author and Refugee Action Coalition member Mark Goudkamp said.

    Goudkamp, who is also a professional paid protestor, all round bad guy, a 41-year-old English teacher and a member of Solidarity Australia also said, “”I think we have to be realistic … it’s going to become largely a symbolic kind of presence rather than a mass presence.”

    Best leave it to the professional protestors … some of us have to work.

    • Confusious says:

      Apparently the New York Leftist Flock also frequently occupied nearby Mc Donald’s rest rooms. Whether it was to infuse that capitalist establishment with heaps of revolutionary material or whether there were some other and more sinister motives was not reported. Maybe their brains were overflowing and needed pressure relief.

  4. fred nerk says:

    Well it would be more fun to line them up against a wall and take their photo’s with an SLR or something.In the ideal socialist dictatorship world of their dreams that solution would be acceptable wouldn’t it.No occupation necessary.

  5. Where is the highly paid Flannery? Has he been asked to stay out of the country and out of sight until after the next election? At least the government will be getting their money’s worth if he does. Who cares whether or not the taxpayer does?

    • Confusious says:

      He is probably enjoying his, apparently soon to be submerged by 10 story high swells, seaside home…..
      All paid for by Australian taxpayer. Doing nothing at all and getting quarter of million dollars for that is great deal. Inbetween jetting across the planet First class, courtesy of the same Australian taxpayer, from one warmist love-in to another, must be also great…..
      Where is that Kalashnikov again……?!

    • ah , so that’s where tim’s been . i’ve been wondering why i haven’t heard about him lately 😉

  6. Jzontell Maziro via Facebook says:

    Right wing, left wing! Everyone know it takes two wings working in harmony to fly!

  7. The World Bank and the IMF

    Don’t forget these 2 organizations – creatures of, and dedicated to, the same principles as the Banking Cartel – the de-industrialization of the West, the replacement of the old “colonialism” in “3rd world’ countries, with a new, horrific descent into slavery, fear, hunger, death and degradation, with the “new Colonialists” = Global Government rule via a Global “banking elite” at the helm.

    Visit the website of Professor Michel Chossudovsky, Director of the Center for Global Research, Ottawa, Canada – and purchase his in-depth study of this subject:

    “The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order” (downloadable PDF)


  8. Nick Carter loves money. He should tell Bob Brown that. Fail.

  9. Cool fool says:

    Perhaps they should occupy each other!

  10. Flannery was sitting on the toilet at his waterfront home when the water came up and sucked him out to sea.

    • More bloody rubbish in the ocean,I wonder if he is biodegradable at least he could finally do something useful and feed the fish.

  11. Streetcred says:

    My wife thinks that I have occupied the dunny for too long … I haven’t yet finished thinking of the symbolism in this protestation of my inner being 😉

  12. Definitions are the perversion , Production is wealth , always has been ; Money is something usurped by Governments Monopoly ; and Prints , Launders and plunders at its own free will.

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