Mainstream media responds to Climategate 2.0

Generic Climategate 2.0 story:

“Waffle, waffle, waffle. UEA. Platitude, platitude. Storm in a teacup. Out of context. Flannel, flannel. Michael Mann. Filthy deniers. Cliché, cliché. Evil plot to ruin Durban. Phil Jones. Science is settled. Rhubarb, rhubarb. Fully investigated. Three hundred enquiries. Scientists cleared of wrongdoing. Waffle, waffle. Al Gore. IPCC robust. 2500 scientists. Yawn, yawn. Move along. Nothing to see here. Hey, look at that polar bear drowning! (© All the world’s media).”

Or in cartoon form:

The usual story from the lame stream media (with apologies)

Reminds me of Lieutenant Frank Drebin in The Naked Gun…


  1. haha

  2. yep, wafle waffle. whats with the hiding 75% of the emails and not releasing all the stuff….load of crap. Stop encrypting it and release it all…otherwise is rubbish n u know it n so do we. typical grandstander.

  3. the one line in all the e-mails is again from phil jones where he states all the raw data is gone. no raw data. that neans no agw…as “the team” cannot prove their findings…the data is gone..

  4. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    There was a time when the western world tried to set the highest standards as an example to others. When rogue countries stepped out of line, they were dealt with. When terrorists threatened the world, they were dealt with.

    Unfortunately, mention fraudulent climate science and climate scientists, promoting a false supposition – ‘the IPCC mantra’ – and these western governments see no reason to deal with this corruption in any way whatsoever except to hold non-independent biased whitewash inquiries.

    How has the West succumbed to such corruption?

  5. Very true Simon.

    The University of East Anglia released a statement saying, “This appears to be a carefully-timed attempt to reignite controversy over the science behind climate change when that science has been vindicated by three separate independent inquiries and number of studies … extracts from emails have been taken completely out of context. The University and the wider research community have stood by the science throughout, and continue to do so.”

    Let’s see if they continue to hold that line when all the emails have been fully digested and assessed.

  6. The longer the Mainstream Media keeps bleating that the IPCC and its cohorts are telling God’s Truth, the more stupid they are going to look when the public finally wakes up and realises that they’ve been massively lied to by them.

  7. Nothing To See Here!

  8. Compare the response of climate scientists when challenged to that of the group who recently found some evidence of particles travelling faster than light. No denials, no hiding behind FOI, just honest, frank disclosure and a request to help verify the data or find the error. No vested interests, just an honest search for truth. THAT’S science. Anyone who says “why should I release the data to you when all you want to do is find something wrong with it” ain’t doing science.

  9. Bring out the whitewash.

  10. Glen Balmer via Facebook says:

    Stocks of whitewash at all hardware shops ran out after “Activist-Gate” — you know when it was revealed that most of the “science” in the IPCC reports are actually activist-pieces-of-tripe from WWF, Greenpeace, GetUp, 10:10, etc, etc.

  11. Australia’s left-wing media and leftist groupthink’s love affair with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is well documented. The Sydney Peace Prize recipient and GetUp! activist has been described in the Fairfax Media as ‘brave’ and serving the forces of ‘good’.

    Yet on the issue of Climategate 2.0 there is deftly silence from the Fairfax Media … not one single report. The original Climategate 1.0 in the Fairfax Media was met with the usual vitriol of ‘stolen material’ or the claims as being ‘fantastical’.

    It seems stealing material from the American Government is somehow more justified than stealing material from the University of East Anglia. Tell me again why we’re having a media inquiry in this country again!

    • The Black Adder says:

      G`day Baldrick, me old BBC slave….

      I agree with everything you say!

      I knew we would meet again 🙂

      Election Now Juliar!

  12. Lets have a bonfire party, burn this tripe, dont listen to shit stirers, liars and the so called academics who beleive the shite they spill from their mouths. I challenged a meteorologist who became agitated and could not answer my questions, he told me HAARP was rubbish so were the chemtrails, so much for the weatherman. He was most probably haarped out. LOL! Just remember we have the information, that is what makes them unstable, answering questions that should not be asked, the answer is always covered in “B……t” – if it smells like s..t then it is s..t.

  13. The arrogance of the warmists never ceases to amaze me however I think their arrogane has now been exceeded by their hypocrisy.

  14. Confusious says:

    I especially enjoy that University of East Anglia leftardian waffle about the “Science of Climate Change”. I may be forgiven to picture in my mind something along the line of “Science of Fornication”! What else can one expect from these lying marxist leeches living off people’s tax money.

  15. Love the phrase LAME STREET MEDIA so apt!
    But the science is in , we don’t know where it came from, we don’t know exactly who found it, but it must be right…. look out the sky is falling and hell will freeze over……

    People be damned – let’s tax them – Australians are so stupid they will accept anything……… even a read haired green hearted PM

    Tax the rich, tax the poor, tax the unemployed even more… and don’t forget future generations lets have a birthing tax…….. gotta build up Waynes surplus some how!

  16. I hope that the emails behind the passphase are worth it.

    I hope that “FOIA” is just giving them a chance to come clean.

    And I hope that they still try to hide their corruption and the passphrase is released !!!!

  17. If there is full release and disclosure we will all have access to the famous “context” that has apparently been denied to us hitherto. The warmists will no longer be able to claim “the emails have been taken out of context”.
    You wanted context well here it is. Excellent!
    Also, the timing is totally hillarious. Just as the Norfolk Constabulary finally come out with a public statement about Climategate (2 years AFTER the event) we have the emergence of Climategate II. Whoever arranged Climategate I and II deserves a medal or better yet…. maybe a Nobel Peace Prize for disclosing the shonky character of those ‘climate scientists’ from ‘the team’.


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